June 24, 2006

Where Is The Outrage Over Lack Of Protection For Abused Women?

Senator Harry Reid has proposed a new bill that would strengthen and expand security for judges, prosecutors, witnesses and their families in the wake of Darren Mack shooting Judge Weller.

Why not focus on providing more protections for abused women? Mack shooting Judge Weller is getting all the attention. Besides, Mack didn't shoot Weller inside the courthouse. These kinds of shootings tend to happen on courthouse steps anyway, not inside the courthouse. No one seems to care that Mack has stabbed his wife to death in the garage of her home while her eight year old daughter was upstairs. We need better protection for abused women. Where is the outrage over the lack of security for abused women?

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Updates On Darren Mack

I've already posted that Darren Mack has been captured. He turned himself in in Mexico. Police had searched Mack's house, and found bomb parts in his bedroom. The Washoe County sheriff said that "the materials, when mixed together and attached to a blasting cap or shot at, will explode." Police also found "several boxes of firearm ammunition, including a .223-caliber and a .234-caliber rifle ammunition which was strewn about the floor in one of the bedrooms." In additon, police found "an empty rifle case which contained a receipt from the purchase of a Bushmaster .223 caliber rifle by Darren Roy Mack." The rifle "was equipped with a laser sighting device."

Charla Mack had also foreseen her husband's violent acts. According to one article, "she had warned her friends of his potential violence and penchant for violence." She had warned that "he's out to get me and someday he will probably kill me. When that happens, I want the world to know what a son-of-a-bitch he is."

Mack had filed a restraining order against her, which is a popular tactic amongst some abusive men. Ten days later, he withdrew the request, and both of them agreed to a mutual restraining order. Darren Mack had also filed for sole custody of their daughter. Ann White wrote in the Florida Bar Journal that "abusive fathers are far more likely than nonabusive parents to fight for child custody, not pay child support, and kidnap children."

One thing not getting much press is that Mack stabbed his wife to death while his eight year old daughter was upstairs in the house. Most of the focus has been on him shooting Judge Weller. When a woman is stabbed to death by her husband while her daughter is upstairs apparently isn't newsworthy enough.

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June 23, 2006

Woman-Hating Is Alive And Well On The Internet

Update: Glenn Sacks admitted that plenty of fathers' rights activists have "problems". In his newsletter, he wrote "Darren Mack was angered by his divorce and custody case. Some on the not insubstantial lunatic fringe of the fathers' rights movement see Mack as some sort of freedom fighter. Most of the commentary by other fathers' rights advocates seem to be of the "he couldn't take it any more and snapped" variety." He sait it himself. He admitted that there is a "not insubstantial lunatic fringe". "Not insubstantial" means SUBSTANTIAL. There is a SUBSTANTIAL number of fathers' rights activists who condone ahborrent behavior like that. This isn't the first time they've made such statements. Just look to the Lowell Jaks kidnapping case. Jaks is the head of the Alliance For Noncustodial Parent's Rights. Fathers' rights activists cheered Jaks when he fled with his child. Just look at my "Lowell Jaks/ANCPR" category on my sidebar to see all of their statements. I recorded them.

These guys are not a "lunatic fringe". Those angry comments come from most fathers' rights activists, not a lunatic fringe. Sacks knows I'm right. Those men are the kinds who speak about fathers' rights on Internet forums. It's not the first time they've blamed "the system" and their ex-wives for men murdering their wives, murdering their children, attacking court personnel, and men committing suicide. These aren't poor disenfranchised dads who can't see their children. Lots of men are angered by their divorce and custody cases. They don't stab their ex wives to death. Fathers' rights activists blame "the system" and ex-wives when men do things like that. They are angry and violent men who lash out when they don't see their demands met. The men who condone this behavior are no "lunatic fringe". They are mainstream fathers' rights activists. And he speaks for them. He will have to account for that.


The woman-hating comments continue after Darren Mack has been captured while hiding out in Mexico. One fathers' rights activist has tried to tap-dance around the comments posted all over the internet in support of Darren Mack. Why won't this guy accept that these are the men that make up the bulk of the fathers' rights movement? I know that he had to post something in his latest newsletter because the Darren Mack case made the national news, but he danced around how fathers' rights activists have been acting. They've endorsed the murder of a woman and shooting of a judge, all in the name of bringing attention to the supposedly alleged court bias that is out there against fathers.

Glenn Sacks, you know what I'm taking about. I usually don't address Glenn Sacks, but this time it's necessary. You wrote that "Whenever a divorced dad has done something crazy and I refuse to make excuses for him, certain misguided individuals get mad at me, call me a wimpy moderate, a sellout, etc. Often the fact that I have never been divorced or dealt with the family law system in my personal life is cited as the reason that I 'just don't get it.'" I've been through the court system myself, but it wasn't nearly as bad as other mothers I've seen. I retained sole custody. I even won a moveaway. You have to acknowledge that a lot of men in the fathers' rights movement have evil things to say about mothers, and they've made their voices known. They've certainly made their opinions known about Darren Mack murdering his wife and shooting the judge who heard his divorce case. I've documented their statements on my blog. Other bloggers have done the same thing.

Dean Tong had represented Darren Mack, and he danced around how he just didn't know Mack would react to his case my murdering his wife and shooting the judge who heard his case. After all, Tong had breakfast with Mack. They're close friends by now. Why not address that aspect of the case? Tong is a major fathers' rights proponent who is well known for providing help for men who claim they have been falsely accused of domestic violence and child abuse, especially child sexual abuse. He even has his own business, called "The Abuse Excuse". The title says it all. Why not bring him up, and denounce what he does because of the Darren Mack case? I know you read my blog. You've seen what I've written about Tong.

You just can't pretend that most fathers' rights activists only want to do right by their children. Not when men at fathers' rights forums say things like the bitch deserved what she got, and that Darren Mack is a hero. That's something you are going to have to deal with. You cited David Chick as a hero. How is a man who had harassed his sister-in-law to force her to give him access to her children a hero? He had called her a "sick child abuser" in public, including in comments supposedly from him on my blog. Someone claiming to be Chick, and I have no reason to believe he wasn't Chick, posted on my blog, and said that his sister-in-law was a "sick child abuser". What kind of dad could he possibly be? Not a good one. He had also blocked her car and made obscene gestures at her. How is a man like that a good role model for children? I know that David Chick had a restraining order placed against himself. That's why he has had no access to his children. The men in Fathers 4 Justice were not poor, disenfranchised dads who could not see their children because their vindictive ex's wouldn't let them see them. They had histories that were not good. The press had documented those abusive histories. Why would you continue to support men like that if you want to help good fathers? You'll have to continue to write backpedaling articles like the one you wrote about Darren Mack when you see how fathers' rights activists and supporters condone murdering your spouse and shooting a judge if you keep catering to the fathers' rights movement.

Glenn, if you really want to help fathers, help the ones who really want to do right by their children. Stop representing the ones who lash out at murder victims, support men who stab their wives to death, and claim that the restraining orders against them were "false allegations". Do something to really help the dads who are scared and confused by divorce proceedings. Help them learn to be good and active fathers while they are married, and to not demand a "divorce-bed conversion" when they divorce. For many men, the first time they have any contact with the legal system is during a divorce. It's scary and confusing as hell. You could provide a great service for them. Leave the abusers and malcontents by the curb. They don't deserve any help.

Here are more supportive comments about Darren Mack from the Yahoo message boards. These guys condone what Mack had done, and they blame his wife for her own murder. How is that supportive of fathers' rights? Oh, yeah, I forgot. Fathers are "routinely kept from their children by biased family courts." When dads "crack", as kidnapper Lowell Jaks of ANCPR has said, they're going to do things like murder their wives, their children, and shoot whoever pisses them off. The message is clear. Do what these guys demand, or the bitch dies.


by: motaloca 06/23/06 02:41 pm
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How could he have such bad aim?



by: realist1100 06/23/06 11:51 am
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It's depressing when you think if shit goes completely wrong and you go postal, that the option of running to Mexico is gone. No more crossing the border, ordering beer & tacos and meeting a beautiful Mexican girl the first day in your new life as a Mexican. It's really a sad day. Damn Nafta.



by: iblack14020 (F/NY) 06/23/06 11:51 am
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That's why their wives dumped them. They are failures as providers and failures at being fathers. Women do not want losers in their children's lives.



by: Frank735 (45/M/Northern New Jersey) 06/23/06 11:52 am
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I bet you and I have a lot in common, we both love pussy.
And I detest man haters.



by: going_deep99 (37/M/Semper Fidelis, USA) 06/23/06 11:51 am
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Well, if his wife was a snake, I'd say he took care of the problem



This what happened to greedy women
by: iseeubad 06/23/06 11:57 am
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When a gold digger married and rich man, she thought she hit a jackpot until she found herself death.



All the money in the world cant replace
by: bobdylan313 06/23/06 11:49 am
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your kids being unfairly taken from fathers lives



by: iblack14020 (F/NY) 06/23/06 11:45 am
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You will see more and more of this unti
by: bobdylan313 06/23/06 11:44 am
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until fathers are treated equally in divorces



by: monty2132 (39/M) 06/23/06 11:43 am
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Obviously that bitch got more than she deserved, and he was willing to give it all up to "reverse" the court's decision. The system is broken.



Fathers are second class citizens
by: bobdylan313 06/23/06 11:44 am
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the courts are evil



One more dead CUNT
by: bobdylan313 06/23/06 11:46 am
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Hire OJ's Law Team
by: ikekrull (37/M) 06/23/06 11:39 am
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If OJ can cut his wifes head off and get away with it, why not this guy?



Guess She Won't Be Getting Any Alimony!
by: rancherfromhell 06/23/06 11:27 am
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1 recommendation

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More Comments On Courts and Darren Mack From Legal Reader

Note the complaints from two men who are angry that they did not get their way in court. One of them is the leader of a fathers' rights group. He gives excuses for why Darren Mack stabbed his wife to death and shot court personnel. Blame "the system", as always. These guys get angry when their senses of entitlement are threatened. That's why they lobby so heavily for presumptive joint physical custody, and they get very angry when those bills always fail.


