July 01, 2016

Sex Toy Review: Gring and Gplug from Fun Toys

I was contacted by the sex toys company Fun Toys to see if I was interested in testing and reviewing their products. I never turn down a chance to try out the latest, innovative pleasure gear so of course I said "yes". I was asked to review the Gring and the Gplug. The Gring is a finger vibe and the Gplug is a butt plug.



I snatched up the Gring first since I love finger vibes and I can use this particular toy as a remote control for the Gplug. What fun! The first thing that impressed me was the packaging. The round box is small – I can toss it in my luggage or purse. It comes with a foam insert that holds the toy as well as a satin baggie and a charger cord. I used my Kindle socket adapter to make sure my toy is fully charged before using it. The charger is magnetic so it fastens to the toy easily. I just had to make sure the two magnetic dots on the toy touched and stayed attached to the two magnetic dots on the charger cord. It loosened a few times, but I put the toy in the foam insert which held it in place. Once the toy was charging properly I waited until the light stopped flashing. That's when the toy is completely charged. It took about an hour and a half for the toy to charge, giving me an hour of joy time.

The Gring's design is ergonomic so that it easily fits around my finger. The flexible silicone material has plenty of give so it won't feel too tight or too loose on larger or smaller fingers. Buy two and stack them up or pretend they are bling as you wear them on multiple fingers. The controls are easy to feel for and use so that I may switch from one of the six vibration modes to another. Just go to the web site to see how to properly use the toy. The Gring slid on my finger and stayed in place. I pressed the "on" button and the vibes began! I adjust3ed the plus and minus buttons until I reached the strength of vibration that pleased me, which was quite high. Despite the intensity, the Gring was very quiet. I won't have to worry about waking up the neighbors or the cat with heavy duty humming. The mode switch is between the plus and minus buttons, which made it easy to use. I didn't get confused. As I played, I changed the vibrations, pulsations, and intensity and had a blast doing it. This toy gives powerful orgasms and it's so lightweight I barely noticed I used it. It's much easier to use than wielding a vibrator the size of a dagger. To turn off the toy, I pressed the plus and minus buttons at once. Easy peasy.

And now for more fun – remote control play.



I was given the larger Gplug, which is also made of the same silicone material as the Gring. It was big but a comfortable fit. I am used to the slimmer and smaller butt plugs since I'm a bit of a wuss, but the Gplug was so exciting and such a good fit I will have to reassess my preferences. First, I made sure both toys were turned off. Then, I pressed the start button on the Gplug. The LED lights should have flashed by then, meaning the toy was in remote control status. Since it was firmly placed where the sun doesn't shine, I couldn't see this but within seconds I knew I was in the right mode. Then I pressed the plus button on the Gring and the fun began! The same control applied – plus for more power and minus for less – but this time the Gplug gave me the vibrations and pulsations when I pressed the mode switch. I was off and running!

To switch from remote to non-remote, press the start button on the Gplug for two seconds. It will revert to non-remote mode. At that point I could manually control the toy if I liked, but remote control was so much more fun and less distracting. I'm up in years a bit and twisting to reach that area of my body can be a bit uncomfortable. I prefer using the Gplug with the remote control on, but it's good to know I may switch back and forth if I wish to do so.

I charged the Gplug the same way I charged the Gring – make sure the two magnetic dots on the toy are touching the two magnetic dots on the Gplug's charger cord. While the toy is charging the light flashes. When it's fully charged the light remains steady. The same charging times applied to the Gplug as the Gring – an hour and a half for an hour of fun.

I highly recommend both of these toys, especially when you have them working in tandem. I believe other Fun Toys work with the Gring remote control but I haven't used them so I can't say which ones do and which ones don't. If they are anything like the blast I had with the Gplug, they'll give you a full hour of knee-knocking pleasure. Use the Gring with a partner – hand him or her the Gring and give them the power to control your orgassm. These toys may be used alone or shared with a partner. A good time will be had by all!

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March 18, 2016

My Luv Box: Doc Johnson Rump Shakers Butt Plug (Medium)


Butt plugs are a wonderful toy to play with, but vibrating butt plugs are the bomb. The Doc Johnson Rump Shakers Butt Plug (medium) delivers the goods with fervor. You may buy this toy at My Luv Box. This butt plug is thick enough to please the experienced and narrow enough and comfortable enough to please the novice. It's a great introductory butt plug.

