March 24, 2011

Come To My New Blog And Web Site!

I have a new blog and web site, and I'm inviting everyone to it. This blog/web site focuses on my erotic writing. I will continue to post sex toys reviews on this blog. So, if you want to keep up with me, visit me at my new digs.

Elizabeth Black - Blog and Web site

See you there!


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April 05, 2009

Review: OhMiBod Naughtybod

I have wanted an OhMiBod Naughtybod for quite some time, and I finally got one. Yippieee!! While OhMiBod Naughtybod is advertised to work with your iPod, it will work with any music or video equipment. I think I could also get an extention cord so I may use it with the DVD player and be able to sit on the couch whilst watching a movie with the OhMiBod Naughtybod inside me. What fun! It worked very well with my iPod as well as with my computer. I plugged it into my computer's slot for headphones, turned the volume up full blast for both the computer and iTunes, and I'm set to go.

Sound levels were a bit of a problem. I like my music mostly a bit quieter, but if I set my...

WOAH!!! MY COMPUTER JUST BUZZED ME LETTING ME KNOW I HAVE NEW MAIL, AND MY OhMiBod Naughtybod BUZZED MY PUSSY! Wow, what a great way to learn you have new mail to read.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, yeah. Sound. I have to set my sound a bit higher than I like for the OhMiBod Naughtybod to work properly. I also noticed that its rather loud. My husband can hear the OhMiBod Naughtybod buzzing away, and when it stopped when the song was over, he told me so. If you want a quiet sex toy, OhMiBod Naughtybod is not it.

OhMiBod Naughtybod took to Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" quite well, tapping out the beat in my pussy very nicely. I liked the varied vibrations very much, and this section of the song was very appropriate as the OhMiBod Naughtybod buzzed inside me.

    show me 'round your fruit cage
    'cause I will be your honey bee.
    Open up your fruit cage
    With a fruit that's as sweet as can be

    I wanna be... your sledgehammer!!
So OhMiBod Naughtybod likes classic rock 'n roll. How about techno? The OhMiBod Naughtybod was one steady buzz through the hard core techno song "The Crab Louse" by Lords of Acid, when there was plenty of opportunity for some real pussy banging. I enjoyed the steady stream of vibration, but if this song was much longer I probably would have gone numb. I chose "The Crab Louse" because it's such a hot song, and the subject matter was fitting, if not gross enough to irritate snooty people. I chose this one strictly for its ability to shock.

    I want to talk to you about the hidden pleasure of the flesh
    The most thrilling satisfaction for all mankind
    Better than everything you've ever imagined in your wildest dreams
    The secret of ..... the crab louse

    Here's a message for the girls about vaginas
    And the consequence of fiddling with a partner
    Mind your labia they're never out of danger
    If you're gonna go to bed with a stranger
    Creatures might be hidden in his pubic area
    It's the crab louse it's out to getcha
    It's gonna grab you by the pubic hair
    Shake your pussy when the bastard's there

    It's there to stay
    Sucks all day
    It's there to bite
    My parasite
    My love machine
    My maddest dream
    Turns me on
    Makes me cum

I like to listen to ambient, New Age, and minimal/dream music while writing during the day. So, I tested with Enigma (in particular, "The Principles of Lust", which I thought was appropriate for this kind of gadget) and my Winter Ambient collection, which consists of minimalistic music like Oophoi's "The Dreaming Of Shells", Nord Ambient Alliance, Echospace, and Sleep Research Facility. I'm happy to report that the OhMiBod Naughtybod picked up all of that quiet music. I had to play it louder than I normally would play it so that the OhMiBod Naughtybod would pick it up, but it was pleasant. The only downside is that the OhMiBod Naughtybod is loud. I couldn't hear it over the headphones, but my husband could hear it.

You can also plug in the OhMiBod Naughtybod to your TV/VCR/DVD's headphone jack and watch TV or a movie while wearing your OhMiBod Naughtybod. What fun! I chose an appropriate movie for my test run - "A Clockwork Orange". Of course, I had to test the "Singing In The Rain " scene. Here it is, buzzing in time with the OhMiBod Naughtybod, of course!

    I'm siiiiiiiiiinging in the rain. (kick)
    Just siiiiiiiiinging in the rain. (crack)
    What a glooooooorious feeeeeling,
    I'm haaaaaaaaaaaappy again.