Comments: Reno Judge Shot In Courthouse

Whenever I hear of a judge being shot, I think "if only...if only...", hoping the incident happened in Santa Barbara, a town which evidently tops popular lists of Worst Judges Ever in California. It's too bad some guy finally acted on the homicide fantasies some of us are reduced to in our frustration with a capricious dishonorable bottomfeeder of law school judiciary.
"The tree of liberty is watered by the blood of tyrants."
Posted by mzfitz at June 13, 2006 01:13 PM


In regards to the shooting of Family Court Judge Weller, it is a shame that people sometimes reach a point of feeling hopeless and decide to take the law into their own hands.

It is often said that the children are hurt and caught in the middle of divorce. This will certainly be one of those extreme and very sad cases.

When litigants are run through the family court bureaucracy like cattle, they become more than emotionally upset; sometimes they appear to be insane. That is understandable when a person's family and finances are ripped apart and they are dragged through a sluggish, inept family court.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a common illness that occurs from the legal abuse one is subjected to during protracted family court litigation.

After spending more than a decade trying and failing to reform the family court system in Clark County, and being denied fatherhood for no apparent reason, I learned first-hand that the corruption runs deep and equal rights is non-existent. Family court divides and destroys families for profit.

To the readers that don't understand how family court actually operates, one day you or a loved one will find out. Then you will be looking for some lawyer or activist group to help you. It would be better to recognize the problem now, and get involved in reform.

Last year, family court judges lobbied against the the equal rights for parents bill and it was dismissed by our lawmakers. The family court judges clearly control the Nevada Legislature, as well as our families.

Alan DiCicco, Founder
Coalition for Family Court Reform
PO Box 7013
Kingman, AZ 86402
Posted by Alan DiCicco at June 14, 2006 02:34 PM

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More Ugly Comments From Legal Reader

My readers might recognize one of these comments. A poster from Legal Reader came to my blog, and posted what he claims are Mack's financial statements in my comments. I don't believe anyone who supports Darren Mack. It's likely that Mack is hiding assets.

Legal Reader has also learned that Mack has been captured. There was one reply to that comment, from a guy who still thinks Mack was justified in fighting "the system".

These people are horrendous.



Posted by Reno Dadster at June 21, 2006 03:51 PM


ouch i know his chest is hurting...,but to be serious,when you order a wife or a man to pay 10,000 a month to their ex for alimony that is like rape, No one likes knowing there being screwed,bill gates is a billionair and 10.000 dollars is nothing to him,but i bet even he would not want to give a hundred dollars to some one he thinks does not deserve it.So i look at it like this.If a couple gets a divorce there is no way the lady or the man should get 10,000 a month.now the lady or man should not live like a bum,maybe 3,500 a month. i live in nyc and live off that and nyc is way more expensive than reno nevada.

What is this world coming to? Basically a lady can cheat on you with your best friend dump you and then get a monthly check if she wanted to, but anyway mr.mack was financially well off,but what peaple fail to realize is that there a guys making 25,000 a year and is forced to give half of it up because the lady was no longer happy,thats bull.Us guys we need to stand up.we are forced to pay some ridiculous alimony payments most of the times. to make my point google paul mccartneys divorce and see how much he had to pay his ex becouse she no longer loves him.Mr.weller if u read this i hope your chest gets better....hehehe

Posted by my chest hurts at June 21, 2006 03:54 PM


a lady should not get a alimony check of 10,000 a month unless she has like 10 kids to take care of,if you want get paid like that go to college and be a doctor.I have to agree that is rape no matter what the situation. 5,000 the max for any case.
Posted by kim at June 21, 2006 03:57 PM


Obviously those who compare a court judgement to rape, have never had to endure, or nurse someone back from the physical and emotonal trauma of rape victims. Darren Mack was not "raped", unless it happened at one of his swinging sessions. He was unable to cope with not having things go his way, but that is not rape.
Posted by Carol at June 21, 2006 04:20 PM


id rather be raped once than go to family court 12 times in a year
Posted by not a brokeback at June 21, 2006 05:39 PM


i do believe the word "rape" more describes the psycological and emotional violation than it does the actual physical event. it is possible that Mr.Mack was "raped" by the system. i too have felt mentally and morrally "raped" by the system.(sorry for the spelling, but hey who's perfect?)
Posted by justmy.02 at June 21, 2006 06:22 PM


Main Entry: rape
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): raped; rap·ing
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin rapere
1 a archaic : to seize and take away by force b : DESPOIL
2 : to commit rape on
Posted by justmy.02 at June 21, 2006 06:28 PM


Marriage is fucking STUPID!

haha the more I think about it the more these poor dudes are getting what they deserve (on some level).
I agree that being ordered by a judge to pay your EX-SPOUSE (THAT YOU DIVORCED BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE EACH OTHER ANY MORE) $10,000 PER MONTH is equivalent to ass rape. I wouldn't really know since I've never been ass-raped, but I imagine it would SUCK! Just like I imagine paying your enemy $10,000 a month would SUCK! I'm not sure which would be worse. I don't care how much the dude makes. If Donald Trump divorces you, that does not entitle you to JACK SHIT as far as I'm concerned. Unless you were directly involved in making that money, you shouldn't get shit. Now if you were involved, then you would surely have shares of stock or part ownership in the company you helped build.

Now, the reason I say these guys are getting a little of what they deserve is because they made the decision to get MARRIED. HELLO. Like I posted a few days ago (under "Darren's myspace account" I think), marriage is totally stupid...for men. I'm a man, and I see how bad you guys have it. The guys on here complaining...man I'm all on your side. I hope to God you don't get screwed over in court. If I were a woman, I would get fake tits, plastic surgery, fake tan, whatever it takes to get married to a rich guy, then I would cheat on him (with guys like me), and divorce him, claiming I was beaten, assaulted, and emotionally abused over the past 15 months (I wouldn't stay married much longer than that, just enough to make a strong case), but have grown accustomed to the lifestyle, and demand that I be given the Merceds Benz SL that he bought for me as a gift, that I get to keep the $100,000 of jewelry he's given me, that I get to keep the $1 million house, but need him to cover all the bills, and require at least $50,000 a month alimony (or more depending on how rich he is).

Goddamn marriage in America is the stupidest thing ever for men.

I'm sorry, but NO pussy is worth that much. Easpecially in Nevada!! lol Damn, you guys can go down to the legal brothels there, get all the sex you're willing to pay for with ZERO of the emotional baggage and drama, ZERO chance of the bitch stealing your money or accusing you of abuse, and you can be with a new, HOT, different girl EVERY time!

Really, I recommend just dating a lot of women, but if you're not good with women, or can't get hot ones, then yeah, use the brothels, and you'll be better off than getting married.

Marriage leads to demasculation for men. Basically they are paying for pussy too, but it's with the same old hag every time, and it costs MORE! How much would old Darren Mack have had to pay for pussy? Well, let's see, after marriage, you get sex, what once or twice a month? How many years were the married? I don't know but lets say 10. Let's round up and say they had sex 200 times while married. No, let's round up even more. Let's say 500 times, which ends up equally about once a week.

Now let's just compute the alimony and costs over the next ten years. We won't even consider the payments past that, or all the tens or hundreds of thousands he spent on her during marriage.

So $10,000/month for 10 years is 1 million two hundred thousand dollars! Plus she gets a million dollar house, plus all costs, which we'll say is another $1,000 a month. We won't add up the child support---that's the only thing the judge did that was close to right.

So when all is said and done, over the next ten years, Darren would have paid out WELL OVER TWO MILLION DOLLARS for having sex 500 times. And that doesn't even include the appreciation the house will probably have. That may be a $2 million dollar house in 10 years.

So $2,000,000 for 500 sex sessions equals $4000 for each time he had sex!! Dudes, do the math!! It ain't worth it. I guarantee you can find it cheaper than that, and with new different girls. He was paying that out for the same woman.

Now people are going to argue with me, saying "well, what about 'love'?" It's all love, and you can't buy love and happiness, and children. Okay, fine, live in your little dream world believing that.
But I'm here to tell you that you CAN be in love with a woman AND even have kids without EVER getting married to her, and handing over your balls and manhood. Married men have become the EMOTIONAL TAMPONS for their American wives. Welcome to the American dream boys. No wonder so many foreigners are able to come to the states and thrive...they have good women and they stay together, and both have vested interests in seeing their business work. For American-born men, most of their wives are total lazy dependants sucking the dudes dry.

That said, the rest of you guys have been warned. Get married and be willing to face the repercussions. Or just keep her as your girlfriend, verbally commit to her, and live happily ever after, without having to shell out MILLIONS of DOLLARS when she decides she's not happy, or when you decide you are ready for a new woman.
Posted by wannabe lawyer at June 21, 2006 06:39 PM


amusing post. i think ive paid about 1000 for each experience(none of which i really remember). something you seem to be immune from(to your benefit) is the feminization of the american male. this government/media/hollywood/communist plot is irrelevent if you get a sweet devoted lady(which i have now) but you're in a world of crap if you get a bad one and then get to court. you're right that some guys are so stupid to marry someone with big issues(i got her pregnant,did THE RIGHT THING) and lost a ton of $ and sanity. i take responsibility for my stupidity and so should have darren mack. my only complaints about the courts have been regarding childhood safety, never money.

by the way, there are just as many sweet women that marry horrible men and get tortured mentally and physically. many of them get royally fucked in court because the judge has to figure out if abuse allegations are true or is this another phony claim to get back at the guy(as darren mack alleged). there need to be serious penalties for false accusations so thevreal ones get dealt with. the false accusers get a slap on the wrist.
Posted by oversight at June 21, 2006 07:05 PM


Here is the real numbers as was given to me in documents by Darren himself. Don´t let the fancy BS done by the attorneys fool you in the court motions. Remember most if not all has been falsely documented. I saw the real financial and bank records myself.

The order said¨.

