February 09, 2007

Edwards, Amanda, And Melissa

Didn't John Edwards do his homework before he hired Amanda and Melissa to work for his campaign? I came to Shakespeare's Sister later, but I knew Amanda when she was on Mouse Words. I like the snark on both blogs. If Edwards is getting into a tizzy now over posts they've made on their blogs, why didn't he know about their blog voices before hiring them? Sounds like he and his staff didn't dot all their "i"s.

Pandagon and Shakespeare's Sister are two of my top blog reads. I like their style and what they have to say. I have a feeling this little brouhaha won't matter in the long scheme of things when it's time to vote for a President anyway. I assume that most people want a President who will get us out of this horrible war (It's safe to assume troops won't be home in 2008). Most people would want a President who will balance the budget, and get America back on track. They won't care about a blog war that isn't important in the grand scheme of things. Just remember that when it's time to vote.

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January 16, 2007

Arisia 2007

I spoke at a writer/science fiction convention this past weekend. My panels were "Sex in SF/F" and food in books and movies. I had a blast! Remind me next year to book a room in the hotel. I hate commuting by train and subway in Boston. It takes too long, and I can't get to the late-night panels the way I'd like. Plus I missed the parties. There was one called something like "Skanks In Space" that I really wanted to go to, but the hotel was booked solid. Next year, I'll book a room in November.

I met Cecilia Tan during my first panel. I want to read more erotic science fiction so that I may try to write it. I already write fantasy erotica, especially paranormal erotic romance. I want to take a crack at erotic science fiction.

The con suite for the program participants was quite good. I had croissants for breakfast and meatballs for lunch. The hotel was right on a river, so it had a lovely view.

My next convention should be I-Con in New York in March. Then BaltiCon in May. I expect to go to ReaderCon and PhilCon this year as well. I wish I could go to WorldCon because it's in Japan this year. I can't afford that one. Oh, to go to Japan... I can dream. Smiley_grin

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Welcoming In 2007

I have been so busy writing and enjoying the holidays that I have not updated my blog since last year.

My fourth blogversary was January 1, 2007. Happy belated birthday to me!

I have a few posts about interesting happenings that follow this post. I've been hard at work speaking at a convention and writing articles and short stories. I'm working on a serial and a two-part erotic short story for Scarlet Magazine. I'll spend most of my time working on those stories and on the articles I'm trying to finish. I'll post when I have something good to post about. I do need to keep up with my blog.

I'm preparing to add some new links to my Sex Blogs and Web Sites typelist very shortly.

I hope other bloggers are enjoying 2007. I think this year will be a great one for me.

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December 12, 2006

Deck The Halls

The hall is decked. Not "halls" - we have only one hall. The Christmas tree is up and lit. Even my three strands of bubble lights lit up with no problem. I have blue electric candles in the windows. These candles have saved me a lot of grief. They turn on automatically at dusk and turn off automatically at dawn. That saves me from having to climb around in the storage room to get to the lights to turn them on. I would have had to climb over the wicker couch, climb over a plastic garden chair, slide across the computer table, and squeeze past lots of boxes to get to the back of that room to turn on the Christmas candles. Now, all I have to do is wait until the sun goes down.

I have a really cool Christmas carousel. It plays carols, and the horses light up and go up and down. I bought that thing about ten years ago, and it's still going strong. It's nice to know that some products are made to last these days.

I have my mix of Christmas carols that The Count burned for me last year. I have Celtic carols, The Trans-Siberian Express, Meowy Christmas (cats meowing Christmas tunes. This one drives The Royal Spawn crazy.), Vince Garaldi's "A Charlie Brown Christmas", Schooner Faire, and other songs. That CD is putting me into a great holiday mood.

Anyway, I wanted to make a couple of blog posts before I started on a writing spree tomorrow. I have a BUNCH of articles to write, a short story to finish, and stuff to read. I need to get this stuff finished before Christmas.

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October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain!

Happy Halloween and Happy Samhain, everyone! The Count and I are going to Salem, Massachusetts this afternoon for the Halloween festivities. We are likely moving again in early 2007, so this will likely be our last Halloween in Salem.

I have been added as a writer to yet another magazine. I am researching an article about sexsomnia, which is when you have sex while you are asleep. "Sleep sex" has a dark underbelly. It's been used as a defense in rape and child sex abuse cases - and the defendants won their cases. If this disorder is valid, it is rare. I'm still looking into it, and it's hard to say whether or not it is accepted as a valid disorder because it is very new. Still, saying you couldn't have molested a child because you were asleep at the time strikes me as one hell of a creative excuse.

