February 01, 2016

My Luv Box: Adam and Eve's Triple Pleasure Rabbit Review

Adam and Eve's Triple Pleasure Rabbit

I have always loved getting triple play action when it comes to sex play. My husband knows this and pleasures me accordingly. He sticks his index and middle fingers in my vagina, his pinky in my anus, and he toys with my clit with his thumb. I squirm and squeal and make little kitten noises. When he does this he kinda looks like a redneck holding a bowling ball. So I call it the Bowling Ball Maneuver.


Imagine my sheer joy when I discovered that there are sex toys that do the same thing. I was delighted! So was my husband since maneuvering your hand like that makes it cramp easily. He has arthritis and even though he enjoys giving me pleasure it comes at a price. So now he can be like those therapists in the late 1890s and early 1900s who treated Victorian women for hysteria. Instead of working your arm and hand until you needed to dose them in an ice bath to ease the pain, you use a vibrator to do the work for you. That was the first use of vibrators. It's why they were invented. They were medical aids used by doctors to treat women with an ailment that didn't actually exist, but I figure the women enjoyed the "treatment" so much they came back for more. If only the doctors taught their husbands the techniques. They would never have had to return to the doc. But that is money out of doc's pocket, so he wouldn't want to give up his trade secrets.


Adam and Eve makes such a sex toy, which pleases me since Adam and Eve is a fine sex toy company. It's one of my favorites. You can rely on an Adam and Eve toy to be well-made and long-lasting. The Adam and Eve Triple Pleasure Rabbit gives the Bowling Ball Maneuver a run for its money. At only $60.99, you get lots of knee-knocking bang for your buck. The toy is phthalate-free and made of high-quality silicone – one of the best materials for sex toys – and it is 10 inches long. Longer than nature intended, with all the fun packed in. It's also 1 inch wide so you won't feel like an oak tree being cleaved in two. It takes 3 AA batteries. This toy is waterproof so take it in the bath with you. I didn't use it in the bath – I used it in bed – but I could easily bathe with it.

It's not overly heavy, which is a nice switch since these types of rabbits tend to weigh a ton. My wrist didn't give out for a change. The controls are also easy to use. When you hold the rabbit while using it, your thumb naturally falls right in place over the right buttons. It's just a matter of memorizing which ones do what and that's easy enough. This toy does it all – vibrates, pulsates, escalates, rotates. There are so many variations of all that movement that you'll likely never use all of them. I tried various speeds, pulsations, and escalations. All of them were good. I controlled the power and intensity, which was easy and exactly what I wanted.

Insertion was easy. I used a water-based lube and inserted the main body of the rabbit. The anal stimulator fell right in place and I gently guided it in with no problem. The clit bumper was positioned properly. Everything was in place and ready to go. While I enjoy vaginal and clit action at once, when you combine them with anal stimulation you get OMG EXPLOSIONS! It's as if Michael Bay directed my sex play.

This sex toy did its job quickly without being too fast because I controlled the stimulations. I like that. Coming too quickly is no problem because you'll have multiple orgasms with this rabbit. So hop to it and head to My Luv Box and pick up the Adam and Eve Triple Pleasure Rabbit for yourself. Does the woman you love have a birthday coming up? Is it your anniversary? This rabbit would make a sensational gift you both may enjoy. Get it, use it, and invent your own variation of the Bowling Ball Maneuver. You will have a blast. Michael Bay directed or otherwise.

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January 20, 2016

My Luv Box: Lelo Soraya Review


I have long had a love affair with Lelo sex toys. I own Liv, Lily, Nea, Gigi, and Luna beads. As the years progress, Lelo toys only get better and better. I'm going to tell you all about Soraya, Lelo's streamlined rabbit, and you'll want to buy one immediately. Soraya isn't the only Lelo toy you may find at My Luv Box. Check out the site for more selections.

First, let's get the particulars out of the way. Soraya is an 8 ¾ inch vibrator with an insertable size just thick enough to make me purr. The insertable size is 5 by 1 ½ inches. Not too big, not too small. Just right. Like Goldilocks. Like all Lelo toys, this one is rechargeable which means you don't have to mess with pesky wires getting tangled between your legs and harshing your cool. The charge time is about two hours and the run time is four hours continuous use on full charge. There's plenty of time for you to enjoy Soraya without having to recharge it.