44,000 income
15,000 income taxes that no-one remembered that had to be taken out. Remember income taxes?
29,000 left after taxes
10,000 spousal support as per Weller´s order
19,000 left after spousal support
14,000 all those items that were listed on the order by Weller but not put into dollars. Just the 2 morgages were 9,000 a month. I have seen the bank records.
5000 left after paying all the bills ordered to be paid by Weller.
849 child support for one child
1000 child support to the previous wife for another child.
3151 left after child support
6000 in interest paymts and other expences that Weller did not address in his order but had to be paid. Can´t tell the bank Weller said I don´t have to pay.
-2849 left after bills that must be paid that Weller did not address.
15000 a month for attys fees to fund a war that he tried to settle many times rather than go BK.
-17,849 left after attys fees. Remember Darren has yet to spend $1 on rent, food, gas, car, support one child full time that lived with him and one child that lived with him half time.
6000 a month for all the above. Darren had a minus cashflow of

$-23,849 per month

based on Judge Weller´s order. Live with that for 2 years!! and see if you need to file BK. Get a grip people.

So here it is in simple form. Weller a man making $44,000 a month to pay $61,849 before he got $1 to live on himself and to take care of his children when they lived with him. You make your own conclusion of fairness.

Remember criminals like Charla´s atty Shawn Meador and bought and paid for Judges can make anything look reasonable in court docs. The real test is how does it play out when you have to write the check and balance the checkbook. Don´t be fooled by the surface level BS. I have seen the bank records.
Posted by mark at June 21, 2006 07:53 PM


Oh, now I understand why he killed her and tried to take out a judge. Completely warranted.
Posted by October at June 21, 2006 08:16 PM


Not warranted but enough to make you go insane.
Posted by expose at June 21, 2006 09:02 PM


October and all who can't see past the murder-

Of course the murder is not warranted, nor in any way justified!

mark in no way implied that...

99%+ of us will agree with you on that.

The point is: many of the orders that get handed down in Family Court are not warranted either. This may likely be the root of the problem in the Mack case.

And, unless you have a printing press in your basement, given orders to pay out any amount of money that you do not have and each month WILL MAKE YOU CRAZY- and, as Reno witnessed last Monday, crazy to the point of becoming homicidal if the person making the orders is ignoring all the evidence you are presenting over and over, month after month. And going to court month after month is costing you even more of the money that you do not have in legal fees to defend yourself against the impossible orders.

We all know the murder and attempted murder are crimes. While that is a valid point, it is only one of the issues in this situation.

To keep another murder from taking place, the injustices taking place in Family Court need to be addressed. That is a bigger point now. No one can change the events of last Monday.

Good people don't normally just snap for no reason. Not that Darren Mack's reasons were all that good... but what may seem weak reasons to us may have been very real reasons to him.

Sometimes when a good person is made to feel irrelevent and like there is no other way out of a situation, they will snap and do the unthinkable, things they would normally see as being wrong.

I know our society only wants to see criminals for the horrible monsters they are made out to be; that makes them easier to understand and cast aside. Many times they are monsters; sometimes they are not. Sometimes they are almost as much of a victim as their own victims are.

It would do us good to stand back and realize they are someone's kid or someone's brother or sister; they may even be someone's parent. Many times someone has once loved or still does love them.

But we don't like to; it makes us uncomfortable to see these terrible monsters as actually being human.

We need to ask what went wrong. We need to understand the 'what went wrong' to keep it from going wrong again.

Think about your own income. Add $25,000 to it. Imagine you have to pay that to someone you perceive as being unworthy or just someone who will not let you get out of it. Then realize there is a court order that says you have to pay that money; if you don't, you are headed to jail. Up to this point, you have done nothing criminally wrong, yet you are being treated like a criminal and worse yet the only person who can change it for you is not listening. Then come to the realization that everything you have and have worked for everyday of your life is slowly being taken away from you. Each day you work hard, but somehow each day you have less. Eventually, you will have nothing. Worse still, less than nothing. Soon you will owe more than you had to start with. You won't live enough lifetimes to get out from under it...

That would not make you crazy?

It would do it for me.
Posted by C'mon people... at June 21, 2006 09:10 PM


One of the best things I ever saw was a child rapist being transported/extridited through and airport terminal. The childs dad walks up and shoots the bastard dead. The dad gets off.

Would our court system have punished a demon like that, no!! 10 yrs max for an incurable problem destined to destroy more lives.

Not the same as with Mack but he was royally fucked by a bribed/or so they say/ judge. There needs to be appeals to a higher judge in cases where there has been a travesty of justice to avoid INSANITY BY UNJUST COURT RULING which is what I think got him thinking murder. Everyone has a breaking point, sooner or later we'll have an eminant domain killing like the Stephen King short story, is this the first divorce judge shot by a guy who felt hed lost everything? Who speaks for people ruined by the legal system. Will Mack be put into history as a pathologic murderer and no one cares why he did it or is he a tragic victim who lost all self control because he saw no other to make things just. Will anyone hold bad judges accountable for errors or outright crimes before we have another man driven to destroy lives because he felt his own wasnt worth living.
Posted by amen to that c'mon at June 21, 2006 09:45 PM


mark , pretty heavy figures. the average person might not understand how the judge could not do the math. did he believe the abuse charges? was he upset about the different financial records that darren presented? was he appalled by the swinger lifestyle? did he owe that lawyer more favors? how much did the lawyer contribute to his election? what were the judges words to darren when the monetary discrepancies were pointed out? the full story will come out. people dont feel sorry about 10K out of 44K as the media spins it but you have have made some valid points for your friend or acquaintance being despondent about the rulings if your figures are correct and you have your numbers down to the dollar. if you have any of the answers to my questions id love to know. one way or the other this guys story should be told, thanks for the details. also do you think the richard gammick posts are really from him. mr gammick is supposed to be an honorable man, lets hope this doesnt end with more violence.
Posted by oversight at June 21, 2006 10:47 PM


Man, I'd be pissed too. Going from a very nice income to negative cash flow! F*ck that!

A guy spends his life building up a respectable business, generating a decent income that he can be proud of, buy a nice home with, live a nice life, and BOOM! A divorce takes it ALL away just like that...and the person taking it is his ex-wife, who (and I don't know this part of the story) most likely did NOTHING to build that business?? If she was a critical component of building that business to where it is, then she she should have a part ownership, and they could have it appraised, and he could buy out her portion, and call it good.

Seriously this makes me pissed when I see those numbers. If this judge really was crooked, and is too narrow-minded or prejudiced to look at the evidence in cases, then he needs to go. Yeah, violence is not the answer, but now that Weller's been shot, hopefully we're rid of him, and he won't be allowed back on the bench.

What are we doing voting for judges and having them run election campaigns anyways?? It just doesn't sound right. I know that's how it is, but maybe the system needs to be changed. ANY campaign contribution to a judge can be seen as bribery as far as I'm concerned.
Posted by wannabe lawyer at June 21, 2006 10:59 PM


That is just one order. The first financial order that was posted is just one of 20 or more things that were Nazi like against Darren. By the way anyone who understands the law would know that he couldn't appeal until the entire case was finished including custody and the divorce decree issues. That is why those two things were stratigically put off by Shawn Meador into the future so as to keep Darren from any protection from another court. It is my understanding that he was in the middle of an emergency writ but those are very rarely issued.

They make up rules and they are the umpires so when they are crooked like in this case one has absolutely no chance at coming out without being robbed broke, put into BK, jailed, extorting the people around you, and then kidnapping your children. There is one place where one has no constitutional rights and that is in the 4 walls of the divorce court. It is just legalized organized crime.

It was not just with Darren but read fatherunite.org and you will see hundreds of stories of the crimes that divorce industry are inflicting on mostly men thoughtout this country. They are plain out crimes. Read them and weep for crimes being waged against mostly men in this country.
Posted by Mark at June 22, 2006 11:11 AM

MARK!Thanks for making the financial situation clear for those who just don't get it!
Posted by S. at June 22, 2006 11:48 AM


Mark, your points are good ones, but it's going to be hell to convince the general public. Have you thought of sending a letter to the editor of the RGJ with this financial breakdown?
Posted by October at June 22, 2006 12:03 PM


RGJ is not interested in the truth, anymore than any other news media. The divorce papers are public information, yet no one is referring to them before writing their news stories, which are filled with incorrect information.
Posted by S. at June 22, 2006 12:29 PM


Mark you're right about the media not giving a crap. RGJ is severely feminized and spins things accordingly
Posted by expose at June 22, 2006 02:06 PM


So much for trust. What Now? Call me.
Posted by Richard Gammick at June 22, 2006 02:08 PM


That comment was posted by me, "a female" ! But I do agree the "system" is biased against men.
Posted by S. at June 22, 2006 02:09 PM


Mr. Gammick is refering to Darren going back on his word to turn himself in to police, in Mexico.
Posted by S. at June 22, 2006 02:12 PM


Any word, Mr.Gammick???
Posted by S. at June 22, 2006 02:57 PM


Has it occured to anyone on this blog that Mr. Gammick is posting things to Mack via this blog for a reason? I bet one of these people who have been posting is acually Mr. Mack. If this is true, and Mr. Mack you are reading this - please listen to Mr. Gammick, he said he was a long time friend of yours, I will bet you can trust him. Also, could you give us a hint as to which posts were yours? Just curious. Please turn yourself in!I am sure your children are worried about their dad. Think of them and not yourself.
Posted by OMGOSH! at June 22, 2006 04:41 PM


Man, if I was Darren and reading this, I would keep on going. He's got nothing but troubles ahead...like life in prison, possibly death penalty. I don't blame him for not turning himself in. He already got ass raped by Judge Weller, and you expect him to turn himself in to get ass raped again, for the next 30 years by big hairy dudes? I don't think so.

I would learn to speak spanish, buy a little villa in nicarauga or somewhere far away. Hell, I'd move to Vietnam or Thailand. I'd find some dude in Mexico to send mail to, and that guy could send it on to his kids in the states, to maintain his anonymity.
Posted by wannabe lawyer at June 22, 2006 07:10 PM


Does anyone know about the steroid rage rumors. lots of gym time, major muscle gain over 6 mo?
Does anyone think a judge shooter is going to get a fair shake in Reno or anywhere? Could someone promise him no death penalty in writing? He clearly went nuts but theres enough stuff to pin a premedidation on the second crime. Wont the judge call in every chip hes got to fry this guy? I doubt the judge feels guilty that his decisions are part of why this happened but maybe he does and will have some forgiveness for a guy that tried to kill him. I doubt Darren is excited about relying on the mercy of any Washoe court system righf now. Any input welcome
Posted by expose at June 22, 2006 07:11 PM


Thanks DB, No surprise that my ex's lawyer is on there...

