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March 19, 2008



LMAO. Great post! Im so tempted to see if I can find examples of The Face in photographs of British public figures who got caught.

The Countess

I have seen a picture of Tony Blair wearing "The Face", and it was quite amusing. I think it had to do with the Iraq war. That "Face" really gets around, doesn't it? ;)


Hi, Just discovered your blog this morning thru a long/convoluted series of links. Anyway I like it and will be checking it out more in the future.

I've come across other comments about the "Face," but your comments really hit the spot - especially the added examples such as the first fool. I guess Cheney's face kinda has its own special type of ugliness and meaning. This morning I heard on CBC that he told everybody in the ME that they only had ten months left to achieve peace because this administration will be done. It's hard to imagine the Bu$h Administration as the one that makes Peace Possible -

Perhaps you remember the melody to the following, I forget the original artist or song title:

"There's a kinda of a hush, all over the world,'s the Bu$h Administration spreading Peace
....................................far and wide.


"There's a Kind of Hush" is a popular song written by Les Reed and Geoff Stephens.
The best-known version of the song is by Herman's Hermits, also covered by The Carpenters.

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