The toy is lightweight, which is very good since I've noticed many high tech rabbits are a bit on the heavy side. Trying to get off when your wrist aches isn't fun. The controls are also easy to use. You don't have to be fluent in Braille to use Soraya's controls. With a press of a button you may change the pulsations and vibrations as well as the speed. There are 8 unique vibration modes, and all of them are serious yum. I prefer a constant hum at a mid-level of intensity, and then I ramp up the intensity the closer I come to orgasm.

I've used many rabbits. Some are too heavy. Some are too cumbersome. Some are just too damned big. Some are frankly ugly. Some have buttons that are hard to use. Even the LED lighting doesn't help. Some are too loud. Some have vibrations that are too intense and the controls are hard to use. The unwieldy ones make me want to put the toy back in its box and never use it again. Soraya has none of those problems. It's a beautifully-desinged sex toy – streamlined and classy looking. It doesn't look like a gigantic purple glitter penis. It's lightweight with pleasant vibrations and pulsations. It has elegant packaging. It even has its own satin pouch. It's rechargeable, which is always a big plus in my book.

Best of all is the way it makes me feel. The vibrations are designed to be positioned in the perfect spots. No twisting is necessary to make sure my sweet spots are hit at the same time. I can move it back and forth for additional pleasure. It also doesn’t feel like I'm impaling myself when I use it. I could go for hours using Soraya, which means that four hour continuous charge is a good thing.

The vibrations are also pleasant. They aren't so strong that I go numb. I can control that. I can make the shaft and clit stimulator run independent of each other, too. Always a plus in a rabbit.

The clit stim is positioned in such a way that it accurately homes in on my clitoris. I don't have to use deft hand maneuvers to get the vibes in the right places.

Soraya is made of skin-safe materials. Silicone and medical –grade plastic, to be specific It also has a metallic coat. It has an ABS core. This toy comes in three colors – deep rose, cerise, and black.

When you buy Soraya, it comes in a fancy black box with the toy nestled snugly in its spot. The charger is in its own section and a small pouch for the toy sits beneath it. You also get a moisturizer sample, an instruction booklet, and your warranty. The packaging is very classy, which is what you expect from Lelo.

As usual, Lelo delivered. It hit it out of the park with Soraya. I can't recommend this vibrator enough. If you like rabbits but find them sometimes to be as cumbersome as I do, you must purchase Soraya. Get one for yourself and someone you love.

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February 11, 2015

Sex Toy Review: Impress G


I love rabbit-type vibrators, an the Impress G is a fine one. This rabbit is thick at the tip and narrow at the base, making me feel all filled up and then some. It's made of silicone, my favorite material. So soft and supple, yet pliable enough to move with me. The clit stimulator is large and effective. This rabbit has dual motors, one in the clit stimulator and one in the shaft. Which is as it should be. I enjoyed the wide variety of sensations of 12 intense functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation plus progressive speeds. Trust me - you won't be bored with this vibrator.

I also like that it's seamless and aerodynamic. This is a sleek and fancy looking vibrator. It effectively combines form and function. It's not heavy and the controls are easy to find and use. You don't have to play hunt-and-peck. I also get auto lock which makes things even more enjoyable.

Rabbits are a girl's best friend, and this is a fab rabbit. You can't go wrong with it. Pick up your Impress G today. I'm impressed!


Buy your sex toys from California Exotics.

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September 15, 2014

Sex Toy Review: Passion Pals Fluttering Butterfly


The Passion Pals Fluttering Butterfly is a classic rabbit vibe well suited to everyone no matter her experience with sex toys. This purple vibe has powerful vibrations with the most intense swirling beads. I love the labial massage I get from the beads as well as the deep massage from the shaft. The butterfly side mount covers my entire labial and clitoral area so I get pleasant vibrations all over. If you want intense orgasms - even multiples - this is the sex toy for you.

It's easy to hold and not too heavy. The controls also light up so they're easy to see in the dark. Hold down the button for three seconds to turn it off. There's also wide variety in the different settings so you may choose slow or fast vibrations. You also get a wide variety of pulsations bound to please every woman out there, no matter what sexy mood she's in. The five rows of beads provide lots of massage and stimulation. I of course like to have all the gears going at once to get the best benefit from this sex toy. Requires 3 AAA batteries.

I'm very satisfied with this vibrator. I love rabbits to begin with, and this one is enjoyable, functional, and easy on the eyes.


Buy your sex toys from California Exotics.