Mark-Thank you for breaking it down for us, we will never see that on the news.
Posted by Thankful at June 22, 2006 07:12 PM


OHMGOSH!-I think its "C'mon People" and I agree
Posted by maybe at June 22, 2006 07:31 PM


Who says "Gosh"?

Totally Gay. I mean that in a non-sexual harassment sort of way. lol

Yeah, you guys are definitely in Reno.
Posted by wannabe lawyer at June 22, 2006 07:44 PM


I bet you are right about C'mon people. That maybe an accurate portrayal of his psyche even if its not him
Posted by expose at June 22, 2006 08:47 PM


OMGOSH! You may be the smartest person on the blog! You'll have Mack back....soon. Reno is safe once again. :)
Posted by :) at June 22, 2006 11:49 PM


interesting day.the national news is potraying him as a monster who killed his wife in front of his kid. it would seem more likely that he was driven insane by the legal system. my own axe to grind is that the truth about the family court procedures here need be seen as part of this travesty. unless he disappears for good or dies soon his version of this will come out. i think he has posted on this site too. certainly some of his friends have. there truly has not been enough said about what drove him mad.
Posted by oversight at June 22, 2006 11:49 PM


mack turned himself in and is being transported back to reno today
Posted by justmy.02 at June 23, 2006 06:59 AM


i certainly hope the truth comes out about everything that has been alleged to take place in his courtroom.(weller) it would absolutly be a travesty to focus entirely on exposing mack to be an animal and just sweep everything else under the rug, but we know birds of a feather flock together. the judicial system is most likely not going to work very hard at exposing one of thier brothers.
Posted by justmy.02 at June 23, 2006 07:06 AM

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Darren Mack Wants His Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

Darren Mack had allegedly contacted a reporter, demanding that he'd turn himself in if he could speak live on television about the "Nazi attitude" of the court system. He still thinks he can bully his way into getting what he wants. The reporter misspelled his wife's name. It's "Charla", not "Darla".

I wonder if Dean Tong will still have contact with him, now that he has been captured? Will Tong make excuses for him?

I found this post at Stand Your Ground. One of my trolls, Fraud, is really bluegrass, who has bashed me over there in a new post.

Bold below highlights Mack's most bone-headed demands.


Santa Maria, Thursday was consummed trying to get
reputed fugitive Darren Roy Mack, who is thought to
be in Mexico to turn himself in to authorities.

Thursday Morning Darren R. Mack emailed
William Wagener, Producer of www.OnSecondThought.tv
and a local TV show in central Coast of California,
with a piece of information that confirmed his identity.

Authorities, including FBI & D.A. of Washoe County, Nevada,
and Reno PD, have been seeking Mr. Mack in connection to the
death of his estranged wife, Darla in Reno, and the shooting of
the judge, Charle Weller, who sat on their custody/divorce case.

William Wagener is the only person to have taped Darren Mack
on or about May 27, 2006, and another Reno dad in connection
with the reputed crooked acts of Judge Charles Weller nearly 2 weeks
before the events of June 12, when Judge Weller was shot through
his 3rd floor Window of the Courthouse. Mr. Mack had tried in vein for
months to get media attention to the blatantly unfair rulings of Judge
Weller, in his case and a dozen other cases.

In an undisclosed location in the East Bay area mountains, the interview
took place. Fearing Judge Weller might throw Darren Mack into
jail if the interview was broadcast before an appeal was tried, the tapes
were held by a 3rd party with intention to deliver only if Darren Mack was
in jail, dead, or incapacitated by acts related to Judge Wellers conduct.

Darren Mack and other Reno non custodial parents, NCP's, were tentatively scheduled to fly down to Santa Maria, CA, from Reno, Nevada, out of judge Wellers jurisdiction and do a better interview about June 12th to 15th, in a Community Access Studio.

Wagener delayed and indicated it would be better a week later. June 12, 2006, Darla Mack was killed and Judge Charles Weller shot on the third floor.

Yesterday, on Thursday, morning, William Wagener's On Second Thought,
received a reply from a request for Mack to prove he was not an impersonator.

Darren Mack was willing to turn himself in IF, he was allowed to speak on National Television, on the reputed crooked activities of Judge Charles Weller, and Mr. Mack had been talking to authority of D.A. of Washoe County for some days about conditions underwhich he would turn himself in and avoid any more bloodshed.

All day, Wagener emailed Mr. Macks first choice, Greta Van Sustern, and talked finally with her producer and then Greta, but Greta refused to take Wagener's confirmation and insisted that Darren Mack call her directly and prove he was the man police are looking for in Mexico and USA. Each time with a plea to turn himself in, after he got to say his piece to a national audience. Mr. Mack also indicated that Police had not kept all of their side of their arrangement in an email to Wagener, at OnSecond Thought.

At about 9:30 pm EST, Greta Van Sustern, held to the view that Mr. Mack who she had never met would have to prove his identity to her. Result, it did not happen. And the man hunt did not end, and risk that people may be injured by the man hunt and its termination, continues. An effort is being made now to contact European English speaking TV talk shows.

All Darren Macks seems to want is an opportunity to speak his peace BEFORE he surrenders.

Darren Mack also wants to expose the "Nazi" attitude of "Family Court" toward NCPs.

He claims to have devastating evidence against the Reno Court system and Judge Weller in particular. If so it could be a indictment of the Nevada Judicial system in total, with regards to "Family Court"

That all that stands between continued hunt, and the fugitive Mack turning himself in to authorities. Mack indicated that his side of the story, about corruption of Family Court is not be mentioned anywhere. What is clear, is On The Record, with Greta had a clear chance to end it, and set a standard that could not be met.

Post and republish as you wish.

William J. Wagener
TV Host & Producer of /\
www.OnSecondThought.TV /// \\\
805 928-1100"

Darren Mack already had his say when he stabbed his wife to death, shot the judge who heard his divorce case, and shot the judge's female colleague. He's an abusive bully who wants his demands to be met, even after he was a fugitive from the law. I hope that no reporter gives this asshat the time of day to "present his side". He's already presented his side. If the court doesn't meet his demands, he kills his wife and shoots court personnel.

K9 from Stand Your Ground commented about the reporter's claim. Did he jump down Mack's throat for killing his wife?


Did he jump down Mack's throat for shooting the judge and the judge's co-worker?

Not a chance.

He went on a "the system is corrupt" rant. Here's what he wrote:

"Does anybody think Greta is going to allow anything on her show that would implicate the feminist controlled family court system? The only reform bimbos like her want are harsher penalties and less or no visitation for fathers.

Greta is a feminist hack."

What a bunch of great guys!

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Darren Mack Has Been Captured!

I have just received word that Darren Mack has been captured. He stabbed his wife to death, and shot a judge and the judge's female colleague. The judge had heard his case, and Mack most likely didn't get the sole custody he demanded. So he went on a murder and shooting rampage.

Fathers' rights activists have been cheering him on since he fled after the murder and shootings. I wonder what they'll have to say now that he's been captured?

Posted on June 23, 2006 at 11:33 AM | Permalink | Comments (4)

June 17, 2006

Darren Mack Hired Fathers' Rights "Trial Consultant" Dean Tong As His Legal Consultant

Update - July 2, 2006: I'm getting lots of Google hits on this post. I wanted to make sure the Google people read my other post about Dean Tong and Darren Mack. He wrote an editorial for a Nevada newspaper that was published. Tong had again tried to explain away his involvement with Mack, still excusing the murder and shooting he committed on "the system". I think Tong is just trying to get attention for having met Darren Mack. He's a publicity hound.


Update - June 19, 2006: Dean Tong has also appeared on CNN to talk about the Darren Mack case. He was interviewed by Nancy Grace, from CNN. He once again made excuses for Mack, and backpedaled around his support for the "fine, upstanding citizen" Darren Mack who stabbed his wife to death, shot a judge, and shot one of the judge's female colleagues. The two women are getting very little press. All the media attention and fathers' rights complaints are about Mack shooting the judge. I guess when women are injured and killed, they aren't as important as shooting a judge.

I'm sorry, but you can't base a judgment on something as important as a custody case based solely on having breakfast with a guy whose wife claims he beat her up. Tong says Mack "didn't appear to me to be a risk to his child or his wife" - and he based that statement over meeting him over breakfast.

Also notice that Grace attacks the victim - the woman who Mack stabbed to death - in reporting some of her statements in court documents. Remember that it was Darren Mack who stabbed Charla Mack to death, not the other way around. It's almost as if Grace wants to give the impression that Charla Mack's actions and statements were responsible for her own murder. That's right, blame the victim for her own murder.

Tong again made it sound as if Mack's "losing" everything was responsible for his murder of his ex-wife and his shooting of a judge and the judge's female colleague. Tong said "He was worried that he was losing access to his now 8-year-old daughter. He was getting financially destroyed. Obviously, there was a lot of money on the table here."

Note how much of the discussion is about money. Mack is a very wealthy man.

Remember that Dean Tong's organization "The Abuse Excuse", exists to help men accused of domestic violence and child abuse beat the charges (pun intended).

Here is what Tong had to say about Mack on CNN:

GRACE: To Dean Tong. He is a forensic trial consultant, and he consulted with Darren Mack during the divorce proceedings. Welcome, Mr. Tong. Thank you for being with us. I've taken a look at some letters that you say came from the suspect, Darren Mack -- very, very disturbing. What were the grounds of the divorce? Why is this guy so mad?

DEAN TONG, TRIAL CONSULTANT FOR DARREN MACK: Thanks for having me, Nancy. The grounds were incompatibility, irreconcilable differences, mental cruelty, domestic abuse. They just could not mediate. They could not work it out. They tried to do so, and it became a very contentious, protracted custody battle.

GRACE: What exactly were her complaints about him?

