February 17, 2015

Coming In 2015 - New Family Saga/Thriller Novel SECRETS AND LIES

My family saga/thriller novel SECRETS AND LIES will be published by Eldritch Press later this year. Keep an eye here and on my Elizabeth Black fiction web site, Facebook, and Twitter for updates.

Here's the blurb:

"Secrets and Lies" is the tale of Kate Stanwood, an ordinary woman thrown into extraordinary circumstances when her father is found murdered. She lives on Caleb's Woe, a Nantucket-like island and artist's community off the coast of northeastern Massachusetts. As she delves into her father's death and her family's history, she discovers many dark secrets her friends and family want to see remain buried. Her classy, sophisticated uncle and family patriarch is a child predator, her brother cheats on his wife and his taxes, and mysterious circumstances surround her own birth. The appearance of her new friend Dominique Beauvoir on the scene only raises more questions. Why is this woman so eager to get close to Kate's family? This story is about two women who find out who they really are and where they're really from. It's also about how Kate discovers the cozy notion of family she had held for many years has been a sham.

Here's an excerpt:

It looked like someone had taken a wrecking ball to the living room. The dining room chairs had been thrown onto their sides. Shattered crockery and glassware lay in piles at the base of two antique crystal cabinets. A brass floor lamp lay across the rug, its round, fringed shade crushed like a spent balloon.

The family painting, a banquet table-sized oil that normally hid the safe above the fireplace mantle, had been tossed to the floor and shredded. These were not random slashes. The majority was across Matthew's face; the fewest scored that of Clara, Robbie's mother. Deep tears gaped in the canvas where Robbie's sister Kate's face had once been. The slashes that coursed across his face in the portrait disturbed him so much that he ran his palms over his cheeks.

The safe was open and empty. Robbie knew that his father kept some stock certificates, rubber-banded wads of cash, paperwork related to the family business, and old letters in it. He couldn't remember what else was in there, but whatever it was, it was now gone.

When he first saw the blood on the floor next to the breakfront, he wasn't sure what it was. It took a few seconds for the scene to sink in. He took a few steps closer to the tableau to get a full view. The smell hit him square in the face. It was so strong that he could taste it: thick and metallic. His stomach convulsed. He swallowed hard to keep from vomiting.

His father lay face up with his arms and legs splayed at cock-eyed angles, like a marionette that landed in a broken pile when tossed in its box after the show was over.
A gaping hull was all that remained of his fathers' face. Robbie averted his gaze so that he wouldn't have to look at where those accusing eyes had been. He squeezed his own eyes shut so tightly that he saw his blood flowing in dark waves that mimicked the spray of splattered gore on the wall behind his fathers' head. When he composed himself, he opened his eyes. Bugs Bunny heckled him from the television, one finger pointing at him as if all of this was his fault.

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