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December 19, 2013

Sex Toy Review: Silicone Jack Rabbit One Touch

I like a good rabbit vibrator, so when the Silicone Jack Rabbit One Touch arrived in my mailbox, I was delighted. This toy is everything I want in a rabbit vibrator. The purple color is very pleasing to the eye. Silicone is my favorite material since it's soft and hypoallergenic. You can't go wrong with silicone. This toy takes 2 AAA batteries.

There is a wide variety of vibrations, pulsations, and escalations - just the way I like it. I prefer the steady stream of vibrations as well as the very quick, tapping pulses. I switch back and forth between these vibrations as I use the toy. The shaft is not rigid so it moves with me, and I move a lot when I play. This flexibility makes the toy very comfortable to use. The end of the shaft is big and bulbous, filling me up and then some. I like feeling filled up by vibrators. That way I know something is inside me. That sensation is very pleasant. I grip the shaft which also feel very good.

The controls are very easy to use. I don't have to guess how to turn it on and off or change the sensations as I use it. I just press a button. This vibe also is not very heavy - a problem I've noticed with some rabbit vibrators. It's lightweight, making it more enjoyable to use.

I'm very happy with this jack rabbit one touch, and I highly recommend it to women on the hunt for a good rabbit vibrator.

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November 17, 2013

Sex Toy Review: Enchanted Thrusting Butterfly

The Enchanted Thrusting Butterfly is a delicious TPE vibrator perfect for women who love the best types of thrusting vibrators out there. I love a good rabbit-styled vibrator, especially the ones that thrust, and this one is just the ticket. It's a classic purple and clear, and tapered at the end for easy insertion. The thrusting action is intense and exactly what I wanted. The vibrations, rotations, pulsations, and escalations are so delicious I made adorable little kitten noises as I got aroused. Meow! Purr! Purr! Purr! Nice pussy is very happy!

This delightful vibe is lightweight and easy to turn on and off. The controls are very easy to use. I can feel it quite well, too. This vibe is a good weight. It's not too heavy - a problem I've run into with other ornate rabbit vibrators. This one gets me all gooey inside, and that's a good thing.

The vibe is quiet and very enjoyable to use. I just lie back and I don't have to think of England when I use it because I'm having too much of a good time. It's not only a ver effective sex toy, it looks fab. I like the unique shape. It's easy on the eyes and easy on the pussy. I love all the varied vibrations and intense sensations I get from this sex toy. Now I have a wonderful thrusting vibrator! It's a keeper!

Christmas is coming. Looking for a gift for that special someone? Buy her a thrusting vibrator, preferably this one. She'll thank you profusely in many ways that will please you no end. This is a wonderful vibrator that delivers every promise made by thrusting vibrators. If you like that feeling of being jackhammered, this is the toy for you.

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July 26, 2013

Sex Toy Review - Posh Silicone Bounding Bunny

I like rabbit vibrators. Posh 10 Function Silicone Bounding Bunny is a rabbit that appeals to my picky nature. It's a classy-looking vibrator for a good price. I have the purple one, but you can get it in pink, orange, and blue. Purple is one of my favorite colors, so this was a perfect fit.

The silicone material is very soft and skin-safe, which is why it is my favorite material. The solid, pliable shaft is slender, just the way I like it. I don't like huge, OMG MONSTER VIBRATOR!-looking sex toys. I don't want to be cleaved in two, although occasionally I do like that sensation. This sleek and slim vibe filled me up perfectly, and the vibrations were powerful and varied to keep me interested. I like the quick pulsations towards the end and the steady hum at the beginning. As is the case with rabbits, there is one motor in the vibe itself and one in the bunny attachment. That rabbit's ears sure did their work on me! There was no doubt as to what they were supposed to do. I also didn't go numb as I do with some rabbit vibrators. The vibrations and pulsations were at a good level for me.

This vibe is easy to clean and I store it in its box. There are no seams to irritate me, and the controls are very easy to use. Just a flick of my thumb and the vibe turns on and off. I don't have to look at it and break my concentration. It also wasn't heavy. Too many high-end rabbits are too heavy for me to hold without my hand cramping. This one doesn't do that too me. Good!

I'm very satisfied with this delightful Posh Silicone Bounding Bunny, and I recommend it to women who want a good, classic rabbit vibrator.


Buy your sex toys today from California Exotics!