TONG: Well, she had made allegations of domestic violence, that he had hit her. I had him tested by one of my psychologists, and the results of those findings and conclusions were that he had no propensity to be the monster that she was pinging him to be. I met the man last July in a Las Vegas hotel. We had breakfast together, and he certainly didn't appear to me to be a risk to his child or his wife. So I mean, this is totally beyond surreal for me.

But basically, she was angry that -- she thought he could not be a fit father for their daughter, and she wanted to be the primary custodian of the child.

GRACE: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Mr. Tong -- with us, Dean Tong, he is a forensic trial consultant -- what do you mean? You can't go into court and say, He's not a fit daddy? Why is he not a fit father? What exactly are her allegations?

TONG: It was mainly, `He said, she said," Nancy. And you know, it was basically going to boil down to be a battle of the experts. Unfortunately, the last six months, I became incommunicado with the defense team, so I'm not privy to what the final things were done by his defense team.


GRACE: I want to go back to Dean Tong, the forensic trial consultant who actually consulted with the murder suspect, Darren Mack, a well-known businessman there in the Reno area. I've got to -- taking a look at a letter that you claim Mack had sent you -- I guess it's in the divorce proceedings team -- a lot of complaints, a lot of accusations, they would ruin each other financially. One threatened to maim the other physically and put their body parts in a freezer. I mean, are you familiar with these documents that you faxed to our show?

TONG: Yes, I am.

GRACE: OK. I'm going to ask you again if you could be more specific about why they wanted a divorce.

TONG: Well, there were allegations of Darren's propensity toward this alternative lifestyle -- swingers, if you will. She went along with that, apparently, for a while, and then she became angry with that. And that was one of the issues in the complaint for the dissolution of marriage.

GRACE: I'm also seeing, aside from allegations of swinging on his part, the threat that she would cut his private parts off and put them in a freezer. Did you read that?

TONG: I did not see that in specific, Nancy, no.

GRACE: Well, it's in the documents that you sent us. Also, "I will ruin you financially if you ever leave me. I will make your life a living hell." This was not a happy couple. This is a bitter divorce proceeding. What did you advise this guy to do?

TONG: Well, first of all, I`m not his attorney, so I only can work with him to basically counsel him to have the attorney play out my strategy in court. I advised him to go for testing. He went through the testing. He took the HCR-20 and the Cappy (ph). There was no propensity toward physical child abuse or domestic violence. We were going to get a custody evaluator to evaluate the father and the mother and the child. I don't know if that happened. He was worried that he was losing access to his now 8-year-old daughter. He was getting financially destroyed. Obviously, there was a lot of money on the table here.

GRACE: How much money are we talking about?

TONG: We're talking about seven to eight figures.

GRACE: Whew! Let`s go to the lines. Eileen in Florida. Hi, Eileen.


GRACE: Yes. I want to go back to Dean Tong, forensic trial consultant. What did this judge do that made Mack so furious? What did he say from the bench? What did he rule to make Mack so angry?

TONG: Nancy, I'm not privy to the final judgment of the court, but I have to assume that Charla was awarded sole physical custody, that she -- like your guest earlier alluded to...

GRACE: Right.

TONG: ... she was getting at least $10,000 in spousal support a month, plus child support.

GRACE: Yes, well, this guy had millions of dollars, so I`m not so sure that $10,000 is that much.

TONG: And plus at least -- right. Plus at least half of his business. Now, arguably, he was making about $44,000 a month.

Update : Dean Tong uses the penile plethysmograph test, which is unreliable in ascertaining child sexual abuse. This test measures male sexual arousal. This article describes its many problems, including that it is not admitted in court under Daubert, which means that the test is scientifically unreliable. The test is "subject to fakery and voluntary control by test subjects..." That doesn't stop false allegations proponents from using it.

The use of this test, plus the current disaster of the Darren Mack case, make me wonder how many abusers have been able to get away with their behavior when "trial consultants" are used in domestic violence and child abuse cases.


I'm long familiar with Dean Tong. He's a fathers' rights activist. He runs The Abuse Excuse, a web site for men who claim that they have been falsely accused of domestic violence and child abuse. He has set himself up as a trial consultant for false allegations cases. Tong abides by the belief that women frequently file false allegations of domestic violence and child abuse. That's not true. Bona fide false allegations of abuse are rare. They are no more common in the context of a divorce and custody case than they are in the general population.

Tong has written books, some self-published because no publisher would touch them, and he sells them to angry men who want to get back at their ex's when their ex's accuse them of domestic violence and child abuse.

I have met Tong in person. I was hanging out with a woman colleague, practically hanging on her arm because I didn't know anybody else at the conference. I'm shy. Bet you weren't expecting that - Trish The Pit Viper is shy in real life. Smiley_grin. If I know only one person in the room, I'm likely to hang out with that person. My colleague had told me that later Tong had told people that we were lesbians! I never laughed so hard in my life.

Tong has had a poor relationship with his daughter. He was accused of child sexual abuse, and spent thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Remember the Elian Gonsalez case from many years ago? That was the one about the boy from Cuba whose mother drowned when she tried to get to Florida by way of boat. Her son Elian was with her, but he survived. Elian's Miami relatives fought for custody. His father, living in Cuba, wanted him returned to him. I thought that his father should get custody. Dean Tong and a few other fathers' rights activists latched onto the case to gain media attention.

Tong may get more media attention now, but not the kind that he'd like.

Now, Tong represents fathers who claim to have been falsely accused of domestic violence and child abuse. He is the epitome of fathers' rights. Lots of abusive men who want to get away with their abuse hire men like Dean Tong to help them win their cases. This is where it gets interesting.

Darren Mack had hired him as his legal consultant. Yes, the same Darren Mack who had stabbed his ex-wife to death, and shot the judge who decided his case against him in the chest. Mack is now a fugitive, hiding from the law. He is considered armed and dangerous.

That job is now biting Dean Tong on the ass. Here is a portion of an interview he had on the Rita Cosby show. Notice that Tong is being very cagey about how he didn't see that Mack was an angry and violent man, even though he had "his expert" conduct forensic tests. He said that Mack seemed like a "fine, upstanding citizen". They even ate breakfast together! It's so easy to tell a guy is a "fine, upstanding citizen" over a helping of pancakes and coffee.

This "fine, upstanding citizen" murdered his wife. He stabbed her until she was dead.

Tong had sent Mack to his expert on "domestic violence and physical child abuse propensity tests". Just what kind of expert was this? Someone who sides with men accused of abuse? That's what The Abuse-Excuse is all about. Women supposedly use abuse as an "excuse" to get their way in divorce and custody cases. Dean Tong is their to protect all of the men accused of abuse from this supposedly rampant practice.

Tong was actually trained as an emergency medical technician. He has no business being a "trial consultant". Now, a woman is dead, and a judge is injured. This is bad news.

This makes me wonder how many other "fine, upstanding citizens" Tong helps get around their domestic violence and child abuse allegations...

Also notice this statement he made: "You know, this was a situation where he—he wasn‘t going to take justice delayed is justice denied.  He felt like the fox was guarding the henhouse. And—and he wanted justice now. " He's giving excuses for why Darren Mack stabbed his ex-wife to death and shot a judge in the chest. "Justice delayed and justice denied ... he wanted justice now." If Darren Mack had been given what he wanted in court, his ex-wife would still be alive and the judge wouldn't have a bullet hole in him.

Dean Tong is yet another example of someone who is making money from the "divorce industry" who shouldn't make a red cent. There are lots of people out there making money from divorce and custody cases. "Forensic consultants", with unregulated training, are one example.

Boys and girls, can you say damage control??? Eek

Let me bring in forensic trial consultant Dean Tong, who Mack hired for his
custody case, and two people who worked with Mack, John Ohl, and also Robert
Cheesebrew.  Both of them worked with him. 

Now, Dean, let me start with you. 

You—you worked with him on this consulting issue.  Did you see anything in
there in his behavior that he had any violent tendencies?  I understand
there were even some tests done. 


I met the man last July.  He seemed like a fine, upstanding citizen.  We
shook hands.  We had breakfast together.  We talked on the phone many times
before I even came out to Vegas to see him, or vice-versa.

COSBY:  And what about these tests?  Tell us about these tests.

TONG:  Yes. 

He was subjected by my expert to domestic violence and physical child abuse
propensity tests.  And he passed the same with flying colors.  So, there was
nothing there to give us any forewarning he was a ticking time bomb ready to

COSBY:  Was there anything at all about his behavior, even in, you know,
recent weeks at all?

TONG:  Well, unfortunately, Rita, I‘m only as good as the attorneys who work
with me. 

And this became a case of incommunicado.  The attorneys and—and Darren Mack
failed to communicate with me over the past six months or so.  I...

COSBY:  But you said to one of our producers that he didn‘t seem like
himself recently.  What was it? 

TONG:  Well, the psychologist, whose name I—I cannot disclose at this time,
did talk to him and his attorney a few months ago.  And he said he sounded
like on the phone like he was distressed, like he was distraught. 

COSBY:  Like someone who might snap? 

TONG:  I don‘t want to use that word.  But, certainly, the case was going
south.  He was losing access to his daughter.  He was losing his fortune. 

You know, this was a situation where he—he wasn‘t going to take justice
delayed is justice denied.  He felt like the fox was guarding the henhouse. 
And—and he wanted justice now. 

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The Legal Reader On Judge Weller - Part II

Here are a few more of the more notable comments from The Legal Reader. Note the demand for presumptive joint custody and the claim that courts are routinely biased against fathers.


In my professional career, I've had occasion to provide services for "domestic specialist" attorneys and, later, for a family court judge.

Because my services often required me to be in an around their offices while they conducted business, I gained a certain insight into the mechanics of divorce, custody, child support, and so on.

The "mechanics" I describe do not necessarily track with the law, as written.

When my own marriage became nearly intolerable, and my spouse threatened to "leave and take the kids," I was reminded of remarks made by one such attorney who was now a family court judge.

He had said, in effect, that the law notwithstanding, the judge has the final say, and the outcome of a domestic case is less about the law and more about what the judge wants, and certainly not about what is "right" or moral.

