March 24, 2011

Come To My New Blog And Web Site!

I have a new blog and web site, and I'm inviting everyone to it. This blog/web site focuses on my erotic writing. I will continue to post sex toys reviews on this blog. So, if you want to keep up with me, visit me at my new digs.

Elizabeth Black - Blog and Web site

See you there!


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February 02, 2011

Knuckle-Draggers In The News

Oh, boy! It seems a woman's boss had been harassing her for ages. He finally tipped his hat when he gave her a sex toy for her birthday. That was the last straw, so she's suing. She has good reason to sue because he's created a hostile working environment for her with his sexually suggestive remarks and now with the sex toy. After she threw it in the trash and told him to not do that sort of thing anymore, he quipped "Come on, girl. You don’t know how to enjoy your life." First off, she's a woman, not a girl, and this is the usual put-down when harassing a woman - "Dearie, you can't take a joke."

If I were in her position I'd be pissed, too. Hey, I can take a joke with the best of them, but what he did was way out of hand. I bet he'd never treat a male subordinate like that, or - even better - give his male boss a sex toy as a birthday gift. This is a power play, plain and simple.

In a related bit of news, it seems the guys from Top Gear are in hot water again. What else is new? I'll admit right now that I love that show. I watch it all the time with my husband and son, and while those three (especially Clarkson and Hammond) really take things too far, it seems to me that nothing is sacred when it comes to their insults. Must be a British tradition. Anyone remember the TV show Dave Allen At Large from the 1970s? He made fun of Catholics all the time, and just about anyone else. Nothing was sacred. Same applies to Ricky Gervais. Everyone not living under a rock heard about his performance at the Golden Globes. I saw and read clips, and laughed my ass off. We started watching An Idiot Abroad on BBC America, and it highlights British xenophobia when the star takes trips to countries far outside his comfort zone.

Back to Top Gear, Richard Hammond made an extremely offensive and suggestive comment to a female paramedic working on the show. He told her his "willie tasted funny". If I were in her position I would have told him he really needed to stop tasting his willie, and to not say anything like that to me again.

The latest to come out of Top Gear is - again - a comment from Richard Hammond. This time he insulted Mexicans when he said on a recent show "Mexican cars are just going to be lazy, feckless, flatulent, overweight, leaning against a fence asleep looking at a cactus with a blanket with a hole in the middle on as a coat." Yeah, as if the British have anything to brag about when it comes to their cars, teeth, and food. Everyone is up for insults on that show. Jeremy Clarkson brushed off the comment, saying he doubted they'd get any flack for it because the UK Ambassador to Mexico was probably asleep when the show aired. Well, someone must have awakened him because he complained about the "offensive, xenophobic and humiliating" comments. An earlier comment about lorry drivers got a rise out of some people when one of them said this: "This is a hard job, and I'm not just saying this to win favour with lorry drivers. It's a hard job - change gear, change gear, change gear, check your mirrors, murder a prostitute, change gear, change gear, murder. That's a lot of effort in a day." And of course Clarkson is always mocking Americans for being fat, which I find hilarious. Anyone who watches the show remembers the rather zaftig American Stig. The only one I haven't seen say anything like this is Captain Slow. Maybe he either doesn't go for that sort of thing, or he hasn't been caught yet. I wonder if some people might consider it a badge of honor to be insulted by the hosts of this show?

As far as I'm concerned, the show is an equal opportunity offender, just like Dave Allen At Large and Ricky Gervais. Nothing is sacred. The only quibble I have was Hammond's personal suggestive comment to the paramedic. That definitely went too far because it was so up-close-and-personal. You don't do that to someone working for you, as that asshat who sent the sex toy to his female subordinate learned. It's a power play, plain and simple. Sometimes you just have to know when to shut up or - in Asshat's case - someone will shut you up with a lawsuit.

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November 20, 2010

Facebook's "Instant Personalization" Setting Violates Privacy

NEW FACEBOOK SETTING VIOLATES PRIVACY. As of yesterday, NEW PRIVACY setting called "Instant Personalization" that shares data with non-Facebook websites was installed and it is automatically set to "Enable."

Go to Account > Privacy Settings > Applications and Websites >Instant Personalization > Edit or customize Settings, ...and... un-check "Enable".

BTW, if your friends don't disable the "Instant Personalization" setting, they will be sharing information about you. PLEASE COPY AND REPOST.

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Facebook's "Instant Personalization" Setting Violates Privacy

NEW FACEBOOK SETTING VIOLATES PRIVACY. As of yesterday, NEW PRIVACY setting called "Instant Personalization" that shares data with non-Facebook websites was installed and it is automatically set to "Enable."