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September 25, 2012

Sex Toy Review: Butterfly Kiss

Butterfly Kiss is a delightfully wicked little G-spot vibrator and clitoral stimulator. Rabbit-like in design, it's even waterproof so I enjoy it in the bath. I like the soft TPR material. It moves with me, unlike other more rigid vibrators that can feel a tad uncomfortable. The bulbous end gives me lots of G-spot and vaginal stimulation whilst the clitoral tickler teases my clit. I can turn either on alone or both at once, and I prefer them both at high speed. I get three speeds and this vibrator runs for a very long time on 3 AAA batteries.

I used a little lubricant so the shaft would slide in easier, and it did just fine. I wiggled around on the waterbed in ecstasy, whilst this little vibe moved about inside me with ease. It's shaped in such a way that it's easy to hold. It's not heavy, which is a good thing because heavy sex toys tend to wear my wrist out. And it comes in a pretty pink or blue. I used the blue one. My orgasms were so intense I curled up into a tight ball and made little squeaky kitten noises.

I highly recommend this vibrator especially for use in the bath. It's lightweight. I had powerful orgasms using it. The batteries last for ever. I got both internal and external stimulation - simultaneously! You can't go wrong with the Butterfly Kiss.

Buy your sex toys from California Exotics.

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August 27, 2012

Sex Toy Review: Ladygasm Cici

I had heard about the Ladygasm for quite some time, and I was given one to review by Ladygasm itself. Ladygasm is a small rabbit-styled vibrator but don't let the size fool you. She's powerful. I prefer smaller sex toys to the OMG! CLEAVE ME DOWN THE MIDDLE LIKE AN OAK TREE type of sex toy. These toys, and Ladygasm is one of them, are easy to use and easy to pack when I wish to take a toy with me on holiday. Ladygasm won't take up a lot of room in my luggage. Plus this vibrator comes in its own pretty purple box so I may take it with me that way.

I liked the soft feeling of the silicone and ABS shaft and clit stimulator of Ladygasm. Plus, it's very flexible! While I like rigid sex toys, the flexibility of Ladygasm makes her very comfortable. She moves with me and I don't feel like I'm being impaled. The sensation is very comfortable and very sexy. Ladygasm is smooth and soft. She feels good going in and out. The clit stimulator is located in the perfect spot, and it does its job beautifully.

Aesthetics are important to me, so the general form of Ladygasm matters. I like the beautiful and sensuous streamlined form. This is an elegant-looking vibrator. It also fits perfectly in my hand. My fingers did tend to press the two buttons a bit when I didn't intend to but I soon got used to keeping my fingers away from the buttons unless I wanted to try out a variety of the eight different speeds. I preferred the steady vibration with both the G-spot motor and the clit stimulator motor humming at the same time. The vibrations are also nearly silent, which is important in this sardine can I live in. She takes 2 AAA batteries and they last a long time.

This lightweight vibrator is one of my favorite sex toys. I'm glad it's lightweight. One problem I've had with some rabbit vibrators is that they may be big and bulky – as well as heavy. My wrist wears out quickly and it's hard to hold those heavy vibrators. Ladygasm isn't like that at all. She's light as a feather, which means I can enjoy using her for the long period of time it takes me to come. I'm not distracted with a sore wrist. I highly recommend Ladygasm for any woman looking for a new and distinctive rabbit-styled vibrator. She also makes a great gift – hint, hint.

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May 02, 2012

Love Diamond By California Exotics

I was given the Love Diamond for review and I must say this is a fine sex toy.

You know what I like best about this rabbit? It's soft and thick. Yes, I like to feel impaled when I get down to it. This rabbit does the trick quite well. The shaft is realistic looking and feeling. It also rotates and vibrates in 8 different levels. Talk about knee-knocking! There is also a jewel build near the tip of the shaft to home in on that delicious spot inside me that makes me mewl like a kitten when it's touched.

The controls are easy to use. They are touch sensitive and they light up so I may see them in the dark or beneath my sheets. The vibrations are fairly quiet although I prefer dead silence from my sex toys - or at the very least a low-level hum. The colors are also pleasant - pink and silver with clear TPR as the main material of the shaft and clit bumper.

Ah, the clit bumper. This baby is broad enough to cover my entire clitoral area but the tip homes right in on that sucker. When I position the rabbit just right it takes my breath away. I like the vibrations just this side of so-intense-I-go-numb. I also love the steady hum of the vibrations. I come hard and fast in no time at all.

So, all in all this is a wonderful rabbit vibrator. Rabbits have come a long way since I bought my first one over a decade ago. They're high tech and full of variations now. And there's no turning back.

Buy your sex toys from California Exotics.

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