A review of case outcomes (some involving people I knew) convinced me that my best shot was to keep the marriage together until the kids were out of the house. Statistically, my chances of winning were in single digits.

The ensuing 12 years was . . . interesting . . . in a water torture kind of way.

That a frustrated man would shoot a judge is, given some perspective, hardly surprising. Stupid, yes. Surprising, no. Desperation and hopelessness will lead men to do things that most of us can never get our heads around.

Some of us just tough it out, knowing that the system is rigged against us.

Shooting the judge misses the target. Stabbing the wife misses the target.

The system that fosters the inequities that destroy men's lives has too much inertia for one man (especially one whose means have just been gutted) to remedy, and the system is, sadly, not self-correcting.

A man's credibility, after a bad adverse ruling, is pretty much toast. Anyone hearing the complaint assigns it a "sour grapes" label and dismisses it.

Mack, from what I can discover, was a decent guy when times were good. Can't speak to his state of mind when times were bad.

Wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of that rather confiscatory claim ($10,000/month) from the wife. Evidently, neither did he.

But, like I said, shooting judge = stupid. There are less heinous things to be a fugitive about. He certainly had means, so he had better than even chance if he had just grabbed as much loot as he could and fled to a country with no extradition treaty. He'd still be a fugitive, but nobody would be dead and the cops wouldn't be in bloodhound mode.

The system as it stands may suck, but a smart man will figure out a better way to deal.

Sorry, Darren, you're on the wrong end of a Darwin equation.

~~ V
Posted by Vector at June 13, 2006 04:25 PM


The reason we have 3 branches of government is so they can limit each other. If the legislature passes laws that don't comport with the constitution(s), the judicial branch is supposed to tell them so and declare the law null and void because of it. With family law, the legislature has given judges unlimited descretionary power to do to people what they wish. people appearing in family courts have no constitutional rights or protections in their courtrooms. Judges can and do take your children, your assets, your self respect,privacy, liberty, and enslave you to another person for life via alimony. When you don't pay it they jail you without a jury trial or for lack of or in light of any evidence to the contrary. There have and continue to be suicides, murders, and violence of all sorts because of "family law". While the men of America were sleeping, the leftist feminists pushed this on us and continue to push it on us and it's time someone started saying enough is enough. The destruction of your life begins with a $30 state marriage license and ends with you killing your ex-wife and the judge who persecuted you.
Posted by Bob Sell at June 13, 2006 06:45 PM


In all these heated comments I'm glad to see a few examples of compassion and reason. Many people write to this blog without the courtesy they would muster for a stranger on the street... Try leaving the vitriol aside and offer comments with less passion and more reason.

Obviously, attempted murder and murder are completely unacceptable behavior and Mr. Mack will be held accountable and pay the price if he is guilty.

This case brings to front and center the highly emotional topic of "family justice", how it is practiced in America, and how ordinary law-abiding parents respond when their children are kidnapped from them (albeit "legally").

The pivotal issue is this: The present "family justice court" standard operating procedure is to provide initial outward signs of gender impartiality, but to issue rulings that manifest a high degree of unequal treatment towards men and women, with significant partiality paid to women. In fact, all sorts of things are paid to the woman, such as the family home, the preponderance of the family assets, etc., and this is justified by judges because the woman is the defacto custodian of the children (about 95% of the time), and anything that benefits the custodial parent (read: woman) then benefits the children. And we all want the best for our children, don't we?

So the judge has no moral qualm with applying the "gender neutral law" in a highly gender biased manner. Besides, if he didn't he wouldn't get re-elected; who's going to vote for a judge who earns a reputation for "being hard on women" in his court room? Of course, being hard on someone is usually just holding them accountable for their actions.

As a previous poster stated, "in custody disputes less than three percent of fathers win custody of the children. Joint custody is also only ordered less than five percent of the time. This means that ninety two percent of the time sole custody is awarded to the mother". These are accurate statistics.

This sad state of affairs is contrary to the 14th amendment of the US Constitution, which states:
Section 1. ... No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

The constitutional question is the issue of priority of the phrases "equal protection" or "protection of the laws".

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is based on the idea that that the "equal protection" of the citizens is the key value though worth of protection by the framers of the Constitution, such that to comply with this section laws must be passed that protect people equally, without respect to "race, color, religion, or national origin" (Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VII).

The only thing missing here is gender. This was added to the Civil Rights Act of 1991: (Sec. 107(a)In general. [This subsection amends section 703 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 2000e-2) by adding a new subsection (m), clarifying the prohibition against consideration of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin in employment practices.]

It is clear that in a just society "equal protection" should extend to all citizens.

Judges at the family court level don't make case law, they have to follow it, but they have a lot of room for discretion. The fundamental problem with the system is that, since these judges hold elective office, they have to worry about their public image in order to be re-elected. So as a general rule, they aren't going to be hard on women. And they really don't care about their image with men because the men don't band together like woman do and organize to redress such social injustices, they just bow their heads in disbelief and go back to work to try to earn all the money they have been ordered to pay.

On the bright side, they get to look forward to seeing their children for perhaps 1 day in a 2 week period, and that only if the mother allows it to happen, because judges won't punish a mother for failing to allow visitation. What can he do, put her in jail? (No: the children would be vulnerable); assess a fine? (No: the children might be hurt). But if the father fails to pay child support, well, now the judge can fine him without hurting the children, or throw him in jail (the children are safe with their mother).

The crazy thing is that most people in our society are completely unaware of how skewed the system is until they get chewed up and spit out by it. Female divorcees don't see it as a biased system because they are on the receiving side of the equation, and who wants to kill the goose that's laying golden eggs? And fathers who haven't yet had their children kidnapped from them tend to adopt the same line as do the women: that if divorced fathers don't have access to their children it must be due to their own actions, such as failing to pay their child support.

The only solution that truly is in "the best interests of the children" is a legislated default presumption of joint custody upon divorce. If one parent is unfit then the other side must prove it beyond a reasonable doubt before that parents rights to one-half of the parenting time can be taken away. If one parent is unable to keep the children for one half of the time, then the parenting time would be determined by negotiation.

Finally, custodial parents' failure to cooperate with (allow) visitation is more damaging to childrens lives than non-custodial parents' failing to pay child support dollars. Any discussion of "child support enforcement" must include equal discussion of "parenting time enforcement". And failure to cooperate with parenting time should require forfeiture of support money to the father. Anything else is "unequal protection".

Children need two parents, not one parent with a financial entitlement from the absent parent (absent by court order). It is paradoxical that social commentators deplore the modern crisis of "single parent families", when many if not most of these families have only one involved parent because that parent asked a judge for custody, and she gets it, and the father's parental role is then severely minimalized if not virtually terminated by the judge, especially if the mother then chooses to move away or out-of-state.

Single parent families are indeed a social crisis in America, but it's an artificial crisis created by elected politicians who promise things before election day but lack the guts to pass meaningful and fair family laws when actually in office (because there is no upside in it for their careers), and by judges who face re-election and who have limited legal options (due to lack of better guidance from the legislature) but who will never stick their neck out for fathers because there is no upside in it for their careers.

Certainly the right to spend as much time as you want with your children is a fundamental privilege or right as a human being. The US Constitution prohibits states from "abridge[ing] the privileges ... of citizens ...". Surely fathers privileges to parenting their children are being severely abridged by modern family court practice!

Children and our future society are paying for this "family law" folly that ejects fathers from their families, and the damage will continue for generations. "You reap what you sow..."
Posted by Childless Father at June 13, 2006 07:35 PM


One last note...anybody who posts comments praising Darren Mack for shooting Judge Weller is heartless and cruel. It seems to me that if you favor this type of primitive behavior, I can see why your hearings probably went so poorly before Judge Weller. We may not like everybody we encounter for one reason or another, but what gives us the right to attempt to kill them? Imagine what his family is going through right now. Imagine what you would be going through if I shot one of your loved ones because they did not support my point of view. Those of you who are Thankful are no different than Darren Mack.
Posted by lara at June 13, 2006 09:00 PM


A divorce and bankrupcy are blips on the radar screen of life. They can be overcome. Death is final. Murder should NEVER be tolerated.

Amen, lara!
Posted by Curious at June 13, 2006 09:30 PM


I have known Chuck Weller on a proffesional level for almost 20 years. I was a foster parent for many years and have witnessed the family court throughout the years. The Judges are bound by laws, that thankfully are changing, and they also are continually in a position of trying to sort out the truth. No Judge wants to make a decision that puts a child into the hands of an abusive parent. I have been before Charles McGee and Scott Jordan many times as well. I did not always agree with their rulings with my knowledge of the situation and my heart, but I could step back and understand their decision. It can be very hard, when emotions are involved, to have a clear prospective.

Chuck Weller represented a foster child and I in a custody battle with an abusive father that she did not want to be forced to live with. During this time I cane to know him as an excellent attorney and a very caring person especially when it came to the children caught up in "the system". I can say without a doubt that he is very concerned about each and every case he hears. He is a very caring and giving person. He wanted this position so he could make the family court work better for the children and their families.

One last thought, when you are splitting up a family, it will never be a win, win situation. Children need to feel loved and accepted. They are part of their father and their mother. When you trash the other parent (deserving or not) you are trashing your child's self-worth. If we truly think of our children first, perhaps we won't have to go down such a bitter road of distruction.

Love and Peace to the Weller and the Mack families.
Posted by wildoldwest at June 13, 2006 11:31 PM


At six, I was taken from a wonderfull father and given over to an irresponsible mother by one of Chuck Wellers predecessors, judge Clark Guild. As a predictable result, I suffered a childhood of abuse and deprivation. My sympathies go to Mr. Mack; I have no sympathy for the likes of Chuck Weller.
When there is no reasonable recourse to corrupt divorce judges, violence will reasonably result.
Posted by angry as hell at June 14, 2006 12:44 AM


What the hell did they expect, If your going to brutalize someone, kidnap their kids, extort money and torture you with arrogance and iron fascist rule with no accountability FOR 18 OR MORE YEARS. It would be more humane to offer a quick paid in full option like lethal injection then to suffer the rule of these mass murders in black robes. It is not a court of Law and should be put out of business and they know it. DON'T GO DON'T PAY and all the Nazis will starve the lawyers ,judges, social workers, psychologist, Div of child support, DHS, . or then again they may round us up and hold us in barbed wire complexes till we break.....GO USA
Posted by Tripwire at June 14, 2006 06:50 AM


For some insight on a relationship gone very, very wrong, here's an article on Darrren & Charla's last year. So sad!