Go to Account > Privacy Settings > Applications and Websites >Instant Personalization > Edit or customize Settings, ...and... un-check "Enable".

BTW, if your friends don't do disable the "Instant Personalization" setting, they will be sharing information about you. PLEASE COPY AND REPOST.

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October 23, 2010

Should Epic Boobage Go To Jail?

I caught this story of Winter Pierzina after her Youtube videos went viral. She's best known (only known) for being a young and pretty woman with a huge set of knockers from which she dragged objects such as her car keys and a cell phone. I'm surprised she didn't pull a vibrator out of her massive bra. The Youtube videos, including one called something like "Jingle Bell Boobs", which I didn't see, have been taken down due to violating Youtube's standards for not allowing sexual or lewd conduct in their videos. I found the entire business to be rather silly and figured, hey, she has it, might as well flaunt it and become a Fark and 4Chan meme in no time at all.

Well, things have taken a nasty turn for Winter. She made the colossal mistake of texting while driving and wrecked her car. She lives in California which takes great and righteous glee out of fining and jailing people who do stupid things like text while driving, and Winter is caught in a winter of her own discontent. She's been fined $2,500 dollars, has to go to many hours of community service, and will go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass "GO", do not collect $200.00 if she doesn't pony up the fine.

She took a creative turn to get out of the jam she's in. Gotta give her credit for that. Turns out she she doesn't have the $2,500 for the fine so she created a web site called Keep Winter Out Of Jail, where she's asking for donations. I personally have no problem with this because I figure there's a sucker born every minute. Someone will toss her money, and several someones already have. Mostly tens and twenties but one guy ponied up $150.00. Winter's web site reminds me of Save Karyn back in 2002 where a young woman (Karyn) with massive credit card debt asked people on her web site to donate money to her so she could pay off her whopping $20,000 worth of credit card bills. Here's a mirror of her original site. She was chastised of course - and rightly so - for being such a careless spender but believe it or not people donated enough money to get her out of debt. She has since become a fiscally responsible woman who talks frequently about her previous debt problems and gives tips on staying out of debt. A book depicting her story has been published and there is talk of a movie.

While I have no problem with cyber-begging (Confession time - I did it a few years ago when my husband and I were out of work and in danger of being evicted. Bloggers came through for us and we are doing reasonably well now.), I do have a problem with the commenters at Winter's site and what she's offering for the donations. Basically, she's prostituting herself. Here's what she offers men (of course it's men into this) who donate money to her:

* $1.00 - $25.00 will get you a brief video in which I will state your names and how much you donated and a big fat "Thaaaank youuuu!" These names will all be massed into 1 video.

* $26.00 - $50.00 will get you a personal video. You will not be massed into a video with all of the other people who have donated.

* $51.00 - $100.00 will get you a slightly more "risque" video and a small photoset.

* $101+ will get you all of the above and a private chat with me on a messenger of your choosing...

What's she going to do if you give her a hundred bucks? Flash her boobs at you? That's what it sounds like and that's what several guys expect and want. Here are a few of the more disturbing comments from her fans:

One hour fucking with me = 2.500$

will there be naked camchat?

This one is especially disturbing:

OK, i'll make you a deal.

I'll fly down to Stockton, pay all of your 15,000 debt, and give you and extra 5,000. But i have one condition.

I get to have sex with you, no condom. and for each 1,000 i give you, i get to ejaculate inside of you. You are welcome to join me at a clinic to view my HIV/VD results. you will see i am perfectly clean. i will buy you birth control pills and make sure you are taking them before we engage in intercourse. After i have ejaculated inside of your vagina, anus or mouth i am also allowed to record the sessions on video. Where i will keep them for either my own enjoyment, or upload them to a popular pornography site.

$20,000 can be yours if you agree to this, you will have your car paid off, and enough to put a down payment on a used car. When i fly down, we may spend as much or as little time getting to know each other before we have sex. However, i will not being flying down if you are unwilling, or unable to commit. I'm sure you have Sex with people you don't know very well often. So this shouldn't technically be that big of deal. You will engage in consensual intercourse with a clean person, who is willing to assist you with your needs. And you will never see again after we have had sex twenty times over a span of as long as a week, or as little as three days.

You are welcome to have a witness for your own protection, though i have no intent of hurting you.

I feel this is a beneficial off for the both of us.

So he just wants to fuck her numerous times, using no condoms, and she gets nothing out of it but her fine paid in full and a lot of money on top of that. He could be as rough with her as he likes and she can't protest because she is accepting the money. He will take pictures and post them on online porn sites. He assumes she's a slut because he says she must have sex with people she doesn't know well very often. It's a bad deal and self-serving on his part all around.

