May 29, 2012

Sex Toy Review: Dr. Philgood's Non-Vibrating Dildo

When Dr. Philgood's Non-Vibrating Dildo arrived in the mail, I had to make sure I wasn't imagining what I looked at. This thing is huge! I'm talking the Mecca-Dongzilla Of Dildos. It can level Japan with one orgasm. So I knew I wanted it inside me but pronto.

Now for a little background. This dildo is modeled after Phil Varone's cock. Varone is the former drummer for Skid Row and Saigon Kick. He also toured with Vince Neil of Motley Crue. The guy is a legend. He's also a player with a special love for his female groupies - by the thousands. According to the Urban Dictionary, back in the day these kinds of men were called rakes, and they go well with hoes. You'll find both rakes and hoes commingling together in garden tool sheds today. So it's only fitting that a sex toys company would mould a dildo based on Phil's quite impressive attributes. It even includes his Prince Albert piercing. Gotta keep things as realistic as possible, since plenty of women have enjoyed Phil's deliciousness.

I'm not one of them so this dildo will have to do. And does it ever do it!

It's quite an intimidating sex toy. A real man has this attached to him? How does he walk? I played with it in my hands first. Since there is so much of it, it's easy to grab. If I don't want to grab it with my hands I can stick it to any flat and smooth surface thanks to the suction cup at the base. If only I had a cardboard cut-out of Phil Varone! I know exactly where I'd stick the dildo. :)

The Better-Than-Real® Plus material is very soft and very realistic. It feels like real human flesh. The dildo is also quite solid but it has lots of give. It's like handling a real penis, even one the size of an Angus bull's cock. It's a light color with just enough pink to make it look realistic. There are plenty of veins and texture. Plus there's that piercing. It's like icing on the cake.

I used some lube to make entrance easier, and it didn't disappoint. It split me like an oak tree. There's nothing quite as wonderful as having Horse Cock inside you. I felt very filled up and not the least bit uncomfortable. I've had real cocks this size inside me and some of them don't completely inflate. This one is rock solid hard and stays that way for as long as I want to fuck with it. The piercing was a new experience for me. I've never been with a pierced man. The piercing managed to home in on my G-spot in just the right way.

Suffice to say I had some powerful, knee-knocking, writhe-on-your-side-and-scream-for-Jesus orgasms. The dildo wanted to go longer but I just couldn't anymore. I wonder if the real Phil lasts as long as his dildo does?

So there you have it. I own a Rock Star Dildo. All the rumors about Phil Varone's cock are true. He is really built like a telephone pole, and he has the sex toy to prove it. If you are in the mood to be pinned to your bed by a heavy duty dong this is the sex toy for you. Ladies, it's huge, it never goes limp, and it leaves the toilet seat down. Guys, it's just unbelievable. You won't sit down for days and that's a good thing. This is a dildo wet dreams are made of.

Buy sex toys like this one and many more from California Exotics.

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November 04, 2011

Review: Ladygasm Women's Sex Toys

The Ladygasm web site is easy on the eyes. The black text on white background is easy to read and the pictures give a personal flair to the site. The pictures of sex toys are easy to see and large enough so you can tell what you're looking at. The color scheme is also very pleasant. Pastels that are good enough to eat. The "How Do You Feel Today" theme works on so many levels. Moods listed are "like having a quick orgasm", "like a realistic experience", "like having an adventure", and "like playing with your partner".

Ladygasm sex toys were made by women for women with a woman's sexual needs in mind. Ladygasm interviewed lots of women to find out what kinds of sex toys they liked and what kinds they didn't like. The answers lie on the Ladygasm web site. Over the past few years, Ladygasm noticed sex toys manufacturers were creating sex toys based on gimmicks - not on what really brought women to orgasm. They don't believe you have to blow your bank account or read an instruction manual to show you how to use a sex toy. You'll find the best sex toys for women chosen by women at Ladygasm.