From the article, I can't see anything wrong with Chuck Weller's decisions in this case.
Posted by Curious at June 14, 2006 08:55 AM

Nevadans for Equal Parenting are angry, bitter, emotional parents who are not willing to compromise with the CPs. It's kind of scary that they think posting slanderous statements about local officials is politically correct and I feel sad for those who join their cause without considering how the fighting is affecting these kids they claim to love so much. Good luck.
Posted by anonymous at June 14, 2006 10:08 AM


So am I to believe all a woman needs to do is get married to a man of wealth, have a child and is DUE his money? Wow that sets woman back some years doesn't it. She of course cannot get a job, education maybe a plan? Are woman so dependent they cannot make it on their own after the divorce without his money? I pay my child support and anything else my child needs but my child's Mom, No. Believe me I have been to hell and back with her. There were many times that I thought, will this haunt me the rest of my life? Some women want it both ways. They want their independence and they want the ex to take care of them. You all know SOMEONE that is like this. I pray for both Darren Mack and Judge Wellar they are both victims in this case.
Posted by Fathers are people too at June 14, 2006 10:21 AM


Why does an unemployed person need to live in a $1,000,000 home?

Because Darren Mack promised to love, honor, and cherish Charla until death did them part.

Why does that person require $10,000 per month to live? (especially when the other person is already ordered to pay all her expenses)

How do you think those expenses are getting paid?

Why does that person have no work experience?

No recent work experience. She was just doing the trivial, unimportant task of raising the children while her husband proceeded to fornicate with multiple partners.

Married at 30, did she never work?

Work experience gets moldy really quick.

If another situation had presented itself- the business going under or him dying, she would have gone out and found work.

True enough. But his tomcatting around wasn't part of the marital agreement, unlike the situations you just described ("for richer, for poorer" and "until death do us part").

Just for marrying someone, we are not owed a standard of living for the rest of our lives.

No, but there is that pesky pledge to love, honor and cherish until death do us part.

We should all take some pride in earning our own way.

So she's supposed to accept a sharp reduction in her standard of living as her justly due punishment for his continuous fornication?

When a marriage fails, we each need to take responsibility for it and our futures.

Darren Mack sure as hell didn't.

How does anyone know where Darren was going on those weekends?

Where these things have come out in cases I'm familiar with, some of the tell-tale indicators included five-figure credit card bills with entries from known sex clubs, a paternity suit by one of the "swingers," the wife opening the mail and finding a videotape of his exploits (the swingers' club had sent it to the home address instead of the "business PO Box") and, in one memorable incident, the wife getting a call from the Public Health department and finding out her husband had the clap.

These things always come out.

Posted by Cobalt Shiva at June 14, 2006 10:38 AM


Hmmm.. I didn't think anybody was upset about the visitation.. seems to me everybody is upset with the judge because he ordered $10,000 in alimony/CS.

Nobody even cares about the kids.. it's all about the almighty dollar. I mean (with a slab of sarcasm attached) poor poor guy, had to fork out $10,000 per month and he's only left with a measley $34,000 for himself. Wahhhh
Posted by anonymous at June 15, 2006 12:59 PM


I have read the majority of the comments on this site and just like family court, everyone is torn and has their opinion. I personally dealt with Weller before he became Judge. He was a practicing attorney. I was referred by a friend who knew him as an aquantance. I was getting a divorce and had a 5 month old child. The divorce and custody was mutually agreed upon, however, the father/ex-husband is a dirt bag and never came to a single visitation nor did he pay one dime of the child support he agreed to. I had gone to Weller to talk about terminating the father's parental rights. I took my dad with me. I started to explaint he situation which, in a nutshell, was that not only had there been NO contact of any kind from the childs father, but no contact of any kind from anyone in his family of which all live here. I wasn't there 3 minutes when Weller interrupted me saying " I bet you make it hard for his mother to visit!" I was stunned. I looked at my dad and looked at Weller and said, "I don't know what would make you say that! She likes me more than she likes her own son". So, I was appalled at his demeanor, or lack there of. He was short and rude and very uninterested in my case. My dad was a bit taken back as well. When Weller ran for Judge I begged everyone I know NOT to vote for him!!!! Anyone couldn't be as bad as him. He is NOT the lesser of two evils, he IS the evil. About one year after he took the bench, my Family COurt case worker called me stating that my ex's first wife wanted to file Contemp of Court paperwork against my ex for not paying child support. My case worker called me because she knew I never wanted ANY child suuport. She knew I wwas afraid of him. So, to me it was bad kharma. So, I went in to talk to her, again with my dad, about the procedure. She went on to say that she may not even file teh Contemp of COurt papers because "the judge doesn't like Contempt of Court cases." I said, "what does that mean? That he is hard on them?! Punishes them?". She said "no, he thinks they are a waste of time and doesn't want them in his court." I paused and said "is the Judge Chuck Weller?" She said "yes! We ahve a lot of problems with him." I pretty much gave up right there. If the system can't even have a stong link with the judge, what does it have? So, because he would be the Judge for me if I pursue the Term. of Parental Rights, I haven't done it. I have been waiting for him to get out of there, retire, be voted out, whatever before I could do it.

On Monday, a frined called me about 11:30am and asked if I was watching the new. I asked her why and she said that a judge was just shot downtown by a sniper. I immediatley said, "i bet it was Chuck Weller." I called her about 30-40 minutes later, once his name was posted on CNN and said " i told you he was a jerk and unfair. He has pissed off one too many people".

The other strange thing was the this Mack guy had taken paperwork into channel 4 news for them to investigate. His case was over and he wanted Shelby Sheehan to investigate. I had sent her an email in January 2006 for the very same thing.

I would never want anyone hurt or dead, but I sure hope the good that may come out of the bad is that Chuck Weller will FINALLY be investigated and seen for who he truly is. When someone shows you who they are, believe them--the FIRST time! Weller only cares about his own gains and money. Not lives and the daily grind of those in a bad situation. He PRE judges cases and people.
Posted by FINALLY at June 15, 2006 10:48 PM


From a comment above:
"Hmmm.. I didn't think anybody was upset about the visitation.. seems to me everybody is upset with the judge because he ordered $10,000 in alimony/CS.

Nobody even cares about the kids.. it's all about the almighty dollar. I mean (with a slab of sarcasm attached) poor poor guy, had to fork out $10,000 per month and he's only left with a measley $34,000 for himself. Wahhhh
Posted by: anonymous at June 15, 2006 12:59 PM"

Maybe nobody here that thinks it's only about the alimony hasn't seen the following information.

Mr. Mack, in an order signed by Judge Weller on May 24, 2005, not only ordered $847.00 per month child support and $10,000.00 per month alimony, but also payment of all of the following:
1. The 1st AND 2nd mortgage on the house occupied by Charla Mack;
2. All property taxes on the house occupied by Ms Mack;
3. All lawn and garden maintainence on the house occupied by Ms Mack;
4. All utilities, including gas, electric, water garbage, and telephone on the house occupied by Ms Mack;
5. All television cable/satellite expenses on the house occupied by Ms Mack;
6. All pool/Jacuzzi expenses on the house occupied by Ms Mack;
7. All homeowners insurance expenses on the house occupied by Ms Mack;
8. All burgler/fire alarm expenses on the house occupied by Ms Mack;
9. And last, all pest control expenses on the house occupied by Ms Mack.

Judge Weller also gave Ms. Mack $50,000 to spend on her attorney! That was another $50,000 of Mr. Mack's money.

The only things that seem to be split evenly between the Mack's was child care and unreimbursed medical expenses. Here Judge Weller ordered a 50-50 split. Hooray for the judge!

Now, I have no idea how much money was involved is paying all the above expenses, but I can imagine it was a healthy chunk of change. Especially considering the value of their home. I pay well over $1,000.00 per year just for insurance & property taxes on a home of far less value than the one the Mack family shared.

When alimony of $10,000.00 is awarded along with the list of other expenses detailed above one has to wonder what the judge was thinking. Since Ms Mack's day to day living costs were paid nearly 100% by Mr. Mack, just why would she need such a large sum in alimony? And remember, this is the same women that was telling anybody who would listen that Mr. Mack was a "son of a b***h".(refer to story in the "Reno Gazette-Journal)

The financial burden placed on Mr. Mack by Judge Weller seems more in line with "punishment" than "justice".
Posted by DSL at June 16, 2006 09:43 AM


when they find Mr. Mack they sould pin a metal on his chest.

Posted by Steven at June 16, 2006 02:01 PM


I honestly cannot believe that some people actually think that Darren mack is a hero. that is unbelievably inhuman, pitiful, and tragic.
Posted by blondie at June 16, 2006 02:09 PM

Posted on June 17, 2006 at 03:43 PM | Permalink | Comments (14)

The Legal Reader On Judge Weller - Part I

The Legal Reader is full of nasty comments about Judge Weller. Some women have complained about him, too. I wanted to make sure to post the comments here in case Legal Reader takes them down.


"More Bad Judges"? Wow. I've been reading legal blurbs from someone with so little insight concerning judicial quality?

My bad. Live and learn.
Posted by: BB at January 8, 2004 09:18 PM


I didn't say I agreed with Mr. Newfield. I just posted a link to what he said (as did Howard Bashman at How Appealing before me). I just thought it made for lively reading. Apparently, you did too. Thanks for reading.
Posted by: John at January 8, 2004 10:06 PM


I made the assumption that your choice of heading was an editorial agreement with the Nation's premise. I was apparently mistaken (shouldn't comment so late at night, I guess), and I apologize.
Posted by: bb at January 9, 2004 07:46 AM


I should add that I deal with these FedCrt judges daily, and tend to have (maybe overly) strong views as to what makes a good judge and what makes a bad judge, and dislike the current litmus tests being imposed by the Senate filibusters as being disconnected with the day-to-day output of judges.