I've used a wide variety of butt plugs, running a range from very slender newbie plugs to monster Oh My God How Will That Thing Fit Up My Ass plugs. I've found I prefer the medium-sized ones. They're big enough so that I get that full feeling I enjoy that I don't get from the more slender plugs, and at the other end of the spectrum I don't feel as if there's a wedge shoved up my bum that's going to cleave me in two like an oak tree. Rump Shakers Butt Plug (medium) is right in that mid-range that I like so much. It measures 4.6 x 0.9 x 5 inches. Lightweight and streamlined, this butt plug will slide right in with no problem. It's made of PVC. Doc Johnson anti-bacterial Sil-A-Gel material. This company also uses body safe, non-toxic and phthalate-free material. Use a water-based lube with this product.


This butt plug takes 2 AA batteries. With a twist of one knob, you're buzzing in seconds. These controls are incredibly easy to use. You twist one way, you get buzz. You twist the other way you make the buzz go away. Most importantly, this toy is quiet. There's nothing more mortifying than the sound of loud buzzing of a vibrator in a very quiet room. When you hear that kind of wasp's nest you swear everyone within a five mile radius can hear it. Not this butt plug. This baby is quiet.

I used my favorite water-based lube, and it didn't take much to help this plug slide inside me. The base is flared to keep it from sliding in so far I can't get it out. This plug is hands-off. It stays in on its own without my needing to hold it in place or prevent it from sliding in too far. That freed up my hands for more fun things. The length is very comfortable. I didn't feel as if it was tapping on my spleen. It was the right width and length to both feel comfortable and arousing.

Then I turned the wheel on the controls.

Bam! Those vibes gave me an itch I was dying to scratch. I squirmed with delight on my bed as those vibrations worked their magic. I used my Lelo Soraya to stimulate my vagina and clitoris, since I like Triple Pleasure (vagina, clit, anus) which always gives me a monumental orgasm.

It didn't take long. Combining the vibrations of the butt plug with the vibrations from Soraya and I came in about ten minutes. I writhed on the bed clenching my teeth in abject pleasure like a cat jumping on an electrified floor. Spent, I collapsed on the bed, savoring my afterglow. The plug and Soraya slid right now without a problem. I cleaned both and put them back in their respective boxes. That was a very enjoyable self-fucking session.

If you're looking for a butt plug that is of a moderate size – neither too big nor too small since we're Goldilocks here – Doc Johnson's Rump Shakers butt plug in medium is the toy for you. Get your lube out and get your kit on. You'll enjoy this toy so much you will use it every day and night.

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February 01, 2016

My Luv Box: Adam and Eve's Triple Pleasure Rabbit Review

Adam and Eve's Triple Pleasure Rabbit

I have always loved getting triple play action when it comes to sex play. My husband knows this and pleasures me accordingly. He sticks his index and middle fingers in my vagina, his pinky in my anus, and he toys with my clit with his thumb. I squirm and squeal and make little kitten noises. When he does this he kinda looks like a redneck holding a bowling ball. So I call it the Bowling Ball Maneuver.


Imagine my sheer joy when I discovered that there are sex toys that do the same thing. I was delighted! So was my husband since maneuvering your hand like that makes it cramp easily. He has arthritis and even though he enjoys giving me pleasure it comes at a price. So now he can be like those therapists in the late 1890s and early 1900s who treated Victorian women for hysteria. Instead of working your arm and hand until you needed to dose them in an ice bath to ease the pain, you use a vibrator to do the work for you. That was the first use of vibrators. It's why they were invented. They were medical aids used by doctors to treat women with an ailment that didn't actually exist, but I figure the women enjoyed the "treatment" so much they came back for more. If only the doctors taught their husbands the techniques. They would never have had to return to the doc. But that is money out of doc's pocket, so he wouldn't want to give up his trade secrets.


