May 02, 2012

Sex Toy Review: Glitter Glam Triple Play

If there's one thing I love, it's triple play. I love feeling my buttonhole and vagina plugged up whilst my clit is getting some much needed attention. My husband often does that for me with his fingers, making him look like he's holding me like I'm a bowling ball. It works and I come real hard but it's murder on his hands.

So when I saw the Glitter Glam Triple Play I knew I had to have it. This is a rabbit with something extra - it includes an anal stimulator probe.

The thing I like best about Glitter Glam - aside of the triple action I get on my clit, vagina, and anus - is that the shaft is nice and thick. I like to hump tree trunks, if you get my drift. This baby is thick! Plus there are 200 different pulsation, vibration, and escalation patterns. I like the steadier ones and the fast-pulsing ones best.

The clit bumper is broad and long, covering my entire clitoral area. I like the entire area to be stimulated, not just my clit itself. Sometimes I'm too sensitive for direct, pinpoint stimulation. The anal probe is made of soft TPR as is the vibrator itself. The rotating beads give me great internal massage, overpowering me with so many different sensations as the Glitter Glam works its magic on me that I'm beside myself. As with most rabbits, each section is covered with its own motor. I sometimes like to turn on the clitoral stimulator by itself without the shaft moving or the anal probe vibrating. But wow, that shaft! As usual, it turns me on so much I clamp down on it and it stops moving. My Kegel muscles work just fine, thank you very much.

The controls are easy to use. I just have to remember where they are so I may press the right ones without looking at them. They escalate in speed and vibration so much I'm beside myself with erotic glee. Those controls also light up so I may see them beneath the sheets or in the dark of my bedroom. That light makes life much easier.

This is a big vibrator that I ended up wielding like a weapon and that's the only drawback I could see - it's big and bulky. A bit noisy too but not too much. This isn't the kind of sex toy I'd take with me on holiday since it would take up a lot of room in my luggage and the maid would faint at the sight of it. Still, it's perfect for my alone time at home. I keep it in its box beneath my bed for when the mood strikes.

So when I'm in the mood for a little triple play bowling ball action, I pull out the Glitter Glam. It fills me up and then some and it gives me both anal and clitoral stimulation. This is one very fine sex toy! No wonder rabbits are a girl's best friend.

Buy your sex toys from CalExotics.

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March 30, 2012

Sex Toy Review: Rechargeable Precious Metals Jewels - The Princess

I'm always on the lookout for a new and innovative vibrator, especially a rabbit, which happens to be one of my favorites. So imagine my delight when I discovered the Rechargeable Precious Metals Jewels - The Princess. I like this vibrator for several reasons. It's a rabbit. It's rechargeable in a very unusual way. It's called "The Princess", which is one of my nicknames.

I chose the purple Princess since purple is one of my favorite colors. What I thought was very innovative about this vibe was that it recharges on my computer! It has a USB port. Now that's different. Of course, my computer is out in the open so I wrapped the Princess in a small towel so prying (and embarrassed) eyes wouldn't see it. The cat sure wanted it, though. He tried to play with it, thinking it was a very expensive cat toy. Go away, furball.

It didn't take long for the Princess to charge. The controls were also user-friendly. You don't know how to read to use them. The images on the buttons say it all. Plus those buttons light up so I can see in the dark. I enjoyed all four vibration and rotation speeds, especially the faster speeds on the clit stimulator. The shaft was nice and thick, just the way I like it. The Princess is unlike many men. It can last forever. It doesn't squirt cum all over you. It doesn't deflate after it's finished. And it rotates and vibrates. The moment human males are selected by evolution to have rotating and vibrating penises, the human race will explode in more ways than one!

Until then, we women will enjoy rabbit vibrators like the Princess. And these vibrators have lasting power!

I used a little lubricant on the head so that the Princess slid into me without a problem. Oh it was thick! There was plenty to grip and thanks to my Ben Wa balls I'm very good at gripping. The clit stim was in the right location. It's also a rather broad clit stim so it not only teased my clit, it also vibrated against my labia. The shaft felt nice and soft, since it's made of TPR. It moved with me and was flexible enough to have some give. It was far from rigid. It was shaped a bit like the Michelin Man so it had its own texture as it slid in.

