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July 31, 2007


A. Dee Carey

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New book coming out this month. It tells the love story of George and Louise Boldt, from a fantasy fox point of view. George Boldt was a very successful business man, who loved his wife passionately. In the Thousand Islands of New York, he decieded to build a castle for the woman who was the queen of his life. The structure still stands, even though he abandoned the project when his beloved died. Today Boldt Castle is a tourist attraction and is visited by many.
I took the story and embellished it a tad. If you have read any of my stories you know a fox figures in there somewhere. This is no exception.
If anyone reads this and has read any of my books please contact me for a special prize. There will be a test, however it is an easy one.

The Countess

Hey, Dee, good to see you! I'll visit your blog in a bit.

Paul Sunstone

I'm glad you posted this meme. I've found it helpful.


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