The sex toys on the Ladygasm web site are familiar in style (stuff I like and I'm a woman) and very elegant, even the realistic ones. There are powerful Ladygasm bullets as well as a Ladygasm Hitachi Wand. The Ladygasm Rose Vibrator even fits in your purse. One of Ladygasm's rabbits not only has a rotating head but a thrusting shaft. There are also G-spot vibrators that actually hit your G-spot and won't have to hunt for it.

Other sex toys include anal toys, couples toys, adventure, dildos, and lube. The three dildos are named Alex, Brian, and Flex. Alex is average whilst Bria is large. Flex does what its name says. The spine is flexible so you may position it any way you wish. Ladygasms anal toys range from beginner's toys to toys for those with lots of anal sex experience. One of the anal toys is also a fab G-spot massager!

There are many fine sex toys for couples on the Ladygasm site. Whether you like anal toys or a Ladygasm Hitachi Wand, Ladygasm has a well-made and reasonably-priced sex toy for your couples' needs. There are a couple of men's toys here, like the Fleshlight stamina training unit to help your man last longer to give both of you pleasure. You'll also find an Autoblow and Fleshlight for men here so that you as a couple may play together. The couple that loves together, stays together.

The four sex toys in the adventure section are indeed adventurous. The Ladygasm Hitachi Wand is both a powerful massage tool and a vibrator. Use it for massage or to pleasure yourself and/or your partner. There are also two fine and upgraded rabbits for a very reasonable price as well as a clit/vag/G-spot stimulator that will have you rolling in orgasms in no time.

Finally, you get ID Glide lubricant, one of the best lubricants on the market today. Choose between three different sizes to tend to your most intimate needs. Choose a big bottle for home or the smaller sizes for your purse or travel. Always keep ID Glide by your side. You never know when you may need it.

The Ladygasm web site has everything you could possibly want in high quality sex toys. These toys aren't cheap plastic monstrosities full of gimmicks nor do they fall apart easily. The site is easy to navigate and shopping is a breeze. Descriptions of products are quick and easy to read. You learn all you need to know in a paragraph or two. No long instructions! The photos are well made and show off each product very well. The pastel color scheme with black writing on white background is easy on the eyes, very feminine, and quite pleasant. Contact information and the phone number are easily accessible at the top of the page.

Shop at the Ladygasm web site for all your feminine sex toys needs.

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March 24, 2011

Come To My New Blog And Web Site!

I have a new blog and web site, and I'm inviting everyone to it. This blog/web site focuses on my erotic writing. I will continue to post sex toys reviews on this blog. So, if you want to keep up with me, visit me at my new digs.

Elizabeth Black - Blog and Web site

See you there!


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December 23, 2010

Alien Lover Dildo - Review

I love having a six-inch silicone dildo called the Alien Lover, which is perfect to use while watching really bad movies on the Sci Fi Channel. I've seen "Dark Breed", "The Arrival", and "Infected", all of which are awful alien movies. Isabella Rossellini stars in the last one, which is a step down for her. Then again, it also stars Judd Nelson, and that's a step up for him. So watching really bad alien movies while playing with the Alien Lover dildo is a perfect combination.

The Alien Lover looks like it was designed by H. R. Giger, the Swiss artist who designed the alien and set for the movie "Alien". This dildo has ribs that look like gills on each side of the shaft. It also has four nubs in the shape of a face that just so happen to rub just the right way on my clit. Curious, I pulled out the Alien Lover, turned it around, and reinserted it. I loved the way it felt as the nubs on the "face" rubbed the back of my vagina. It felt best if I kept it close to the edge and pulled it out a little bit. My inner lips are very sensitive, and the Alien Lover satisfied me in all sorts of positions. Made of silicone, this dildo is very flexible while being tough and sturdy at the same time. It can take a beating, although I promise to be gentle with it.

Here is the best part of all - it glows in the dark!!!!