Adam and Eve makes such a sex toy, which pleases me since Adam and Eve is a fine sex toy company. It's one of my favorites. You can rely on an Adam and Eve toy to be well-made and long-lasting. The Adam and Eve Triple Pleasure Rabbit gives the Bowling Ball Maneuver a run for its money. At only $60.99, you get lots of knee-knocking bang for your buck. The toy is phthalate-free and made of high-quality silicone – one of the best materials for sex toys – and it is 10 inches long. Longer than nature intended, with all the fun packed in. It's also 1 inch wide so you won't feel like an oak tree being cleaved in two. It takes 3 AA batteries. This toy is waterproof so take it in the bath with you. I didn't use it in the bath – I used it in bed – but I could easily bathe with it.

It's not overly heavy, which is a nice switch since these types of rabbits tend to weigh a ton. My wrist didn't give out for a change. The controls are also easy to use. When you hold the rabbit while using it, your thumb naturally falls right in place over the right buttons. It's just a matter of memorizing which ones do what and that's easy enough. This toy does it all – vibrates, pulsates, escalates, rotates. There are so many variations of all that movement that you'll likely never use all of them. I tried various speeds, pulsations, and escalations. All of them were good. I controlled the power and intensity, which was easy and exactly what I wanted.

Insertion was easy. I used a water-based lube and inserted the main body of the rabbit. The anal stimulator fell right in place and I gently guided it in with no problem. The clit bumper was positioned properly. Everything was in place and ready to go. While I enjoy vaginal and clit action at once, when you combine them with anal stimulation you get OMG EXPLOSIONS! It's as if Michael Bay directed my sex play.

This sex toy did its job quickly without being too fast because I controlled the stimulations. I like that. Coming too quickly is no problem because you'll have multiple orgasms with this rabbit. So hop to it and head to My Luv Box and pick up the Adam and Eve Triple Pleasure Rabbit for yourself. Does the woman you love have a birthday coming up? Is it your anniversary? This rabbit would make a sensational gift you both may enjoy. Get it, use it, and invent your own variation of the Bowling Ball Maneuver. You will have a blast. Michael Bay directed or otherwise.

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January 20, 2016

My Luv Box: Lelo Soraya Review


I have long had a love affair with Lelo sex toys. I own Liv, Lily, Nea, Gigi, and Luna beads. As the years progress, Lelo toys only get better and better. I'm going to tell you all about Soraya, Lelo's streamlined rabbit, and you'll want to buy one immediately. Soraya isn't the only Lelo toy you may find at My Luv Box. Check out the site for more selections.

First, let's get the particulars out of the way. Soraya is an 8 ¾ inch vibrator with an insertable size just thick enough to make me purr. The insertable size is 5 by 1 ½ inches. Not too big, not too small. Just right. Like Goldilocks. Like all Lelo toys, this one is rechargeable which means you don't have to mess with pesky wires getting tangled between your legs and harshing your cool. The charge time is about two hours and the run time is four hours continuous use on full charge. There's plenty of time for you to enjoy Soraya without having to recharge it.

The toy is lightweight, which is very good since I've noticed many high tech rabbits are a bit on the heavy side. Trying to get off when your wrist aches isn't fun. The controls are also easy to use. You don't have to be fluent in Braille to use Soraya's controls. With a press of a button you may change the pulsations and vibrations as well as the speed. There are 8 unique vibration modes, and all of them are serious yum. I prefer a constant hum at a mid-level of intensity, and then I ramp up the intensity the closer I come to orgasm.

I've used many rabbits. Some are too heavy. Some are too cumbersome. Some are just too damned big. Some are frankly ugly. Some have buttons that are hard to use. Even the LED lighting doesn't help. Some are too loud. Some have vibrations that are too intense and the controls are hard to use. The unwieldy ones make me want to put the toy back in its box and never use it again. Soraya has none of those problems. It's a beautifully-desinged sex toy – streamlined and classy looking. It doesn't look like a gigantic purple glitter penis. It's lightweight with pleasant vibrations and pulsations. It has elegant packaging. It even has its own satin pouch. It's rechargeable, which is always a big plus in my book.

Best of all is the way it makes me feel. The vibrations are designed to be positioned in the perfect spots. No twisting is necessary to make sure my sweet spots are hit at the same time. I can move it back and forth for additional pleasure. It also doesn’t feel like I'm impaling myself when I use it. I could go for hours using Soraya, which means that four hour continuous charge is a good thing.