    I'm laaaaaughing at clouds
    So dark up above
    The sun's up above
    And I'm ready for love. (slap)
Finally, I have to give the OhMiBod Naughtybod a thumbs up except for a few minor points. First, the noise. This is not a quiet vibrator. The other problem is that it tends to overheat if you use it steadily for more than an hour. That's me - I'm so insatiable that I wore out my OhMiBod Naughtybod on the first try. Ha! Since I like to use it while I'm working - and when I get in The Zone, more than an hour can easily shoot by - it overheats after about an hour. I noticed when the device would no longer work properly. I thought the batteries had already worn out. I opened the OhMiBod Naughtybod, took out the batteries, and noticed that they were warm. After they cooled off, the device was fine. I used it again for about twenty minutes to a half hour before letting it rest. The N batteries might be a bit hard to find, but not if you live near a Radio Shack. Good points are that it can work with almost any electronic sound device like a DVD player, VCR, or computer. It's not limited to the iPod. It's made of lightweight plastic. Since it's small and comes with its own pouch, it's portable. Take it with you when you travel. It also has a separate screw top so you can use it separately from the electronic devices. It's like having two different vibrators for the price of one!

Buy your OhMiBod Naughtybod from You have a choice of four colours: blue, green, black, and pink. Get your groove on!

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November 08, 2008 - Pocket Fingers Pocket Rocket

I love Pocket Rockets, so when sent me a Pocket Fingers Pocket Rocket to review, I knew immediately that I would love it. There are so many wonderful things about Pocket Rockets. They're powerful. They're quiet. They're discreet. They're fun. The Pocket Fingers Pocket Rocket is no exception.

I've never used a Pocket Rocket with fingers on the sleeve like this one has. Those fingers are very soft and flexible, since they are made of my favorite material ñ jelly. Plus the sleeve and Pocket Rocket itself are a very pleasant pink color. I've used the Pocket Fingers Pocket Rocket with the sleeve on and off. Both ways feel great, but I prefer to use it with the sleeve on.

The fingers give a little more sensation than most Pocket Rockets because they extend the pleasant vibrations to the area around my clit. I enjoyed rubbing it around my vaginal lips as well as my clit, and the fingers allow me to do that. So, the Pocket Fingers Pocket Rocket actually gives more erotic sensation than the average Pocket Rocket.

I prefer using this specific sex toy at night right before I go to sleep, and my husband likes to use it on me. If I wake up in the middle of the night horny, but I don't want to disturb my husband, out comes the Pocket Fingers!. It's so quiet that it doesn't wake him up. Then again, fire engine sirens can't wake him up. I can hear our upstairs neighbor snoring, so I'm grateful that it is so quiet, since we have paper-thin walls.

The Pocket Fingers Pocket Rocket uses one AA battery, and that battery lasts a good long time. The vibrations are fast and intense, just the way I like them. I have very intense orgasms when I use clitoral stimulators like Pocket Rockets.

I like to speak at conventions around the east coast, so the Pocket Fingers Pocket Rocket will likely go with me when I travel. I'm set to speak about erotic writing and movies at a science fiction convention in January, and I plan to pack this little wonder in my luggage. My husband and I are taking the train and subway, but the fact that the Pocket Fingers Pocket Rocket is so small and portable is very important to me. It won't take up a lot of room in the backpack, as would more traditional, dick-shaped, sex toys. I can even sit it on the headboard, and visitors to our room might not know what it is at first glance. Once they figure it out, there will be lots of laughs all around.

The Pocket Fingers Pocket Rocket cleans up easily. I just remove the sleeve and wash it with warm, soapy water. I then dry it on a clean towel or air dry it. It sits on top of one of my books on my bed's headboard so that I can grab it when the mood strikes. I use one sex toy or another at least every other night, with or without my husband, and lately I've been using this one almost exclusively. Thank God the batteries don't run down quickly!

I like this vibrator very much. It keeps me happy in the sack, and it's such a classy sex toy. Those fingers work wonders on my clit and vaginal lips. I even use it in the living room when I'm enjoying a movie. While the arousal is usually intense, it's sometimes very soothing. The Pocket Fingers Pocket Rocket is definitely a winner in my home.

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