March 24, 2011

Come To My New Blog And Web Site!

I have a new blog and web site, and I'm inviting everyone to it. This blog/web site focuses on my erotic writing. I will continue to post sex toys reviews on this blog. So, if you want to keep up with me, visit me at my new digs.

Elizabeth Black - Blog and Web site

See you there!


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March 01, 2010

Entertaining Commercials

I found some very entertaining commercials about things I like. Check them out.

I love gourmet chocolate like Valrhona and Amedei, so this ad spoke to me.

Final Fantasy is back!

A New Final Fantasy trailer.

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December 17, 2009

LEGO Has Always Been Cool

My son liked LEGO when he was a boy, and this cute commercial shows how versatile LEGO is.

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July 20, 2007

Sex In The Virtual World - Computer Games

Update: July 21, 2007: I asked The Count about Second Life, and he warned me to stay away from it. My readers may recall that The Count used to work in the game industry. I didn't know that people used real money to play this game. They buy and sell items in the game with their own money!!! This game costs money! It's as if they want you to buy a performance bond to play! I can't afford to do that; besides, I don't want to spend my own money in a game. If I were savvy enough, I could make money designing cool stuff for the game, but The Count told me that the IRS has Second Life in its crosshairs. People are making money from the game, and the IRS wants its cut of the moolah. I will definitely avoid this game, and go back to setting my Sims on fire.


Everyone probably already knows about the nude patches for The Sims. You can also pull the bed out from under your Sims with a cheat code if you can convince your horny Sims to get some nooky in bed. I remember reading of some MMORPGs having problems with groups being oriented towards sex play.

Now, someone playing the online game Second Life has filed suit against another player - for copying a sex bed, which violates copyright. According to an article about the case, "Kevin Alderman operates Eros LLC, a maker of 'adult' items such as the SexGen bed, a piece of virtual furniture that allows Second Life users to simulate more than 150 sex acts. The bed retails for 12,000 Linden dollars ($46). The 'John Doe' lawsuit accuses Volkov Catteneo of unlawfully copying the SexGen bed and selling it on for approximately 4,000 Linden dollars. The beds are sold as 'no-copy' objects, which means that avatars can use them but should not be able to copy them. Alderman has insisted that he does not know how a version of the SexGen bed which can be copied became available."

I have heard of Second Life, but I had no interest in playing it. I prefer to play God when I play with my Sims. I set them on fire. Electrocute them. Drown them. Get them into love triangles. Have them live with people they hate. All in all, good, honest fun.

The only reason the Second Life/SexGen bed caught my attention is because your avatar can engage in 150 different sex acts. Wow. 150? That beats the Kama Sutra. I looked at the Second Life site to get a better grip on what kinds of sex acts can be done on this bed. I found one bed that has 14 cuddle and 13 sex animations - whatever that means.

I found more.

One bed going for L$999 (I think that's virtual money) has 62 cuddle and sex animations, including doggy, 69, blowjob, missionary, taste, ride, and cowgirl.

Another bed included various positions for sex, bondage, and cuddling.

I'm going to take a second look at this game, if you can really do all that stuff. Does anyone who is reading play Second Life? If you do, can you give more information about how the SexGen bed works, and what else is fun about the game? Is it a live game, where you get to create an avatar?

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March 10, 2007

Shorah! A Myst Island Birthday Cake

My birthday is in five days, and I want a Myst Island birthday cake!!! I have been a major fan of the entire series of Myst games for over ten years. That would be Myst, Riven, Exile, Revelation, and Uru. I have an account on Uru, but I haven't played lately. Gotta start that up again, now that Uru Live has been resurrected.

This is such a cool-looking cake, and it has the island down pat.

[Via Boing Boing. Also check out the CakeHenge post on Boing Boing.]

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February 16, 2006

More Trouble For "Grand Theft Auto"

The game "Grand Theft Auto" was already in trouble because of the "Hot Coffee" hidden code that had shown explicit sex. Now, prostitutes are protesting the game because it encourages the assaulting and murdering of prostitutes. According to the web page of The Sex Workers Outreach Project USA (SWOP-USA), "the group objects to the negative content and scenes in Grand Theft Auto that "encourage the denigration and destruction of prostitutes." "

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February 15, 2006

Meet The New Lara Croft

There's a new Lara Croft, and her name is Karima Adebibe. I thought that Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness was the last one, but apparently Tomb Raider: Legend, which is due to be released in April, is the next in line. Adebibe will play Lara in promotions for the game. I hope the controls work better than they did in the previous Tomb Raider game. I couldn't finish the game because the controls were so squiggy.

I don't think that Adebibe will play Lara in the game. She's going to portray Lara in promotions of the game. I'm most familiar with Rhona Mitra, who has also portrayed Lara in promotions. She recently had a large role in Nip/Tuck. I have one of her music CDs, called Lara Croft: Female Icon. It's not bad.

