March 24, 2011

Come To My New Blog And Web Site!

I have a new blog and web site, and I'm inviting everyone to it. This blog/web site focuses on my erotic writing. I will continue to post sex toys reviews on this blog. So, if you want to keep up with me, visit me at my new digs.

Elizabeth Black - Blog and Web site

See you there!


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December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

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December 23, 2010

Geeky Christmas Gifts

Not sure what to get for the geek who has everything? How about one of these delightful presents? There's everything from Star Trek gack to strange sex toys. Yours for the having!

Star Trek Pizza Cutter - for the Trekkie with everything.

Star Trek Bottle Opener - for the Trekkie with everything plus the Star Trek Pizza Cutter but without the Bottle Opener.

Harry Potter - Hermione's Time Turner - sadly, it doesn't actually work so you can't go back in time and fix things you've royally screwed up.

The 11 Doctors Complete Set Of Action Figures - who are your favorite Doctors? I like Eccleston, Tennant, and Pertwee. And this set of action figures rocks!

Tardis wardrobe Go to the link to see a picture. It's beyond tacky but fun. I've also seen a Tardis CD/DVD case but I can't find that one anywhere.

Bottled True Blood Tasty Drink - The Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Series - True Blood (HBO) - would go nicely with the bloody syringe pens I saw at a science fiction convention once, but I can't find them anymore. I also wonder how badly this stuff tastes.

Rex plush toy, from the UK series "Primeval" - there's another one that's remote controlled that flies. Plus, "Primeval" is coming back for another season of fun. I'm looking forward to it.

Then there are the strange sex toys, like the incubus dildo. Very strange-looking thing that looks like a creature from the nightmares of M. C. Escher and H. R. Giger.

Speaking of H. R. Giger, how about the alien lover dildo? This baby also glows in the dark. I own this one and reviewed it. Read my review here.

Not to be outdone, there's the Area 51 Love Doll, complete with three tits.

G. I. Jock Army Kit: I swear I'm not making this up. From the description: "A sexy playful collection of toys and accessories with a military theme. Includes a camouflage jackstrap, a multi-speed vibrating camo egg, a grenade textured jelly sleeve, and a large missile shaped jelly plug that can be used with or without vibrations. Collection includes a large pillow of Powerman Lube. 2 AA batteries."

So there you have it. All the geeky stuff you could possibly want to round out your Christmas gifts you didn't get from your friends and family. And who wouldn't want to wow people with a Star Trek pizza cutter and bottle opener? LOL

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December 21, 2010

OMG So Cute!

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December 19, 2010

Eggnog Recipes By Famous TV Chefs

I saw this joke by Prank Call of Cthulhu on FARK and I had to share it with everyone. It's eggnog recipes by famous TV chefs. Perfect for the holiday season! Enjoy!

Famous TV Chef Eggnog Recipes

Bobby Flay eggnog: mix eggs, cream, sugar, and rum, then throw it on the grill and garnish with mango chutney.

Sandra Lee eggnog: Pour one tablespoon of store-bought eggnog into an 8-oz glass. Swish it around to coat the glass, pour out excess. Fill the remainder of the glass with vodka and serve.

Alton Brown eggnog: Build a ridiculously complicated frothing machine out of dry ice, twenty feet of rubber tubing, a colander, and a garden hose nozzle, then follow a twenty-step process and deliver a five minute rant about why an egg separator is a useless "unitasker."

Rachel Ray eggnog: The addition of a little EVOO to a traditional eggnog recipe is YUM-O!!!


Paula Dean eggnog: Combine eggs, butter, whole cream, butter, sugar, butter, rum, butter, and more butter. Whip. Serve with a side of defibrillator.

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December 17, 2010


What's in the box? What's in the box? This news report is pretty standard and dull, but check out the box behind the reporter. That thing is HUGE!!!

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October 29, 2010

My Diorama From "The Ring"

I made this diorama of Sadako coming out of the well in "The Ring" a few years ago in front of my old house, which was 200 years old. You should have seen the reactions from the little kids who came to the door! One little girl, who was really scared, wanted to know if "the lady was going to eat her". I wanted to say, "No. She'll just come out of your TV in the middle of the night and follow you around your living room until you die of fright." I was such a bad girl.

So, what do you think? I love the way the photograph catches the wind running through her hair.

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October 23, 2010

Should Epic Boobage Go To Jail?

I caught this story of Winter Pierzina after her Youtube videos went viral. She's best known (only known) for being a young and pretty woman with a huge set of knockers from which she dragged objects such as her car keys and a cell phone. I'm surprised she didn't pull a vibrator out of her massive bra. The Youtube videos, including one called something like "Jingle Bell Boobs", which I didn't see, have been taken down due to violating Youtube's standards for not allowing sexual or lewd conduct in their videos. I found the entire business to be rather silly and figured, hey, she has it, might as well flaunt it and become a Fark and 4Chan meme in no time at all.

Well, things have taken a nasty turn for Winter. She made the colossal mistake of texting while driving and wrecked her car. She lives in California which takes great and righteous glee out of fining and jailing people who do stupid things like text while driving, and Winter is caught in a winter of her own discontent. She's been fined $2,500 dollars, has to go to many hours of community service, and will go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass "GO", do not collect $200.00 if she doesn't pony up the fine.