Like I said, I have no problem with her cyber-begging. Even I have done it. However, Winter is setting herself up for some real problems with these guys who expect to fuck her for money, a little or a lot. It's sleazy and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I also don't have a problem with women acting in porn or being on a porn crew, but this business strikes me as very unsafe and dangerous. She is putting up with a lot of abuse on her web site in the comments from men who have probably already ogled her in her Youtube videos and now they like to call her a slut and not in a good way. Same old double standard again.

I hope she is able to pay that fine and stay out of jail. Just don't text and drive anymore. What a stupid thing to do, but no matter how stupid, she doesn't deserve the rotten treatment she's getting on her web site.

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August 26, 2010

Bogus Sexperts - Part Two: John "Mars/Venus" Gray

Part two of my series about bogus sexperts is up at Good Vibrations Magazine. This segment skewers John "Mars/Venus" Gray. Here's an excerpt:

Agony Aunts And Bogus Ph.Ds – A Critical Look At Sexperts – Part 2.

Gray likes pop-psychology terms for the way men and women behave, and his terms are simplistic, stereotypical, and rather embarrassing to read. He insists that “men are like rubber bands” who retreat into “caves” and “women are like waves” who “crash” into “wells”. According to the web site “The Rebuttal From Uranus”, the man’s cave is “voluntary – time to reflect, work things out, solve problems, rejuvenate.” The woman’s well, on the other hand, is “involuntary – darkness, overwhelmed, ‘emotional housecleaning’.”

Did any of that make sense to you? It threw me the first time I read it, too.

Go to Good Vibrations Magazine, put down your dildo, and read the rest.

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August 19, 2010

Toxic Companies

Boy, do I know how those young men feel! A survey found the obvious: 60% of young male workers want to punch their colleagues in the face. I've worked for toxic companies long before enjoying my days writing about dildos, massage oils, and bondage toys. I have often had fantasies of punching out my bosses as well as my co-workers. And those fantasies focused in particular on one company I worked for back in the 1980s.

I won't name the place, but I will say that it was the most hostile, psychotic, sexist, and psychologically damaging place I ever worked. I needed the money so I put up with the abuse for two years. It is a federal contractor where I worked as a typist transcribing documentation for federal filings. All I did for eight hours every day was type, type, type, and the faster I did it the better.

Was I thanked for my hard work? Hell no! I was ridiculed, called stupid, put down constantly, and reduced to tears on numerous occasions. This job prepared me psychologically for accepting an abusive marriage. My boss used to call in a local woman who could type faster than the speed of sound and the staff would praise this woman's talents while putting me down even more mercilessly than usual.

I see the guy who was president when I worked there is still president. He used to fall asleep at his desk holding up a magazine in front of him so he didn't look like he slept on the job. I used to walk in with his mail and quietly sit it in front of him on the desk so when he'd wake up from dozing he'd see his mail and know someone caught him napping on the job. I got a kick out of that.

But wait, there's more! One morning one of the managers did not show up for work. His wife had called the office to ask if anyone had seen him. She said he didn't come home the night before and she was worried. So the managers got in their cars and drove around town looking for him, fearing to find him dead in a ditch somewhere. After about an hour of that, someone got the bright idea of opening his office. There he was on the floor, passed out drunk and starting on a hang-over. He'd been out getting trashed all night. This man had on one of his drunken binges sexually harassed me in the past.

I was so demoralized working at this place that I honestly didn't think I'd ever find a job anywhere else and I needed the money to pay my bills. Leaving was the healthiest thing I had ever done. And yes, I wanted to punch out my colleagues and bosses every second of every day.

Schadenfreude alert: I was curious to see if this outfit was still around and it is. It also is engaged in the same horrid behavior I suffered when I worked there. This company was sued by the EEOC for disability discrimination recently. The man who suffered ill treatment by this company was harassed, humiliated, and eventually fired one week before he was due to return to work after being on medical leave. Gee, I can relate. Those people should be sent to Venus to work in a mine for eternity.

I'm much happier doing the work I do now. I look back on that horrible job as fodder for my fiction. It was the most horrible working experience of my life and I'm glad it's behind me.

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July 15, 2010

Sexting The Wrong Person, Drunk Dialing, and Drunk E-mailing

While I write about sex, write erotic romances, and review dildos I've never engaged in sexting nor have I drunk dialed. I have drunk e-mailed, though, although I try to not do that often. If I feel even the slightest bit tipsy I won't even comment on FARK. That said, I read an interesting article about sexting the wrong person. I mean, can you imagine sexting some hot guy and accidentally sending the message to your parish priest because their names are right next to each other in your phone's address book? We have rudimentary cell phones so for us sexting is not much of a problem. I've never sent a text message to anyone anyway and I have no idea how to do it.

