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August 02, 2007



They really are beautiful! I hope you can find the molds. They'd make great gifts.


Please send a box of KS chocolates to Echidne (and charge it to my account). Thanx.

The Countess

Hey, Swampcracker, I would love to send some KS chocolates to Echidne. I looked for the molds, but it looks like they aren't for sale. Oh, the temptation!!! Chocolate and sex. Always a good combination. ;)


actually, the photo you posted looks like one of the friezes on the temple in khajuraho, india. (the best online version i could find is on the right side of this page:
scroll down just a bit to see it), there are a lot of erotic images in that temple complex. though i believe they come from the same tantric tradition, i'm not sure if they really are kama sutra images.

The Countess

Hey, Noz, good to see you!

I saw the same image before in the same frieze. I don't know for sure if it's part of the Kama Sutra. It could be. They do make beautiful chocolate molds, though, don't they?

Hey, The Count and I may be visiting Philly in November. It's a matter of if we have the money to make it to PhilCon. Sadly, the General Wayne Inn is no longer a restaurant, but we can go to the Mutter Museum. I'd love to see that museum. If we can make it to Philly in November, I'll e-mail you before we head out.

A. Dee Carey

Boy are you daring. I admire your grit. However my daring in that area is always tempered by a cartoon I once saw. A man and his friend are tucking the man's son into bed. The friend says to the father, "Geeze, Tom he's only seven, can't you make him take down that pinup?" The father replies, "No, it's his grandmother."
I have two grandsons and they constantly tell me I'm a crazy lady, cause I write about stuff that could never happen. Duh, fantasy, however, I must tell you my favorite color is sky blue pink.


hey countess, please do email me if you come to town. i'd love to finally meet you (and the count) in person. the mutter museum is only a couple of blocks from my office. at the very least i can offer you a view of the city from the 51st floor of the tallest (but soon to be second tallest) building in philly.

strait woman

Kama sutra chocolate molds . . . that picture made my day. Just visiting from echidne.


You can order the mold here:

The Countess

Thanks, Jodi! I just ordered one.

Noz, The Count and I will definitely look you up if we make it to Philly in November. I want to go to the Mutter Museum, and if you'd like to join us there that would be great.

Lose Weight Now!

Cool chocolates! Good luck with your writing, I look forward to seeing your novel at the bookstore!


Cool! I hope they turn out for you. Keep us posted.


PLEASE you send full business information about your complete line of plastic thermoformed ADULT CHOCOLATE MOLDS.
Bes regards,

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Chocolate Paula

Dang--the site above has sold out of that chocolate mold, and I would love to make some for a Tantric Scorpio birthday party next month! Does anyone else know of a place to purchase molds? Many thanks...

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Perfect absolutely delicious it too cute to eat this,look so great. lol!


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