The vibrations felt excruciatingly wonderful both inside my pussy and outside against my clit and labia. I pressed the buttons over and over again to try out different speeds and rotations. As usual, my pussy was so tight it stopped the rotations in their tracks. Those Ben Wa balls did their job! When I came - which wasn't too long after insertion - I had to bite my lip from crying out and making too much noise.

And that brings me to the only disadvantage of the Princess - it's loud. I'm used to quieter vibrators so when this one roared I was afraid my family heard it in the next room. I doubt it but still, I get paranoid. When it's beneath the blankets and inside me it's considerably quieter. I'm not sure why it's loud but it's not the quietest vibrator I've ever used.

Aside of the buzzing, the Princess is a fantastic rabbit vibrator that is rechargeable. I love rechargeable vibes because they're so much easier to deal with. No batteries to run out! I highly recommend the Princess but remember it's a bit noisy. Otherwise, this is one vibrator you should add to your sex toys collection. You may find this vibrator at California Exotics.

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December 14, 2011

Orgasm Kings Present Intensity By Jopen


How would you like to own right now the product that will win best toy of 2012? Shipping in time for Christmas…

Orgasm Kings present…

Intensity by Jopen®

This vibrator is so incredible you have to see and feel it to believe it.

Intensity has the following features:

* Powerful G-spot vibrations
* Powerful clitoral vibrations
* Electro stimulation contacts
* Inflatable shaft for a customized fit
* Air release valve
* Inflation pump
* On/off button on the handle
* 5 levels of vibration control
* Stimulation LED lights
* 10 levels of electro stimulation control

Buy today and save $80.00!

$299.99 $219.99


Here's how it works:

Intensity will increase the power of your orgasms by focusing on strengthening your Kegel muscles. Those are the muscles you tighten to hold in your pee. When properly strengthened, they intensify your arousal and make your orgasms feel much more powerful.

You want all that, don't you?

Intensity was created by doctors and it represents a revolution in the sex toy industry. It resembles the very popular rabbit vibrator but it is so much more!

Strengthening your Kegels (a. k. a. your pelvic floor) is very easy. Intensity will help you do this. Intensity has an inflation pump that helps the vibrator fit the contours of your body. You may adjust it so that it fits you perfectly. This vibrator inflates and deflates to give you the perfect girth for your pleasure. This is truly a very personal and unique vibrator. You choose the size and stimulation level that feels comfortable for you. Clamp down around Intensity using your Kegel muscles. That action strengthens and tones your Kegels. Intensity also massages your G-spot and your external erogenous zones including your clitoris and labia, making this vibrator an absolute joy to use. Intensity brings you the best of two worlds: sexual pleasure and sexual exercise. You'll exercise and not even feel like you're doing it! That's pleasure in and of itself.

Practice tightening and releasing your Kegel muscles whilst using Intensity and in no time you'll notice a big difference in your tightness, arousal, and power of your orgasms. Plus intensity simply feels good. It massages your G-spot, stimulates your outer erogenous zones, and teases your clitoris.

Buy Intensity by Jopen® today and your sexual enjoyment will be unsurpassed!

Intensity will arrive on your doorstep in discreet packaging. It is made of 100% pure and safe silicone.

Please allow for 24 – 48 hours handling time. We cover shipping! Orgasm Kings ship to Europe as well as America.

There is an additional charge for expedited shipping. Please contact Orgasm Kings for rates.

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November 04, 2011

Review: Ladygasm Women's Sex Toys

The Ladygasm web site is easy on the eyes. The black text on white background is easy to read and the pictures give a personal flair to the site. The pictures of sex toys are easy to see and large enough so you can tell what you're looking at. The color scheme is also very pleasant. Pastels that are good enough to eat. The "How Do You Feel Today" theme works on so many levels. Moods listed are "like having a quick orgasm", "like a realistic experience", "like having an adventure", and "like playing with your partner".

Ladygasm sex toys were made by women for women with a woman's sexual needs in mind. Ladygasm interviewed lots of women to find out what kinds of sex toys they liked and what kinds they didn't like. The answers lie on the Ladygasm web site. Over the past few years, Ladygasm noticed sex toys manufacturers were creating sex toys based on gimmicks - not on what really brought women to orgasm. They don't believe you have to blow your bank account or read an instruction manual to show you how to use a sex toy. You'll find the best sex toys for women chosen by women at Ladygasm.