The vibrations are also pleasant. They aren't so strong that I go numb. I can control that. I can make the shaft and clit stimulator run independent of each other, too. Always a plus in a rabbit.

The clit stim is positioned in such a way that it accurately homes in on my clitoris. I don't have to use deft hand maneuvers to get the vibes in the right places.

Soraya is made of skin-safe materials. Silicone and medical –grade plastic, to be specific It also has a metallic coat. It has an ABS core. This toy comes in three colors – deep rose, cerise, and black.

When you buy Soraya, it comes in a fancy black box with the toy nestled snugly in its spot. The charger is in its own section and a small pouch for the toy sits beneath it. You also get a moisturizer sample, an instruction booklet, and your warranty. The packaging is very classy, which is what you expect from Lelo.

As usual, Lelo delivered. It hit it out of the park with Soraya. I can't recommend this vibrator enough. If you like rabbits but find them sometimes to be as cumbersome as I do, you must purchase Soraya. Get one for yourself and someone you love.

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November 05, 2015

Emotional Bliss Intimate Massagers

Emotional Bliss Intimate Massagers is holding a massive Indiegogo campaign, and you must get in on it! Here's the link to Emotional Bliss's Indiegogo campaign. Founded by Paul Telford working with Julia Cole an eminent British Psychosexual Therapist working in collaboration with Relate and The College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (CORST), with over 300+ Psychosexual Therapists from the UK, Europe, USA and Australia based on the pioneering work undertaken in the 60's by Masters and Johnson in the USA. Emotional Bliss has evolved through a better understanding of how to stimulate the orgasmic platform, the most sexually responsive area within the female body.

Founder Paul Telford rightly said, "Every woman has the right to embrace their natural orgasm. Now... and throughout their lives."

I've reviewed two of Emotional Bliss's vibrators, the Femblossom and the Womolia. Both are fab. Here are my reviews. Read them, and participate in the campaign.

Emotional Bliss - Womolia

Emotional Bliss - Femblossom

Enjoy female pleasure like never before with Emotional Bliss products. Head to the Emotional Bliss Indiegogo campaign page and sign up now!

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May 16, 2013

Sex Toy Review - JimmyJane Form 2

JimmyJane Form 2

What an imaginative and innovative vibrator! I couldn't wait to try out the JimmyJane Form 2! I'd heard of JimmyJane vibes for a number of years, but I've never owned one.

Until now.

I've used designer vibrators before, including Lelo, Berman, We-Vibe, and the Hitachi Magic Wand. JimmyJane easily fits in that class, and in some ways it surpasses it.

Let's get the specs out of the way. JimmyJane Form 2 is a small and U-shaped platinum, silicone, and stainless steel clitoral vibrator. Use it on your clit and labia, not in your vagina. It has dual motors, one in each "ear" of the U. These "ears" vibrate on each side of your clit. It's rechargeable, and you can see it charging as a red light flashes. To charge it you just sit it in its base. It has four vibration modes and five power levels. Waterproof and it has no leaky adapter jack. This compact vibrator is ideal for travel. It's so small it fits in the palm of your hand. You get a three year limited warranty, not that you'll need it since this is a high-quality, well-made vibe.

The design is fab. There is a motor in each "ear" that pulsates, vibrates, and even switches from ear to ear, giving me one hell of an exciting sensation. I keep this vibe next to my bed so I may simply reach over and grab it when the mood strikes. And it strikes at least twice each night.

Form 2 homes right in on my sweet spots, arousing me and prepping me for the Big O in no time. It's very lightweight so my hand doesn't cramp up. The silicone material is so soft it feels very smooth against my skin.

It took me a little time to get used to the controls, but they're easy to use. I just felt along the vibe until I reached the raised bumps. One turns the device on and off, and the rest change the pulsations and vibrations as well as the speeds. My favorite vibration pattern is the one that alternates between both ears. It's an unusual sensation that is very arousing.

