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March 12, 2008


Tess MacKall

The great outdoors. In a movie theater. A restaurant. Take it on the road! Great article, Trish.

The Countess

Glad you liked the article, Tess. Wait until my next one comes out. I'll knock your socks off, as usual... ;)


I liked your article! I'm a retired therapist, and did a lot of marital therapy where the couple's sex life had become boring, predictible and unsatisfying. Most couples were open to trying something new, but never thought about doing anything outside their bedroom, much less out of the house! I think that for the "bedroom confined," sex toys can make a great difference in improving a couple's sex life. Plus, if a couple is so inclined, they can even take their toys "on the road!"


The Countess

Thanks for commenting, Vienna. I think it's too easy for couples to get in a rut, and not be able to think about how to get out of it. It's too easy to play it safe. Just getting away for a weekend in a different location could help kick-start a dull sex life. I think that a dull sex life could be a sign of other problems either in the relationship or individually between the people. Stress is a big problem that I've noticed talking to people, and long work hours are another problem.

I love sex toys! There are so many different kinds, and they are very versatile. I review all kinds of sex toys, and I'm finding my favorites. ;)

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