The sex toys on the Ladygasm web site are familiar in style (stuff I like and I'm a woman) and very elegant, even the realistic ones. There are powerful Ladygasm bullets as well as a Ladygasm Hitachi Wand. The Ladygasm Rose Vibrator even fits in your purse. One of Ladygasm's rabbits not only has a rotating head but a thrusting shaft. There are also G-spot vibrators that actually hit your G-spot and won't have to hunt for it.

Other sex toys include anal toys, couples toys, adventure, dildos, and lube. The three dildos are named Alex, Brian, and Flex. Alex is average whilst Bria is large. Flex does what its name says. The spine is flexible so you may position it any way you wish. Ladygasms anal toys range from beginner's toys to toys for those with lots of anal sex experience. One of the anal toys is also a fab G-spot massager!

There are many fine sex toys for couples on the Ladygasm site. Whether you like anal toys or a Ladygasm Hitachi Wand, Ladygasm has a well-made and reasonably-priced sex toy for your couples' needs. There are a couple of men's toys here, like the Fleshlight stamina training unit to help your man last longer to give both of you pleasure. You'll also find an Autoblow and Fleshlight for men here so that you as a couple may play together. The couple that loves together, stays together.

The four sex toys in the adventure section are indeed adventurous. The Ladygasm Hitachi Wand is both a powerful massage tool and a vibrator. Use it for massage or to pleasure yourself and/or your partner. There are also two fine and upgraded rabbits for a very reasonable price as well as a clit/vag/G-spot stimulator that will have you rolling in orgasms in no time.

Finally, you get ID Glide lubricant, one of the best lubricants on the market today. Choose between three different sizes to tend to your most intimate needs. Choose a big bottle for home or the smaller sizes for your purse or travel. Always keep ID Glide by your side. You never know when you may need it.

The Ladygasm web site has everything you could possibly want in high quality sex toys. These toys aren't cheap plastic monstrosities full of gimmicks nor do they fall apart easily. The site is easy to navigate and shopping is a breeze. Descriptions of products are quick and easy to read. You learn all you need to know in a paragraph or two. No long instructions! The photos are well made and show off each product very well. The pastel color scheme with black writing on white background is easy on the eyes, very feminine, and quite pleasant. Contact information and the phone number are easily accessible at the top of the page.

Shop at the Ladygasm web site for all your feminine sex toys needs.

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March 24, 2011

Come To My New Blog And Web Site!

I have a new blog and web site, and I'm inviting everyone to it. This blog/web site focuses on my erotic writing. I will continue to post sex toys reviews on this blog. So, if you want to keep up with me, visit me at my new digs.

Elizabeth Black - Blog and Web site

See you there!


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January 30, 2011

Sex Toy Review: Butterfly Climaxer

I love rabbit-styled vibrators so imagine my delight when I pulled the Butterfly Climaxer out of its box. It's lightweight and compact, perfect for fitting in my bed's cabinet. I love the pretty purple color. Purple is my fave. This sex toy is not big and bulky like some rabbits I've seen. It's also waterproof so I use it in the bath when the mood strikes. There's nothing like having a slick little vibe like this one up my pussy whilst I'm soaking in a bath full of fragrant bubbles. I do like my waterproof sex toys.

This one has powerful vibrations and rotations that massage my vaginal walls very well. The clit stimulator does a fantastic job, giving me proper stim whilst the shaft massages me internally. The combination is a winner I'm long familiar with. I prefer vaginal and clitoral stimulation at once because I like the feeling of something big and thick inside me while my clit is getting teased and tormented.

The beads on this Climaxer rotate well and they don't stick. Best of all, this is a phthalates-free sex toy. No skin reactions for those who have them, and the material (elastomer) won't harm me. This vibe takes 3 AA batteries and the power lasts a very long time. I can use the clit stim alone or in combination with the shaft rotations and vibrations. This is a Climaxer to beat all vibrators. And it's waterproof. What's not to love?

