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May 08, 2009


Your Dumb

Did you listen to her answer? She said that people in this country have the right to choose, which is not true because they only have the right to choose in only 4 states. Then she said she does not care if there is gay marriage, but that she believes that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. This is probably the biggest hypocritical answer given at any awards show, ever....ever. Not to mention she touts herself as a conservative and then goes off and makes a sex tape, lies about it, then lies about her age when she made the sex tape, then lies again about her age, then lies about her belief in the liberal media bashing by going on ALL liberal media shows so that she can air her grievances with the liberal media. She shunned conservative talk shows (which was a good strategy because it would have made her out to look like she wasn't giving everyone in meadi a fair shot) and then she backed Sarah Palin. Palin is thinking, oh no, why did she hafta say my name, and prejean still has no idea what she is talking about. Everything that comes out of her mouth is verbal feces.

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