I made chocolate mousse yesterday, and I tried something new. I added orange extract to the whipped cream. It was delicious. I think I added too much, but the orange went great with the chocolate.

As usual, I will be busy writing articles and stories, and I won't be blogging much.

Happy Halloween and Happy Samhain everyone!!!

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September 29, 2006

I'm Still Alive

I'm going to interrupt the sound of crickets chirping on my blog to actually make a post.

I haven't posted here in over a month. I have been so busy, and there have been so many changes in my life that I haven't felt like posting.

We moved to a very nice apartment in the same town. After The Royal Spawn graduated from high school, The Count and I found we didn't really need such a large house. I'm enjoying decorating and setting up the place very much.

When I wasn't moving boxes back and forth, packing, and unpacking, I've been busy writing. I sent two erotic stories to a magazine that will pay several thousand dollars per story if they are accepted. I know it's a long shot, but I just had to try it. I have a couple of erotic short stories coming out soon. I'm also on the staff now for a British pop culture magazine. I already write sexuality articles for this magazine. Now, I'll do some editing on top of writing about all kinds of things, not just relationships and sexuality. I'm preparing some articles for the health and wellness section now. I'm getting paid regularly, but I'm not bringing in as much as I'd like. I expect that to improve very soon.

I probably won't be posting much at all with all the writing I've been doing. I've been enjoying my life too much. I keep up with blogs, but I don't read them as much as I used to. I'm going to concentrate on enjoying my new home and enjoying the new direction my writing career is taking.

Life is good.

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July 27, 2006

I've Been Very Busy Lately

I'm still here, but I don't have much of anything to post. I do have one or maybe two things, but I'm not in the mood.

I've also been busy working on four articles and two short stories. Two of the articles are due on Tuesday. I don't have a deadline on the other two, but I'm going to try to have them ready for Tuesday anyway. The sooner I submit them, the sooner they get accepted and I get paid. Money is a good thing. Money is my friend. Gak_smiley

Two of the articles are about the fathers' rights movement and fatherhood/marriage initiatives. One of the others is a travel article about unusual destinations in New England. The last one is an article about gay and lesbian blogs. I'm having trouble with one of the short stories. I can't figure out how to end it. I've rewritten it twice. I like the first half but not the second. It could easily be a story alone with the first half. That part was fun to write. The other story is more of a horror/dark fiction story, and I'm not sure what to do with that one either. I really haven't been in the mood to write fiction lately. I did come up with an interesting idea or two from watching "Amelie". I have to sleep on my ideas and figure out what to write. The sooner those stories are written and submitted, the sooner they are accepted and I get paid.

It's been beautiful outside. Very warm and sunny. I've been relaxing, watching movies, and writing. I don't expect to have much to say in the blogosphere until these articles and stories are finished. At least the articles. Knowing me, right after making this announcement I'll write a lot of posts. That's how it seems to work for me.

So, I'm still here, keeping an eye on my blog and nuking the trolls who come here. I just don't expect to post much over the next week or so. Can you get Spring Fever in the middle of the summer?

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July 10, 2006

I Had A Wonderful Weekend

I had a blast this weekend. I spent the weekend with Sheelzebub from Pinko Feminist Hellcat. I drove through Boston, and I didn't have a panic attack from the traffic. Yippee-kay-yay!! We sat around and gabbed on her balcony. And boy, can she cook! She made roasted tomatoes with herbs. I normally don't like stewed or roasted tomatoes, but these were good. Plus she took me to a really cool dairy that makes the best ice cream. The Count and I visit a dairy that's about a half hour drive from our house sometimes when we want real cream. I'm talking cream that is so thick it leaves a coating on your esophagus as you drink it with coffee. It's so thick you use less of it. We don't go out there as often as I'd like because it's so far away. We live far from everything, since we're right on the coast.

I heard Hole for the first time. That's not the kind of music normally I listen to, but I liked it. I don't think I'd buy it, though. I'm not really into grunge. I like my ambient, industrial, techno, and trance.

Sheelz and I also visited the Lizzie Borden bed and breakfast. I've been wanting to tour that place since we moved here, and I found out that Fall River is only about a two hour drive from our house. The tour was really cool. We learned the whole story of the ax murders, and visited the rooms where Lizzie's father and stepmother had been hacked to death. Sheelz and I want to spend a night or weekend there. They have a very nice breakfast on a dining room table and chairs that Lizzie bought after she was acquitted. They serve some of the foods that the Bordens ate for their last meal. Did you know that Lizzie ate sugar cookies that morning? She said she was feeling ill, and wouldn't come downstairs, but the real reason was that she hated her step-mother. She sure could hold a grudge. The Bordens also ate three-day old rancid mutton broth that was so spoiled it attracted flies. That obviously isn't served at the bed and breakfast. The Bordens became sick that last day because of the mutton soup. All the better to fell them before hacking them to death.