Speaking of drunk dialing, remember that scene in the movie "Sideways" where that wimp Miles drunk dialed his ex? He was rambling on about wine when she realized he was drunk. It was a pitiful moment. I can relate to that because my ex has drunk dialed me before. When he's drunk it's very hard to tell what kind of mood he'll be in. Sometimes he's an abusive asshat and other times he'd call and flirt with me. It was very unsettling. My college-aged son is visiting now and he and his dad had a falling out, which I think is one reason my son came here to visit. His dad called at three this morning, drunk on his ass, and made all kinds of stupid threats. Sheesh, I left him sixteen years ago to avoid that kind of crap. Hopefully when he sobers up he'll calm down so we can have a normal, decent, adult conversation with him. When he drunk and in a flirtatious mood he says he wants to come out here for one last hookup and I tell him to get some black coffee in his system. He just laughs.

Anyway, have you ever drunk dialed, drunk e-mailed, or sent a racy text message to the wrong person? If you have tell me in comments!

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May 19, 2010

Pope Condoms! Get Your Pope Condoms Here!

Remember last month when a UK official wrote in a Foreign Office memo "suggesting that he could launch Benedict-brand condoms or bless a gay marriage when he visits the United Kingdom later this year"? That's actually not a bad idea, although the guy was forced to apologize to the pontiff.Turns out someone else had the same idea. If you live in The Netherlands a sex shop is giving away 2,000 Pope Condoms to protest the Catholic Church's backward views on contraception, unwanted pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases, especially regarding the Church's stance on not allowing condoms to be given away in Africa to prevent the spread of AIDS.

The Pope was mocked in 2009 when the above condoms were distributed in protest after the Pope rejected condoms as a weapon against AIDS during his Africa trip.

Trendy condoms are all the rage now. There are Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and even Tiger Woods condoms. The Tiger Woods condoms picture him with a black eye and a broken golf club over his head. In fact, trendy sex toys that make fun of public figures are all the rage. There's the Obama Presidential Dildo and the biggest blasphemy of all, the Baby Jesus Butt Plug.

And people wonder why the Church can't get any respect. The Church brought it all on itself, what with the priest pedophile and priests raping nuns scandals. I always thought this switch plate depicted the Catholic Church best.

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March 01, 2010

Dating Disasters

I just finished an article about dating disasters, and I'm curious to know about your worst dates. Here is a brief excerpt from my finished article:

Talking too much about your ex. This is a big one. Focus on the future, not on the past. Don't talk about the multiple restraining orders she has out against you or how he hasn't sent a child support check in three months. As the old saying goes, if you can't say anything nice, save it for your Facebook page after you get home.

Ignoring red flags. He is half an hour late picking you up. His credit card gets declined and you end up paying for the meal when you hadn't agreed to that. She wears a flashy dress to a casual restaurant. He's drunk. She's high. He's wearing a house arrest ankle bracelet but it's not a cute one with rhinestones. Or it is a cute one with rhinestones and you're not gay. Sometimes blind dates are colossal mismatches, but you might be able to salvage a friendship out of it so don't consider the date a complete loss.

I remember one colossally bad date a guy took me on. He was one step away from being a rapist. We went to his dive of an apartment for a dinner that left me hungry and the drink he gave me was a zombie. I was naive at the time and had no idea what a zombie was. Being thirsty, I drank it too quickly and it went right to my head. I knew he was trying to get me drunk and I was having none of that, but I was trapped in his apartment so I played along. This asshat was unkempt and unattractive as well. He didn't take the time to fix himself up nicely before picking me up. Thanks God I didn't end up in bed with him. He wanted to see me the next night and I said yes because I couldn't figure out how to get rid of him without hurting his feelings. I shouldn't have bothered with his feelings because he completely creeped me out. By the next night, I figured out what to do. I had an exam the next day and when he picked me up I told him I really needed to study for it, so I was sorry (lie) but could we make it another night? I really didn't need to study for it, but I wanted to get as far away from him as possible. The red warning lights flashed all over the place for me. He got mad at me for inconveniencing him and drove off. As soon as he was gone I knew I'd never see him again, and I was right. I avoided some real problems there. He was also jealous of any other man who so much as looked at me. He was a townie who lived near the college I attended and I met him at an art show opening. Since I helped set up the art show, I had to talk to one of the male art professors. I caught this asshat giving that prof dirty looks because the man was clearly attracted to me. I couldn't get rid of this loser fast enough. That was a dating disaster that could have been much worse than it had been.

Do you have dating disaster stories to tell? Talk about them in comments.

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