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September 28, 2007



I agree. This is bullshit. Why should females have to go and get weird things done to their vagina?

You want your man to find your gspot? Make him learn! Jefferson never has trouble finding anyone's gspots, and I'm pretty sure none of us have gotten weird vajayjay things done. Rather, he takes the time to explore and learn his partner's bodies.

Shite, thats half the fun. Getting together with your partner and learning about each other's bodies.

As for the labia surgeries...*sigh* Vaginas are beautiful without surgery. I've never seen an ugly vagina. Its so frustrating to meet women who think theirs are ugly or gross.

There should really be some sort of 'Vaginas are Beautiful' movement.

Sascha Illyvich - Erotic Romance Author

enhancing the size of the G spot so men can find it? If the man can't find it, he'sBLind! It's real simple guys...if you don't know when you've found it then you're dumb. Or uninformed. HOpefully the latter...

and maybe some man should come out and say "stop maiming yourselves for us" since a LOT of women feel they "need" to please a man. IT's time women stop pleasing men and start pleasing themselves..

THe White Wolf prince has spoken

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