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September 26, 2008



I see you found the use of vibrators as a natural and effective method for stress relief. You can read more about stress relief and masturbation as well as the reason behind inventing vibrators at my blog ( Thanks for your informative post!


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So here's a question:

I know if I could just get my GF to use a vibrator in bed with us, it would add a whole new dimension, but she's a bit prudish. How do I broach the subject?

The Countess

Start with a non-threatening sex toy like a pocket rocket or a vibrating egg. The White Nights Pleasure Kit includes both. Don't pull out a sex toy to show her that looks like a gigantic 12 inch cock with spikes all over it! You'll scare her to death. :) I recommend you buy the White Nights Pleasure Kit since it's made for couples or individual women and I think she'd like the set.

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You're right in that popular culture - whether movies, TV, or music, seem to be getting "louder" and more extreme in order to gain attention. I think another part of the decreasing empathy in popular culture is that the audience aimed at is increasingly the sort of audience that is not at an empathetic stage of life, but which has disposable income and less restraint in using it.

Coach Outlet

Thanks writing! The reason for your article is always to document your lifetime and deliver your own personal thoughts. Some notion tend to be unique with me but really different. What you long for to offer to the modern society, I think I have already been known that. So long as most of us do well and believe that.

Sex Toys

What a great sex toy x

Rabbit Vibrator

So well written and very interesting, it sounds like a great vibrator


white knight try dildos


for sure most escorts use kits if thye don't have customers.

G-spot Vibrators

I don't see the big secret about these kits. So many women have a vibrator, the fuss around them doesn't make sense anymore.

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hi i visit your site realy great and cool and Your posts are awesome Thank you

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