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January 30, 2006

For The Count And Other World Of Warcraft Fans - World Of Warcraft Google Maps

World Of Warcraft maps operate just like Google Maps. Now I can find out where the Crazy Cat Lady lives any time I like. Too bad it doesn't give driving directions. Since you ride horses, tigers, and mythical creatures in WoW, the maps would have to give those kinds of directions.

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October 22, 2005

Turning Video Games Into Movies

I have never played the game "Doom". I haven't seen the movie, either. I know that "Doom" is a fore-runner to other similar games, like "Resident Evil", "Half-Life", and "Silent Hill". The Washington Post is talking about the "Doom" movie. The Post interviewed members of a gaming league, and those people aren't too happy with the movie.

If the strong, boisterous reaction of 14 members of George Washington University's Gaming League is any indication, "Doom" is not quite bleh , more like blah .

"It's nothing to write home about," says Graham Musynske, the league's secretary. "The movie was all right, not Oscar-worthy or anything," adds the 20-year-old, "and thank God I didn't have to pay for it."

The league, which meets on Wednesdays for an hour and holds regular "gaming nights" at GWU's Marvin Center, attended a free advance screening of "Doom" on Tuesday night at the Cineplex Odeon near Tenleytown. The players stuck around after the show, mourning the sad, sorry state of video game movies.

"It's definitely below the 'Resident Evil' movies," Sarah Prisley, 21, the league's event coordinator, says to Paul Liao, the group's PR guy, referring to "Doom."

"I think it's below the first 'Mortal Kombat,' " opines Liao, 22, furrowing his brow, "but better than the second 'Mortal Kombat.' "

I have played "Resident Evil" and "Tomb Raider". Both games were turned into movies that apparently didn't do very well. Still, I liked them, at least the first ones. The second ones weren't anything to get excited about. One movie about video games that was actually quite good was probably the first movie of its kind - "Tron".

There has been a lot of criticism of turning video games into movies. Usually, the movies suck. The game platforms don't provide enough information about the characters to make a good movie. Other critics say that Hollywood is dumbing down and selling out by basing movies on video games. I agree with that. It's the lazy way of making a movie without taking too much effort. Plus, the movie makers are hoping that fans of the games will come out in droves to see the movies. I don't think that has happened.

"Tomb Raider" would have been a great basis for a movie, but neither movie was all that great. I did like the first one better than the second one. A lot of the appeal for me was casting Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft. Even before the movies came out, I knew that she would be perfect for the part. I am a major "Tomb Raider" fan. I own all of the dioramas, several of the action figures, mouse mats, a pewter figurine of Lara Croft, lots of comic books based on the game, and two bath towels with images from the game. The comic books could have helped provide some great ideas and background on Lara Croft and her adventures. What Jolie really needed was a good script. She portrayed Lara as darker than she seemed in the game and the comics, but I think she did a good job.

There are some games that I think would be great movies, mainly because they have well-developed leading characters and great plots. Three that come to mind are the entire "Myst" series, "The Longest Journey" and "Syberia". If you add the "Tomb Raider" games, those games are my favorites. "The Longest Journey" and "Syberia" are adventure games that are so good they've won awards. Another favorite of mine is "Silent Hill", which I understand is being made into a movie. I have no idea how that will work out.

"Myst" is interesting in that The Sci Fi Channel was going to make a miniseries based on it, but the makers of the game had backed out when they didn't like how the miniseries was going. That was probably a good thing. "Myst" fanatics such as myself cannot see anyone other than Rand Miller playing Atrus. I'm afraid that The Sci Fi Channel would cast someone terrible like Eric Roberts as the villian, Gehn (Atrus' father). While I'm sorry that there won't be a miniseries based on "Myst", I'm glad that a dreadful one isn't going to be made.

I will probably see "Doom" when it comes out on DVD. It shouldn't be too hard to find the game and play it. I'll probably enjoy it.

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September 19, 2005

The Holodeck Is Coming!

Small steps, small steps...

I always thought that the Holodeck was one of the better ideas from Star Trek, as the most addictive drug ever made. I mean think about it, once in the world of your dreams, you'd never come out, until the coroner came to get you.

Well, MMOs (who happen to be pretty addictive alrady) are the current small steps to the Holodeck of the future. Chalk off one more small step. Looks like there's a present day setting MMO which will focus on social relationshps coming out soon.

As MMOs move away from focusing on fantasy based themes and sword fighting and move toward "reality" themes with "reality interactions, the more mainstream these experiences will get. As an aside, the best selling PC game of all time is The Sims, which is also "reality" based, and isn't really a game by definition, it is a toy (a game restricts play since the goals a pre-defined for you,while a toy unbounds play since the players determine the goals.)

Much like a Holodeck.

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