I love glow in the dark stuff! I have an alien head candle around here somewhere that glows in the dark. I used to wear glow in the dark nail polish until I wore it once to a movie theater, and you could see my fingers moving when I ate the popcorn. That was amusing.

I used some lube on the dildo to make sure it went in smoothly. It sure feels good! If you hold it up to the light and then insert it, but no one is inside your pussy to see your Alien Lover, does it still glow in the dark? Raspberry I clenched around it and I felt it give but it was solid at the same time. My two favorite materials are silicone and jelly, so my Alien Lover felt just right. I especially liked pulling it forward so that it rubbed against my G-spot. That felt like Heaven.

The Alien Lover is flared at the base, so it can be used for anal sex, but I prefer it for vaginal use. I like to use more slender dildos and vibrators for anal sex, and the Alien Lover struck me as a bit too thick for my personal taste. I bet it would make an anal sex lover very happy though!

So my husband now has competition. I have an Alien Lover. Ha! At least I know this Alien Lover won't impregnate me with hundreds of maggoty alien spawn like I see in these really awful movies. This Alien Lover treats me very well. Plus there's the added benefit that I won't lose it in the dark.

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October 09, 2010

Sex Toy Review: Magic Stick Glass Dildo

If you're looking for high quality sex toys, Sex Toys is a good place to start. I was fortunate enough to get a Magic Stick by DJ Glass Dreams for review and I loved it! I love glass dildos and vibrators because they are so classy, so beautiful, and such fun to use. I have a collection of glass dildos that I keep in my crystal cabinet with my 1950s vintage china and my aqua and amberina glass collection. The light in the cabinet sets off these dildos very nicely. My new Magic Stick by DJ Glass Dreams is my second nicest glass dildo, next to the one that lights up.

This glass dildo, made by the venerable Doc Johnson, is described on the web site in this fashion: "Doc Johnson's line of glass products is an outstandingly beautiful, sleek and sensual line of body safe products that are sanitary and easy to clean. This product, the Magic Stick is in their Glass Dreams collection. This is a great glass piece with red bumps to create friction and sensation and a cool swirled design inside with blue and white contrast. The ringed handle end is in blue glass. Insertable length is 7" long and the shaft tapers between 1.25" at the head, to 1" down by the handle." This accurate description doesn't begin to describe the joys of this wonderful glass dildo.

Since it was chilly up here I put the dildo in a pan of warm water so it would be warm when I used it. Wow, what a feeling! The shaft is thicker than some dildos I've used and I like that feeling of being completely filled up. The nubs on the shaft also gave me added stimulation both internally and directly on my clit. I pulled the dildo over my clit to get the best effect. I used a little lube although I really didn't need it. This dildo is easy to manipulate because of the ring at the base. It keeps it from getting lost inside me. If I were really adventurous I could use this dildo for anal sex but it feels much too thick for me. It's perfect for vaginal penetration, though, and those nubs feel great on my clit.

This glass dildo is also very easy to clean. I wash it with soap and water or toss it in the dishwasher to really clean it thoroughly. Then I put it in my crystal cabinet with my collection of glass sex toys. Pass your 1Y0-A24 exams in first try by using our guaranteed ccip & pass4sure 70-681 tutorials and best quality E20-322 dumps along with testking 646-205. These glass dildos are so classy I want to show them off for the works of art they really are and I'm not embarrassed about it in the least. It's amusing getting a load of the both shocked and interested expressions I see from people seeing those dildos next to my vintage ice cream dishes. Ha ha!

Look to for Pyrex Toys and Glass Pieces.