All I needed to do was reach over and grab that sucker, press a few buttons, and then it was time to Release The Hounds! Those powerful vibrations had me writhing on the bed in ecstasy in no time. I rubbed the Form 2 around my clit and lips. This vibe homed in on my clitoris much better than other vibes. It has pinpoint accuracy. Plus it vibrated all around the base of my clit - something other vibes, even rabbits, don't do as well. The vibrations themselves were powerful and intense. They didn't flutter around my clit the way some other rabbit-type vibes did. In no time I was biting down on my lip to keep from screaming with delight. Thank God this vibe is quiet. It's warm so I had my windows open, and I certainly didn't want the neighbors to hear.

If you're looking for a luxury vibe, then you want to add JimmyJane Form 2 to your box of treasures. I'm very satisfied with it, and I use it very often. I'm going on a trip soon, and this vibe is small enough to toss in a suitcase. It's also very discreet. No one will mistake it for a gigantic purple glitter double dildo!

Sadly, JimmyJane Form 2 was discontinued shortly after I received the toy to review, but LoveBuddy carries other JimmyJane toys for you to enjoy, including the Afterglow Massage Candle, the Contour M Massage Stone, the Little Chroma, and the Usual Suspects Iconic Smoothie.

Buy your sex toys from LoveBuddy!

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April 18, 2013

Lelo Liv - The Epitome Of Class

I have been writing about sex and sex toys for nearly a decade, and I have my personal favorites. Some sex toy brands are in a class all by themselves. Lelo is one of those brands. This wonderful company that hails from Sweden has the most desirable and innovative sex toys. They are the Lamborghini of sex toys - classy, expensive, streamlined, and they appeal to your vanity. There's something about Lelo toys that just scream "luxury". They bring to mind a secluded, romantic location on the cliffs in mid-summer overlooking the ocean, and you enjoy a picnic with your one true love. Devour mid-afternoon snacks of brie on wheat crackers with caviar, whilst enjoying a light breeze with the scent of the waves. You sip a delicate, sweet reisling out of antique crystal glasses whilst nibbling fresh, seasonal berries. Dipped in Belgian chocolate. Ah, that's The Good Life!

Lelo toys make me feel like the Good Life is right at my fingertips - literally. One especially good Lelo vibrator is Lelo Liv. It's a slender delight that is neither too big nor too thick. The handle is pearl white and the shaft is a delicate blue. This elegant and feminine vibe is 4 inches by 3/4 inches. It also doesn't look like a gigantic purple dick. This vibrator has class. Streamlined and graceful, Lelo Liv will make all your fantasies come true - emphasis on come!

Lelo toys, including Lelo Liv, are made of silicone - a much safer and frankly much better material than jelly rubber. You do pay a bit more for silicone toys but you're getting a higher quality sex toy. I figure if I'm going to treat myself well, I want the best material out there. Lelo uses top-notch materials to make their sex toys.

Lelo also has an advantage over other sex toys in that their toys are rechargeable. No more running out of batteries! No more need to use extension cords to plug in my vibrator! You charge two hours for the first use. The LED flashes at first. Wait until you see a steady LED glow, and the vibe is fully charged. The run time on the highest setting is 90 minutes. When you press the round button at the base to turn it on, the button glows green whilst charged. Once the charge runs out, that button glows red. It's easy to tell when you need to recharge your vibrator. If you travel outside the United States you will need an adapter to charge your vibrator for international use.

The vibrations and pulsations coming from Lelo Liv are outstanding. Each vibration delights your lady parts in different ways at different levels of intensity. You may choose a range of rapid beats of pulsation or a slow and steady hum. Speaking of hum, this vibe is very quiet. You won't disturb your roommate with incessant buzzing. You won't sound like you're surrounded by a swarm of wasps when you use Lelo Liv.

I'm always on the lookout for a sex toy that's suitable for travel. Lelo toys in general are perfect for traveling. Lelo Liv is no exception. This vibe is small and thin. It fits easily in your luggage without bringing undue attention to itself. Since Lelo vibrators come with their own fancy gift boxes and satin pouches, you may store your Liv in its pouch so prying eyes won't see it. Keep it on your nightstand in your swanky hotel, knowing housekeeping won't mess with it whilst you're enjoying the pool or hot tub, or taking a break to grab some food from the hotel restaurant. Lelo toys are discreet, as is Lelo Liv.

