January 29, 2008

"False" Allegations/FRster Dean Tong Arrested For Wife Beating

Update: Please see my Dean Tong category for more updates on this case.


I've stopped the family law feminist work for the most part, but I could not let this news go by without saying something about it.

Dean Tong, author of "The Abuse Excuse" and long-time "expert" on "false" allegations of abuse and how women supposedly frequently file them, has been charged - again - with wife beating. According to the paperwork, he is in jail right now.

He was also charged with, to quote the paperwork, "tampering with wit(ness) with force to evade pro(secution).

Interestingly, the paperwork says Tong is a "consultant" who is self-employed, which I've known for years anyway. He's not a real expert on anything. He created his "job" of "forensic consultant" in cahoots with another "false allegations" proponent, Ken Pangborn, who has issues of his own, and husband/wife team the late Ralph Underwager and Hollida Wakefield (infamous for their pro-incest quotes in the Dutch pedophile magazine Paidika- Paidida, Part 1, Paidika, Part 2, Underwager - "expert" (bah!) testimony), Richard Gardner (see my links about the bogus Parental Alienation Syndrome, and information from The Leadership Council about PAS), etc., after Tong beat charges laid against him in his prior marriage of sexually abusing his daughter, whom I understand does not speak much to him to this day.

My source is NOT the sources below. MY source is not feminist, does not believe most women when they make allegations of abuse, and that source is not very friendly towards feminism. I also learned of the charge before the news article came out. I only link to the first source because it provides a readable image of the paperwork detailing Tong's charges. I can't figure out how to post that paperwork on my blog, and I have the same paperwork in e-mail.

I found the Florida database page of Dean Tong's arrest record for beating his wife and tampering with witness with force to evade prosecution:

Dean Bryan Tong - Arrest/Jail/Charges

Then there is this article, from Tampabay10s.com Abuse Expert Arrested On Abuse Charge.

Here's the article itself:


Tampa, Florida - Google the name "Dean Tong" and the search turns up hundreds of entries that list him as a "nationally recognized legal consultant and author on child abuse, custody and abduction cases."

Tong is an author who has appeared on many national television and radio shows on the topic of false accusations of child abuse.

His web site, abuse-excuse.com, describes him as an "internationally known family rights and forensic consultant on child abuse, domestic violence, and child custody cases."

Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputies arrested Tong today, accusing the domestic violence expert of domestic violence.

An arrest report says Tong grabbed, shoved and bruised his wife as they argued in their Riverview home. It goes on to say Tong slammed his wife's foot in the door and wrestled the phone away from her as she tried to dial 911.

Tong was arrested on charges of domestic battery.


The news is making the rounds like a wildfire. Expect to see men's and father's rights advocates backpedal like crazy over Tong's arrest. After all, Tong was one of their "false" allegations darlings. Sucks to be them.

This arrest only proves what I have been saying for years; that those who complain most loudly about women supposedly frequently filing false allegations of child abuse and domestic violence are guilty of those crimes in their own lives. It's good to see another supposed "expert" on "false" allegations get his comeuppance.

I will update this post or create new posts as I am sent new information.

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