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August 01, 2010

Sex Toy Review: Don Wands Jade/White LED

I like flashy shiny things so when I had a chance to get a Don Wands Jade/White LED glass dildo I had to have it. I already have two glass dildos but they don't double as disco balls the way this one does. It reminds me of the fun things I used to find in the back of Spencer Gifts, where the black lights were. This Don Wands Jade/White LED lights up in red, blue, green, and purple from one color to another and I could watch it for hours when I'm not sticking it inside me. Being a glass dildo I can heat it up by letting it sit in warm water for about ten minutes or I can chill it by keep it in my freezer. Sensation play has never been such fun!

This is a very sturdy glass dildo that can take my heavy use. Chilled or warm, it gives me plenty of foreplay fun, since I like to use it with my vibrators. I could even use it as an anal toy but I haven't tried it that way. Imagine an icicle slipping inside me on one of these hot summer days and I'm hooked! It's been so hot lately that I have chilled it and ran it over my body. My husband likes to play with it too to warm me up before we use a vibrator on me or even a strap-on.

I like glass dildos very much and this Don Wands Jade/White LED is a fine product. Don Wands is a well-known name in sex toys and they make quality products. The Don Wands Jade/White LED is no exception. Check out the pretty colors yourself and use it in the dark. You'll not be sorry.

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July 07, 2008

VibeReview - Two Glass Dildos

I have always wanted a glass dildo because I think they are beautiful. They look like works of art. So, imagine my excitement as I opened my mail and found the Cyberglass Felicity and the Pure Pleasure waiting for me! I felt like a kid in a candy store!

I knew that glass dildos could be used for sensation play, and that thrilled me because my husband and I love sensation play. You can heat up or chill a glass dildo for extra fun sensations. At first, I put the dildos in their velvet bags in the freezer, but I realized very quickly that they would be too cold. So, I stashed them in the 'fridge next to the pork roast and the chicken breasts. Ha ha!! I keep sex toys in the 'fridge! How silly is that?

So, when they were nice and chilled, I took them out and ran them over my legs. Yeow! Talk about cold! The Cyberglass Felicity has blue ribs on the shaft, and those ribs felt great against my skin. Plus the cold glass felt great in this seasonably warm apartment. I didn't want the dildo to reach room temperature, so I put a little stimulating gel on my clit and lips, and I slid the Cyberglass Felicity in.

Wow! I liked clenching on the Cyberglass Felicity because it doesn't give at all. I can grip it until it chokes, and it won't give up on me. I was sitting next to my husband on the couch when I did this. He stopped playing Dark Age Of Camelot, and came over to help me. He took the dildo in his hand and moved it in and out. It's curved at the end to play with my G-spot. I don't need much pressure with a solid glass dildo because it doesn't give at all, so even a little pressure on my G-spot felt great.

My husband twisted the Cyberglass Felicity back and forth, in and out, and the ribs rubbed against my lips and vagina. I never used a dildo with ribs before, and I like that sensation very much. He turned it around so that the curved head faced my rectum. That was an interesting sensation, but I preferred the curved head facing forward.

I like the Cyberglass Felicity very much. So now it was time to try the Pure Pleasure Glass Dildo.

The Pure Pleasure is a plainer dildo - no ribs or fancy neon colours - but it varies in size from large bulbs to small ones. That feels incredibly good going in, especially since the O'My Clitoral Stimulating pleasure gel made me feel much more sensitive. This glass dildo is great for when I want a little less sensation, like when I'm ovulating and I feel very tender. I liked the way the bulb size increased as I inserted it. When I pulled it out, I could feel my lips lock around those bulbs. This is a nice, smooth, and pleasant glass dildo that is perfect when I don't want to be overcome by sexy sensations. It also holds the cold very well. Even though it had been awhile before I tried it out, it was still cold when it went in.

Before inserting the Pure Pleasure, I ran it over my stomach, just to feel what it would feel like. The chill was pleasant, and the glass dildo felt great on my belly, massaging my skin just the right way. I even touched the tip of the glass dildo over my nipples, and the glass was so cold my nipples stood on end almost immediately. Glass dildos are very versatile, and I kept coming up with new ways to use them - and that was before I even inserted one.