Lelo Liv is a very versatile vibrator. It is designed for easy insertion since it is pointed at the end and streamlined in its design. You may also use it as a clit stimulator by aiming the tip directly on your hot spot or rubbing the sides in that same area. Insert it upon orgasm and grip it for all you're worth!

Lelo Liv comes with the following - a gift box, user manual, charger, satin storage pouch, and a one-year manufacturer's warranty. You are practically guaranteed you won't need to use the warranty since Lelo toys are built to last. If you're looking for a classy and well-made vibrator, you can't go wrong with Lelo Liv.

This vibrator sounds like Heaven on earth, doesn't it? You can't go wrong with a Lelo vibrator, and Liv is top-notch. You may find Lelo Liv as well as other Lelo products at Babeland. So what are you waiting for? Go buy your Lelo Liv now, and enjoy giving yourself the attention you deserve in a high class manner. Share Lelo Liv with a partner, and show him (or her) how to pleasure you with it. Get out those 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and treat yourself well. Crack open a bottle of champagne and sip whilst nibbling chocolate truffles as you vibe your way to Nirvana. You deserve the best, and you deserve Lelo Liv. So pick one up today.

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August 27, 2012

Sex Toy Review: Ladygasm Cici

I had heard about the Ladygasm for quite some time, and I was given one to review by Ladygasm itself. Ladygasm is a small rabbit-styled vibrator but don't let the size fool you. She's powerful. I prefer smaller sex toys to the OMG! CLEAVE ME DOWN THE MIDDLE LIKE AN OAK TREE type of sex toy. These toys, and Ladygasm is one of them, are easy to use and easy to pack when I wish to take a toy with me on holiday. Ladygasm won't take up a lot of room in my luggage. Plus this vibrator comes in its own pretty purple box so I may take it with me that way.

I liked the soft feeling of the silicone and ABS shaft and clit stimulator of Ladygasm. Plus, it's very flexible! While I like rigid sex toys, the flexibility of Ladygasm makes her very comfortable. She moves with me and I don't feel like I'm being impaled. The sensation is very comfortable and very sexy. Ladygasm is smooth and soft. She feels good going in and out. The clit stimulator is located in the perfect spot, and it does its job beautifully.

Aesthetics are important to me, so the general form of Ladygasm matters. I like the beautiful and sensuous streamlined form. This is an elegant-looking vibrator. It also fits perfectly in my hand. My fingers did tend to press the two buttons a bit when I didn't intend to but I soon got used to keeping my fingers away from the buttons unless I wanted to try out a variety of the eight different speeds. I preferred the steady vibration with both the G-spot motor and the clit stimulator motor humming at the same time. The vibrations are also nearly silent, which is important in this sardine can I live in. She takes 2 AAA batteries and they last a long time.

This lightweight vibrator is one of my favorite sex toys. I'm glad it's lightweight. One problem I've had with some rabbit vibrators is that they may be big and bulky – as well as heavy. My wrist wears out quickly and it's hard to hold those heavy vibrators. Ladygasm isn't like that at all. She's light as a feather, which means I can enjoy using her for the long period of time it takes me to come. I'm not distracted with a sore wrist. I highly recommend Ladygasm for any woman looking for a new and distinctive rabbit-styled vibrator. She also makes a great gift – hint, hint.

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February 23, 2012

Intensity By Jopen

When I first heard about Intensity by Jopen I was intrigued. I had written about it before as a blog post so I was already familiar with it. This sex toy did it all. It had g-spot stimulation, rabbit ears to tickle my clit, and a thick shaft. So when I had a chance to try it out and review it for Jopen I couldn't pass up that chance.

This is a luxury vibrator unlike any other. Intensity is designed for both pleasure and for exercising your pelvic floor. When used regularly, you tighten your Kegel muscles which results in a stronger and tighter pelvic floor. Your arousal is more intense. Your orgasms are more intense. And it just feels so damned good! I'm talking knee-knocking, dance on the table in a biker bar intense gleeful bliss.