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August 10, 2010

Sex Toy Review: Wireless I Vibe Rabbit

I love rabbit vibrators and I'm always on the lookout for the latest, state-of-the-art rabbit. I found it with the Wireless I Vibe Rabbit. This rabbit has the best of all worlds - it's wireless so I don't have to mess with those pesky wires, it's waterproof, it has updated beads, and it has the powerful vibration and pulsation patterns I love so much. In addition to what I expect from a rabbit, the Wireless I Vibe Rabbit has reverse-rotating beads, multi-level vibration/pulsation patterns, and the lack of wires. This rabbit fills me right up and then some! It takes 3 AA batteries and they last a good, long time, which is good because I like to use this rabbit several times per week. When I'm in the mood for a good rabbit vibrator, I've found a new favorite and it's the Wireless I Vibe Rabbit. I give my husband the controls and we have lots of fun driving me mad with sexual desire. Remote control sex toys are a joy to use and they bring us together the way they often bring couples together.

The rabbit attachment homes right in on my clit and vibrates up a storm. It's a more powerful vibration than my older rabbits. It seems that rabbit vibrators improve in quality every time a new one comes out. The Wireless I Vibe Rabbit is no exception. I can use it alone or with my husband. I can use it wet or dry and I like it both ways. This is a high class rabbit that really impressed me and I'm glad I have it.

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August 13, 2008

VibeReview: Sweet Magic

The Sweet Magic vibrator looked really impressive, which is why I had to have it. What I love best about it is that the silicone material feels incredibly soft, the softest I've ever felt. I can squeeze the shaft of the Sweet Magic between my finger and thumb, and it gives in just the right way. I like this very soft silicone even better than jelly. This has to be the softest vibrator I've ever used.

The row of rotating beads run clockwise, or alternating between clockwise and counterclockwise. They are in the perfect position - near my G-spot. I love the way the head of this very soft vibrator rotates right on my G-spot. I used a a little strawberry Astroglide, and the vibrator slid right in. I like all three pulsations, but my favorites are the second, slightly faster pulsation, and the third steady stream of pulsations and vibrations. My Kegel muscles are so strong that I can clench the Sweet Magic so tightly that it almost stops pulsating. I slow the beads down, which feels very good. Then, I pull the vibrator out so it runs at maximum power. I like to pull the vibrator in and out of me as I use it so that I get the full benefit of the vibrations and pulsations.

The nubby clitoral vibrator is much more than just a clit vibe. My entire labia are sensitive, and I like to rub the whole area, not just my clit. My clit can be very sensitive, too, so sometimes direct stimulation is much too powerful for me. I like it better when the sensitive skin around my clit is also stimulated. That is so much sexier for me. When I slide the vibrator all the way in, the clitoral vibrator hits my clit and lips in just the right spot. I also like to pull the vibrator all the way out, and move the shaft along my clit and lips. The rotating beads feel very good on my lips when I'm very aroused, and they are sensitive and full of blood. My clit was so sensitive to this vibrator that it went numb. The feeling was pleasant all over, and very arousing. When I came, I came hard and for a very long time. I came so hard and so tightly that I nearly stopped the rotating beads from rotating. That's how tight I became right before I came and let loose.

I like colourful vibrators, and this one is a very pretty orange. I have never owned an orange vibrator before. I like the lights on the controls. They are fun to watch at night in the dark. It's like having my own private light show. The controls are also easy to use. I did accidentally push the buttons while using the vibrator, and I changed the pulsations by accident, but once I got used to holding the vibrator, everything was fine.

The Sweet Magic is a high-quality rabbit vibrator that really packs a wallop. I love how soft the silicone feels, and I especially love the way the shaft gives when I squeeze it, whether with my fingers or with my pussy. This vibrator gave me hard and long orgasms, which is all I ask for in a vibrator. I give the Sweet Magic an A++++ rating all around.

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July 02, 2008

VibeReview - Decadent Indulgence

I wanted a Decadent Indulgence because my rabbit pearl vibrator is over a decade old. It has held up fine all this time, but I wanted to try the latest in rabbits.

Wow, what a change!!