She took a creative turn to get out of the jam she's in. Gotta give her credit for that. Turns out she she doesn't have the $2,500 for the fine so she created a web site called Keep Winter Out Of Jail, where she's asking for donations. I personally have no problem with this because I figure there's a sucker born every minute. Someone will toss her money, and several someones already have. Mostly tens and twenties but one guy ponied up $150.00. Winter's web site reminds me of Save Karyn back in 2002 where a young woman (Karyn) with massive credit card debt asked people on her web site to donate money to her so she could pay off her whopping $20,000 worth of credit card bills. Here's a mirror of her original site. She was chastised of course - and rightly so - for being such a careless spender but believe it or not people donated enough money to get her out of debt. She has since become a fiscally responsible woman who talks frequently about her previous debt problems and gives tips on staying out of debt. A book depicting her story has been published and there is talk of a movie.

While I have no problem with cyber-begging (Confession time - I did it a few years ago when my husband and I were out of work and in danger of being evicted. Bloggers came through for us and we are doing reasonably well now.), I do have a problem with the commenters at Winter's site and what she's offering for the donations. Basically, she's prostituting herself. Here's what she offers men (of course it's men into this) who donate money to her:

* $1.00 - $25.00 will get you a brief video in which I will state your names and how much you donated and a big fat "Thaaaank youuuu!" These names will all be massed into 1 video.

* $26.00 - $50.00 will get you a personal video. You will not be massed into a video with all of the other people who have donated.

* $51.00 - $100.00 will get you a slightly more "risque" video and a small photoset.

* $101+ will get you all of the above and a private chat with me on a messenger of your choosing...

What's she going to do if you give her a hundred bucks? Flash her boobs at you? That's what it sounds like and that's what several guys expect and want. Here are a few of the more disturbing comments from her fans:

One hour fucking with me = 2.500$

will there be naked camchat?

This one is especially disturbing:

OK, i'll make you a deal.

I'll fly down to Stockton, pay all of your 15,000 debt, and give you and extra 5,000. But i have one condition.

I get to have sex with you, no condom. and for each 1,000 i give you, i get to ejaculate inside of you. You are welcome to join me at a clinic to view my HIV/VD results. you will see i am perfectly clean. i will buy you birth control pills and make sure you are taking them before we engage in intercourse. After i have ejaculated inside of your vagina, anus or mouth i am also allowed to record the sessions on video. Where i will keep them for either my own enjoyment, or upload them to a popular pornography site.

$20,000 can be yours if you agree to this, you will have your car paid off, and enough to put a down payment on a used car. When i fly down, we may spend as much or as little time getting to know each other before we have sex. However, i will not being flying down if you are unwilling, or unable to commit. I'm sure you have Sex with people you don't know very well often. So this shouldn't technically be that big of deal. You will engage in consensual intercourse with a clean person, who is willing to assist you with your needs. And you will never see again after we have had sex twenty times over a span of as long as a week, or as little as three days.

You are welcome to have a witness for your own protection, though i have no intent of hurting you.

I feel this is a beneficial off for the both of us.

So he just wants to fuck her numerous times, using no condoms, and she gets nothing out of it but her fine paid in full and a lot of money on top of that. He could be as rough with her as he likes and she can't protest because she is accepting the money. He will take pictures and post them on online porn sites. He assumes she's a slut because he says she must have sex with people she doesn't know well very often. It's a bad deal and self-serving on his part all around.

Like I said, I have no problem with her cyber-begging. Even I have done it. However, Winter is setting herself up for some real problems with these guys who expect to fuck her for money, a little or a lot. It's sleazy and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I also don't have a problem with women acting in porn or being on a porn crew, but this business strikes me as very unsafe and dangerous. She is putting up with a lot of abuse on her web site in the comments from men who have probably already ogled her in her Youtube videos and now they like to call her a slut and not in a good way. Same old double standard again.

I hope she is able to pay that fine and stay out of jail. Just don't text and drive anymore. What a stupid thing to do, but no matter how stupid, she doesn't deserve the rotten treatment she's getting on her web site.

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September 08, 2010

Dowsing Rods

I'm taking a break from writing about dildos and working on erotic fiction to tell you about an article a friend of mine, John Janks, wrote about Dowsing Rods. It appears in the Journal Of Borderland Research. I highly recommend it. Here's the abstract:

This paper is a summary of the empirical evidence we discovered while working on locating buried objects. Our object was to develop a scientifically based method for individuals to locate buried objects and aboveground tripwires. We used only a brass pair of rods, bent into the familiar “L” shape. The data consistently show repeatable patterns that depend upon the size and shape of the buried object. The objects used in the testing were made of metal, ceramic and plastic. Some objects were detected as far as 20 meters away, and above ground trip wires, some as thin as 1 mm in diameter were also located with relative ease. The patterns created by combinations of buried cord or wire attached to a circular or rectangle object were successfully charted using this method. When two buried were close enough to affect each other, we detected dowsing rod movement along the axis approximately 60+ meters. In an unanticipated discovery, we found a user remaining stationary could track the path of low flying aircraft. In all our experiments, the rod farthest from the source moved the most. We found that the presence or absence of water had no effect on the outcome. We believe that dowsing rods could be applicable to both military and humanitarian demining, and encourage active testing. While we did not have the tools or funding to study it, we believe that earth-born Telluric Currents are the most likely candidate for creating dowsing rod movement. Fourteen videos have been published on YouTube and their URLs are located in the appendix.

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August 24, 2010

Ray Bradbury, Sex Symbol

"Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury" is the cutest, sexiest video I've seen in a long time. I had to take a break from writing about sex toys to tell you about it. Rather than get hot and horny for frat boys her own age, Rachel Bloom gets all moist in the knickers for nonagenarian superstar science fiction and fantasy writer Ray Bradbury, who I hear likes this video. It's definitely not safe for work. It's below, so enjoy it.

I can see the appeal. Smart, sexy, older men have always appealed to me, and as I get older I like the scientist, professorial, geek types that are older than the fifty years of age I used to prefer. This video just proves to me that smart is sexy no matter how old you are.

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