I think Lizzie Borden did it. I think her alibi that she was in the barn eating pears when the murders took place is bullshit. She had some serious problems, including rage over her father being such a cheapskate and kleptomania. She was always butting heads with her father and step-mother. It's the second most famous unsolved murder in the world, following the Jack the Ripper murders. After she was acquitted, she inherited the equivalent of about 12 million bucks, and moved in to a huge house and threw lots of parties. Her sister got so pissed off with actors and other riff raff being in the house that she eventually moved out. Lizzie and her sister never spoke again. That whole family screamed "dysfunction".

Another murder took place in the house next door. A mother had killed her two young children, and then slit her own throat. That murder/suicide took place before the Borden murders.

The bed and breakfast is also rumored to be haunted. I'm sorry I didn't see any ghosts or orbs or anything. Maybe if we stay there we'll see something. Me, idiot, forgot to bring a camera. I have to go back and take pictures! I definitely plan to return. The gift shop had two good books about hauntings in the area and haunted inns. I wanted to buy them but I couldn't afford them. When we have more money coming in, I'm buying them. I'm sure I could either buy them when we return for a visit, or I'll order them from the bed and breakfast online.

Sheelz and I want to stay in the room where the stepmother was hacked to death. We'll take turns sleeping on the floor where her body was found. Way cool!

We also went to see "The Omen". It was just like the original, for the most part. The only bad thing was that there was a group of kids in the last row who talked through the whole movie. Everyone was shushing them, but they just kept right on talking. We should have gotten up and told the management to either throw them out or give us a refund, but I didn't want to miss any of the movie. I liked it. I liked the original better, of course, but the remake wasn't bad. Pete Postelthwaite as the priest I think was the best. He was so over-the-top. I like Pete Postelthwaite anyway. He was great as the conductor in "Brassed Off".

We went to lunch yesterday in Westport, which is beautiful. It reminds me of home. You can smell the surf. I ate fish and chips, which I hadn't had in years. Plus there was this delicious buttermilk chocolate cake that really made your mouth water. I definitely want to go back to that place.

Sheelz would like to come to our home in a couple of weeks. She wants to watch "Farscape", and we have seven DVDs from the first season. The Count will cook some great meals for us. I'll have to have seafood on the menu. You can't live by the ocean and not eat seafood. Seafood is always at a sale price up here. Whenever swordfish and shrimp are a good price, I always buy them. Sometimes they are five or six dollars cheaper than usual. I never pass that up.

I had a great time, and I want to go back and visit her again. You're free to come to our place too, Sheelz, and we can watch "Farscape" and walk on the beaches around here. Plus, my garden is in bloom, so we can sit in the back yard and hang out. This is a good place to relax. It's also a great place to write. It's almost like living in a writer's retreat at our house. I wish this house was haunted, but it isn't. The cats are perfectly comfortable, so I know there are no ghosts here. If The Count and I ever move, first - we want to stay overnight at the Lizzie Borden bed and breakfast - and second, we want to live by the water again. We want to live in a haunted house. That would be loads of fun. I'd never be lonely with a ghost to keep me company. Eek

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July 05, 2006

Just A Lazy Day

It rained last night, so we didn't go to the bonfire for the 4th of July. We had a nice, pleasant evening, though.

I spent my morning reading erotica to get some ideas for stories. I'm overdue now to write another short story. I just don't know what to write about. The stories I've read so far sound good, but they haven't given me any ideas. I'm sure I'll come up with a great idea soon, and my story will be in my usual amusing and whimsical voice.

I'll keep reading to get more ideas. At least reading is giving me an idea of what magazines are looking for. I'd recommend reading magazines and anthologies to any writer who wants to write any kind of fiction, not just erotica. I had thought of writing a fantasy or SF based story, but I'm not sure what to write about yet.

I'm due to start working on a couple of articles soon. I've handed in everything for this month, so I have some time to decide what to write about.

In short, it's going to be a lazy day today. That suits me just fine.

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June 26, 2006

The Count Had Some Very Good News Today

I'm not going to say what it is because I don't want to jinx it.

Just keep us in your prayers tomorrow, all day. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Doing the Happy Dance!!!

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