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August 27, 2007



I think women generally get more from written erotica than porn. We want to picture it in our own minds, not really see it played out on screen. For video porn, I find I prefer female produced/directed video, straight or bi/lesbian. Tends to conform more to my POV, I guess.

The Countess

Hey, Bunny, welcome to my blog. I just posted on yours. It's funny - we're reading each other at the same time.

I like to picture the sex and romance in my mind, too. I want to find some female produced and directed bi/lesbian porn to add to my collection. I think I'd like it much better than straight porn aimed at men.


I personally love porn. I have quite the collection on my computer. Sadly, I can't watch my DVD's, coz the player is in the living room, and my fucking stick up his ass Flatmate is always working from home. He'd have a cow if he caught me wanking in the living room. (I do it when I know he's out of town. Fucker)

I adore Jenna Jameson. I got to meet her once. For my 18th birthday, my friend Millicent took me to see her dance at a local strip club. She's really tiny. I got to kiss her, and I left a big lipstick print on her cheek, hehe.

If you like her, check out Jenna Love Bella, and Brianna Loves Jenna. Jenna and her husband directed and produced them both, and they're much better than the regular porn fare. I think there's a plot(I usually just watch the sex) and the sex is really really good. They even have vaginal fisting in Jenna Love Bella! Gotta love it.

Another great porn starlette to check out is Chloe (she also goes by Chole Nicole) She's a redhead who's REALLY into anal, and she has the most intense, awesome to watch orgasms. She's also quite the fan of fisting, though most of those I've only found on downloads, not in the video's. She directs now too, and her 'Gonzo, the Feature' is really good.
She also doesn't look like the typical porn star. Her body is much more natural (her boobs are smallish and real, and she just looks more like a normal woman than any of 'the blonds')

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