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April 25, 2008


G W Pickle

This one is the direct in your face pick up line from a Jimmy Buffett song. He calls it a love song from a different point of view.
"Why don't we get drunk and s***w" The first verse goes something like this.
"I really do appreciate the fact that you're sitting here. Your voice sounds so wonderful, but your face don't look to clear. So barmaid bring a pitcher, a nother round of brew. Why don't we get drunk and s***w?"
Later on in the song he tries a different twist by adding this.
"They say you are a snuff queen, Honey I don't think that's true. Why don't we get drunk and s***w?"

Two things here (I am a male) I'd never get so drunk or desperate as to use either of these lines. I don't have to. Second I'm married, for many years, my wife tells me many happy years of marriage. When I was single & I met a woman I wanted to date I'd just ask her out, A plain and simple, "Would you like to go to a Movie or concert or dinner. No strings attatched." When I was in the Navy and stationed in California I would go to the wave barricks and ask the duty desk if she knew any one who would want to go to the beach for a photo shoot(I was a Navy photographer). The girl would get a day at the beach, a meal, and a free set of the photos taken. I usually did this a couple times a month. You'd be supprised how many women would be waiting for me to show up and want to go to the beach. FYI, I always acted in a professional manner and never went for the cheese cake shots. After all I did use the base lab to process the photos and wasn't about to get into trouble for doing questionable shots of the girls. We did have a good time, good food, and the girls ended up with great photos to send home to parents and boy friends. And yes some of the girls I photographed did go out with me on real dates. I won't comment about those.
G W Pickle

The Countess

Thanks for your comments, G W Pickle. I don't think that most people use lines. In my opinion, just asking someone to go out works better.

I'm also a Jimmy Buffett fan. Saw him in concert twice. Now I'm craving a cheeseburger in paradise. ;)

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