What makes it special are several things. One, it's made of high-quality silicone. If you're prone to allergic reactions to materials - especially the likes of jelly rubber - you likely won't react to this one. It has G-spot, vaginal, and clitoral stimulation as I already mentioned, It also inflates like a balloon at a carnival - and this is one hell of a carnival! I  just pump the handle whilst the shaft is inside me and I feel it get bigger and bigger. Wow! I liked that filled-up and plugged sensation. Elvis has entered the building! To deflate it I just pressed a small black button on the back of the handle. Then I pulled it out.

Then there are the electrodes at the tip of the shaft. Yes, electrodes. I've used electrosex toys before so I was dying to try this out. I was shocked - shocked, I say! - at how good it felt. When charged up and stimulating me on the inside, my Kegels automatically tightened around the vibrator's inflated shaft. I was so aroused by the intensity (har!) of this sex toy I rose up on the bed, doubled over with pleasure. Important - don't turn on the electrodes unless Intensity is inside you.

The instruction manual made everything plain as day. Directions were very simple. Insert your batteries in the base of the vibrator. Slather some lube on the shaft. Rub on some of the electrode gel on the two electrodes on the shaft. The gel comes in a tube that is included when you buy Intensity. Then, insert the shaft into your vagina and get ready for the ride of your life. Once inside, I inflated it until it felt as good as could be. Don't over-inflate! The two buttons on the left side control the vibrations. I preferred a heavy and intense vibration. The two buttons on the right control the intensity of the stimulations coming from the electrodes. I preferred a milder sensation when it came to the electrode stimulations. i enjoyed four of the five incremental stimulation speeds. As I played I could see the lights on the LED light up, guiding my way.

Overall, Intensity is a fine vibrator and Kegel exerciser. It's not particularly loud so I didn't disturb anyone whilst using it. I especially liked the combination of inflation, vibrations, and electro stimulation. Like I said, I've used electrosex toys before and I like them. This is an expensive vibrator but trust me - it's worth ever red cent. I highly recommend it.

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December 14, 2011

Orgasm Kings Present Intensity By Jopen


How would you like to own right now the product that will win best toy of 2012? Shipping in time for Christmas…

Orgasm Kings present…

Intensity by Jopen®

This vibrator is so incredible you have to see and feel it to believe it.

Intensity has the following features:

* Powerful G-spot vibrations
* Powerful clitoral vibrations
* Electro stimulation contacts
* Inflatable shaft for a customized fit
* Air release valve
* Inflation pump
* On/off button on the handle
* 5 levels of vibration control
* Stimulation LED lights
* 10 levels of electro stimulation control

Buy today and save $80.00!

$299.99 $219.99


Here's how it works:

Intensity will increase the power of your orgasms by focusing on strengthening your Kegel muscles. Those are the muscles you tighten to hold in your pee. When properly strengthened, they intensify your arousal and make your orgasms feel much more powerful.

You want all that, don't you?

Intensity was created by doctors and it represents a revolution in the sex toy industry. It resembles the very popular rabbit vibrator but it is so much more!

Strengthening your Kegels (a. k. a. your pelvic floor) is very easy. Intensity will help you do this. Intensity has an inflation pump that helps the vibrator fit the contours of your body. You may adjust it so that it fits you perfectly. This vibrator inflates and deflates to give you the perfect girth for your pleasure. This is truly a very personal and unique vibrator. You choose the size and stimulation level that feels comfortable for you. Clamp down around Intensity using your Kegel muscles. That action strengthens and tones your Kegels. Intensity also massages your G-spot and your external erogenous zones including your clitoris and labia, making this vibrator an absolute joy to use. Intensity brings you the best of two worlds: sexual pleasure and sexual exercise. You'll exercise and not even feel like you're doing it! That's pleasure in and of itself.

Practice tightening and releasing your Kegel muscles whilst using Intensity and in no time you'll notice a big difference in your tightness, arousal, and power of your orgasms. Plus intensity simply feels good. It massages your G-spot, stimulates your outer erogenous zones, and teases your clitoris.

Buy Intensity by Jopen® today and your sexual enjoyment will be unsurpassed!

Intensity will arrive on your doorstep in discreet packaging. It is made of 100% pure and safe silicone.

Please allow for 24 – 48 hours handling time. We cover shipping! Orgasm Kings ship to Europe as well as America.

There is an additional charge for expedited shipping. Please contact Orgasm Kings for rates.

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