First is the Decadent Indulgence's appearance. It's HUGE! The power pack is also rather bulky with the four batteries. It's a bit heavy to life. More on that later. There are many speed, vibration, and pulsation patterns to choose from - so many that they can be hard to remember. I found my favorites, though. You hit the "F" key for the different pulsations. I like numbers one and three; three to start out and one when I'm feeling lazy and want my orgasm fast. The on/off button works the elephant and its trunk (in place of the rabbit and its ears). The elephant is a dead ringer for Dumbo, which is a little surreal to remember while you're playing with the toy in bed. Dumbo has the most insipid smile on his face, which is probably how I look while I'm playing with the toy. I think it's adorable. The elephant's trunk moves very fast, and it tickles my clit in just the right way.

The beads in the Decadent Indulgence work much better than the old beads in the old rabbit vibrator. They are much more intense. Plus, the shaft rotates from side to side, taking up as much space as possible inside of me. Another good thing about the Decadent Indulgence is that when I clamp down on the shaft, it doesn't stop moving. When I clamp down on my old rabbit pearl, the shaft and beads would slow down and almost stop. Not the Decadent Indulgence!

The Decadent Indulgence is made of jelly, which is my new favorite material. It's soft and supple, bending and giving in just the right places. I have plastic and latex toys, and I definitely prefer jelly. The next favorite for me is silicone. I haven't tried Loveskin yet, but I hear that's fantastic.

Until then, jelly is my friend. Photobucket

The only drawbacks to the Decadent Indulgence are its size, its weight, and the complex controls. It's rather heavy, and my hand cramped a bit trying to keep it in place. The power pack and the batteries add quite a bit of heft to the vibrator. I also have to memorize the controls, otherwise I have to pull the Decadent Indulgence out and look at it. My memory ain't what it used to be, so this is a bit distracting. It didn't take me long to get used to the Decadent Indulgence, though, so none of these points were really that much of a problem. I love the Decadent Indulgence and I will continue to use it every night (yes, every night!) until I wear it out, which I suspect will never happen since this vibrator is made to last.

I have to give rave reviews to the Decadent Indulgence. It's a great vibrator and it makes me very happy.

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June 05, 2008

XXX - Sex Toys - Rampant Rabbit

Rampant Rabbit Vibrator

Thanks to the hit TV show, "Sex and the City", women around the world have made the rabbit vibrator one of their favorite sex toys. "Better Than Chocolate" is another movie that brought worldwide attention to the rabbit vibrator. One popular variation of the rabbit vibe is the Rampant Rabbit.

My first vibrator was a Rabbit Vibrator, and that could be the case for many women, since they first saw the Rabbit on television. The Rampant Rabbit is like a turbo-boosted classic Rabbit. It's very powerful, with pulsations on top of the vibrating rabbit ears and rotating beads. Rampant Rabbits may be made of jelly, which feels very soft inside of you. The Rampant Rabbit does all the work for you while you lie back and enjoy yourself.

The Rampant Rabbit consists of a penis-shaped shaft that the woman inserts into her vagina. The key to the rabbit vibrator's incredible success is the rabbit-shaped portion of the sex toy that has long ears that are designed so that when the Rampant Rabbit is inserted, the ears are strategically placed right over the clitoris. Those ears vibrating on the woman's clitoris feel incredible, and their power is legendary. Women reach orgasm very quickly due to the vibrations of the rabbit's ears over the clitoris.

Rampant Rabbits come with two vibration buttons – one for the penis-shaped shaft, and one for the rabbit's ears. You determine the Rampant Rabbit's speed, from slow and easy to fast and frantic. The Rampant Rabbit has rotating beads or pearls at the base of the shaft. The shaft itself may be ribbed, which feels great as you slide the Rampant Rabbit in and out. Vibrating speeds of the rabbit vibrator's pearls and of the rabbit vibrator's bunny ears move independently of each other, so the speed of each may be set to suit the woman who uses the Rampant Rabbit.

If you want to really enjoy a Rampant Rabbit, buy a waterproof one. Take your Rampant Rabbit into the bathtub with you, and you are off to wet, sexy fun. If you would prefer to use your Rampant Rabbit out of the water, buy one that is splashproof. Rampant Rabbits are much more elaborate than their older, classic sisters. Some Rampant Rabbits are designed to hit your G-spot. Others have pulsations, ribs, thrusting, and vibrations much more powerful than their older, classic sisters. You can't go wrong with a Rampant Rabbit.


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