While I didn't try using the dildos when they were warm, I bet they'd feel good against my skin and inside me on a cold winter night. I'll warm them up so that they feel nice and cozy next to and inside of me. Doesn't get much better than that!

I plan to use my Cyberglass Felicity when I want good, hard, ribbed sex play. I'll use the Pure Pleasure when I want a softer, smoother feel. Both glass dildos are wonderful!

Rather than keep them in a drawer, I sat them on their velvet bags inside my curio cabinet. The light reflects off of them and looks very pretty. I collect glassware, and the glass dildos look perfect with my fruit bowls and sorbet dishes. I like to show them off!

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June 04, 2008

XXX - Sex Toys - Strap Ons

There's nothing like using a hands-free sex toy that can help improve your sex life. Strap ons are very popular with both men and women. There are strap on butterflies and strap on dildos. Strap ons in general are loads of fun to use, and they free up your hands to do other things.

I like to use a strap on butterfly while watching TV or goofing off on the Internet. I have heard of women using strap on vibrators while wandering around the deli at the supermarket or while working at their desks. Strap ons are often silent, so your boss would have no idea that you're getting off while typing out progress reports.

Using strap ons can help you learn more about what sexually excites you, and exactly what kind of touch you like. Many women don't like direct clitoral stimulation, but they like strap ons because they control the speed and intensity of the sex toy. So, those women can enjoy clitoral stimulation as long as it isn't too intense. Using strap ons also help you to have more intense orgasms, either alone or with a partner.

Another type of strap on is the strap on dildo. Both men and women like to use strap on dildos. Men like them because the dildo, when hollow, acts as a penis sleeve, giving them extra length and girth. They can last much longer when using a strap on, and the woman enjoys the pleasure of a longer sex session.

Lesbians often use strap ons because it feels good to have something thrusting inside you. You don't have to be straight to enjoy that sensation. Gay men like to use strap ons for anal sex because of the lasting power of the dildo. You can go for hours using a strap on. The only thing that would stop you is sheer exhaustion.

While some strap ons use dildos, others are made for use with vibrators. You can mix and match your dildos and vibrators. First, try a vaginal dildo. Then a G-spot dildo. Then a vibrator. Use a slender dildo that is flared at the end for anal sex. Straps ons are very versatile, depending on what kind of sex you want to have at the moment.

So, choose the kind of strap on you want to use. Do you like strap ons for masturbating? Then try a strap on butterfly or hummingbird. Would you like anal sex? Then use a strap on with an anal dildo. Can't decide what you want? Then mix and match your dildos and vibrators to suit your changing moods, whether you want vaginal sex or a G-spot stimulation. Try out strap ons today!

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June 02, 2008

XXX - Sex Toys - Glass Dildos

If you've ever seen a glass dildo, you'd know why they look so good in a crystal cabinet with light shining beneath it. Light sets off the contours of the glass dildo, and it reflects off the coloured parts, flashing rainbows of color around the cabinet. Glass dildos are works of art worthy of a special showcase.

Not only are glass dildos beautiful, they have many different and exciting sexual uses. If you like sensation play, you will love playing with a glass dildo. Place your glass dildo in the fridge for a half hour, and then use it in bed. A chilled glass dildo feels great on a hot summer day. Place a chilled glass dildo on your nipples and watch them get very hard.

Glass dildos also feel great when they are warmed. Place your glass dildo in a pan of warm water for five minutes or so, and you're ready for some heated sensation play. A warm glass dildo feels amazing when it enters you, either in the vagina or through the anus. Roll a warm glass dildo down your stomach or back with a little massage oil for some sexy fun.

There are so many different and beautiful glass dildos to choose from that it will be hard to decide where to put your money. Some glass dildos have ridges and ribs designed to stimulate your clit, vagina, and anus. Use lube on the glass dildo so that it inserts easier, and you're on your way to a sensual good time.


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