And, yes, I enjoy the heck out of your blog. Nice work.
Posted by: bb at January 9, 2004 07:50 AM


I need help. If you are someone can contac me at (912-367-4947 I need to sue a Judge and I have a lawyer and I know I have a case but I cannot get help. Please help me. Thanks Mamie Moody
Posted by: Mamie Moody at February 18, 2004 07:22 AM


If you live in Washoe County (Reno Nevada) and you are of voting age pay close attention. There is a judge on the bench in family court Chuck Weller. He just got elected but has already proven to be faulty. While trying to get elected he had a go to boy and mouth piece name Jeff Veasley. Jeff Veasley just happens to be good friends with my daughter's father. I believe Jeff was telling Chuck about our family court case throughout the whole election and after Weller took the bench. Yes. I think Weller is on the take. He has been very angry and agressive towards me due to his preivious one sided knowledge of our case. Instead of doing the right thing and removing himself from the case he is staying on the case and favoring my Ex. Pactically undoing everything the honorable Judge Jordan (ret) did before Phuck Weller was elected. There has to be other cases he in bed with one of the parties. Let it be know and post it.
Posted by: Toni Yvette Horne at November 16, 2005 04:30 PM

Toni you need to contact me ASAP. This Judge and his conduct needs to be addressed. We have rights and resources. I too have experience with this Judge and his obvious bias against women. I just need your support. nevadapal@hotmail.com
Posted by: Alecia at January 13, 2006 05:38 PM


Family court Judge Chuck Weller of Reno NV lied to everyone by saying he was going to defend father's rights to get elected. Once on the bench he has single handed destroyed more GOOD father's with his (shoot from the hip) punishing motions. He takes all statements against fathers as true despite all evidence opposing them and then makes impossible orders which the fathers can never comply with. Then punishes the fathers for not following his impossible order. Everyone should outraged at his bias behavior and do everything that can legally be done to get this HITLER off the bench.
Posted by: Reggie at February 17, 2006 08:35 PM


The NEW TERRORISM! Judge Chuck Weller of Washoe County Family Court has people (both men & women) running from his courtroom in TERROR. He threatens to take your children, your freedom, your property!

Weller uses whatever tactics to force you to submit to his imperial demands and tyrannical orders. Every story from each person that I have talked to in my investigation has similar experience. They are terrorized and don't understand why he is being so aggressive when they've done nothing wrong.

Does Weller ever rule on the law or does he just rule on his whims?

Contact Nevadans for Equal Parenting by clicking the link or by email to begin a dialog in Washoe County at admin@nevadansforequalparenting.org
Posted by: Nevada Parent at March 18, 2006 01:51 PM


This topic has been covered by Nevadans For Equal Parenting. Please visit them and help find a solution to this problem.
Posted by: NV Parent at March 19, 2006 10:15 AM


jail4judges.org watersyogi@aol.com
Go to this web site and HERE'S ALL OF YOUR ANSWERS.
Its TIME TO STOP and DO SOMETHING. Corruption in our courts is OUT OF CONTROL and these Judges are playing God.
JAiler In Cheif C J Waters, 4 Nevada
Posted by: JAile In Chief C J WATERS, For The State Of Nevada at March 20, 2006 05:46 AM


Lets take away the IMMUNITY form Judges, How you ask: GO TO: www.jail4judges.org

Jailer In chief: C J WATERS watersyogi@aol.com
Posted by: JAile In Chief C J WATERS, For The State Of Nevada at March 20, 2006 09:17 AM


Anyone who wants to read more about family Judge Chuck Weller's abusive behavior cut and paste the following links to your google. He is making himself quite a horrible repututation throughout the U.S. (well deserved I might add).

If anyone has other stories or have found other sites just post them here.




Posted by: John at April 2, 2006 07:39 PM


Judge Weller came into his court room late after having eaten his lunch for an emergency session that was called. A true emergency. Outside of the court roon waiting was the Governer appointed head of teen sexual abuse, the director of CASA, a medical doctor and my daughter. They were there to expose the sexual abuse of my exwife with my eight year old son. Attorney Todd Torvinen (a major financial contributor to Judge Weller) was there to represent my ex who was not even present. judge weller as he was sitting down at his bench said he had made a decision. Mind you he had not heard a single word from a witness. My attorney said he needed to hear from the witnesses mentioned above and he refused. When I objected, he threatened me with jail time if I did not hand my than 8 year old son over to Attorney Todd Torvinen. All witnesses had sworn affidavits that my son was being molested by my ex and yet Judge Weller released him into her custody. Also, the Masters Judge granted me a Protective Order on this matter.The Master Judge said "your son is at great risk if he returns to his mother." This is only a very small part of the story. Judge Weller is not only incompitent, but a very big danger to all those other children in that situation. I urge people to take this into account.
Posted by: Michael at April 7, 2006 06:57 PM


I was so happy to find this forum! The first comment my mom made when we walked out of Judge Weller's courtroom was "he had his mind made up before he even entered the room". Afterward, I decided to search him on the net just to see if I would find anything. I never expected to come across so much negativity. I honestly thought I was just being overly sensitive! I have another court date with him in the near future, any advice?
Posted by: C at April 27, 2006 09:33 PM


C contact us at stopjudicialabuse@hotmail.com. We will give you what we have on him.
Posted by: John at May 5, 2006 11:48 PM


I just had a judgement come down from Judge Weller. It is OK, under financail restraining order, for a spouse over a years time deplete community proberty retirement funds to almost nothing for own use, support a significant other, hide banks accounts and income from a financial declartion sworn to be true. All this is OK even proven by financial statements from the financial institutions and tax records. Someone explain community proberty to me again? What I read in the law must have been printed in error according to Judge Weller.
Posted by: Mitch at May 9, 2006 09:50 PM


Judge Weller was one of 5 judges but most important he was there for the Settlement Hearing. Judge Weller allowed Excel produced spreadsheets to be presented by my x-wife as legal financial record of spending down 70K in home equity ( which the court signed on my behalf because of the financial restraining order I was served two weeks prior), allowing the sale of our paid off SUV to purchase a vehicle without my name on the title, loans to my x-wife and total spend down of her retirement account, tax refunds of a joint return, all home contents including my personal things like military records, underwear and a jacket. I understand why they allowed her to pay off her school loans and leave mine unpaid since she finished college while we were married and I just finished mine before the union. What I don't understand is what education degree supported our family while she stayed home with our first born for two years to finish her one year of school. How does anyone in their right mind be so abusive and unfair with the administration of the entrusted legal power they bestow? On the bases of human dignity and the scale of justice to be blindfolded from all feeling and raise your biased gavel toward the strongest entity of any society, the man. We may describe the United States as a “melting pot” but not doubt clouds my mind that you singularly circumscribe it as a “boiling pot”. After 40 years of hard work and the hardest during my 10 years of marriage I wasn't awarded enough to even call a cab, but then I didn't have far to walk since I call the street my home. Once a productive citizen, now just a homeless piece of shit. One who threw away a childhood dream to own a business and provide a better life for his own by beating his wife and molesting his children in the last year of marriage. The hardest to overcome and what the 2nd district can never give back is, the small boy in me who cried because I had no father to play catch with, now cries as a father who has no son to throw a ball to.

“I will not fight with weapons,
As to shed the blood of my brother.
I will stand steadfast with the truth,
My sword absent of its scabbard,
At my side and prepared
To become erect and
To defend my name and legacy.”

Posted by: Reknow at May 16, 2006 06:38 PM


Does anybody know who wrote the above article? Please have them contact me. We are getting ready to file Judicial Complaints against Weller. Email me at idletymme@msn.com.
Posted by: Garret at May 19, 2006 02:15 PM


Judge Weller was shot today in Reno, NV. I think no matter how much this guy makes your life miserable nobody has the right to take his life. Forums like this are good to help people vent, but at times it makes people feel justified to do horrible things like this.
Posted by: Jenny at June 12, 2006 12:01 PM


People in family disputes usually blame everyone but themselves for their problems. The ex is always a demon or a criminal. The lawyers are liars and incompetent. The judge is a "Hitler".

People don't have their parental rights taken away for no reason. Trying to sort out all the accusations between bickering ex-spouses must be a really horrible job -- especially now that it comes with the threat of being shot if you disappoint a crackpot who can't handle the verdict and accept responsibility.
Posted by: Alleen at June 12, 2006 12:38 PM

There are always two sides to the story in family disputes.

What gets me is that despite all the fighting, flying accusations, blaming etc., it's the child or children involved that suffer the most.

If parents can work out their problems in a mature manner, seek marriage counseling or whatever, maybe these bitter nasty fights wouldn't have to be settled by a judge, whose judgement is bound to upset one side of the party.

Posted by: Whisper at June 12, 2006 12:43 PM


Posted by: Jenny at June 12, 2006 12:01 PM Posted by: Alleen at June 12, 2006 12:38 PM
Posted by: Whisper at June 12, 2006 12:43 PM
I am sure you all believe your silliness,but you are all dead wrong,even if your intentions are right.
Yes, divorce is messy.No, none of what you posted changes the reality of dirty judges like this.I am not even from Nevada,we have our own crooked judges here in Michigan.
My son told me, before court, that due his step father's position as city electrical inspector, my rights would be trampled, and it would be all their way.
The judge allowed perjured testimony from YEARS beyond the legal limit, and ignored completely the FACT that I gained custody when the mother lost custody, at the behest of the state,for abuse and neglect.
Rather than be charged with kidnapping, which would have been the result if I had done what she did, she was given complete custody, and I was ordered to pay fully 9 times the amount of child support that was my legal obligation.
I had to go to the state Court of Appeals on the child support, which determined the ruling was illegal,and when it was sent back for review, it was determined that since I had paid more already than I actually owed thru age 18, I was to pay not another cent.
I didn't bother with fighting the similarly illegal transfer of custody, because my son was so brainwashed by then that it was pointless.
That judge should be in prison, he has no more regard for the law than any other felon.
Posted by: John Smith at June 12, 2006 01:02 PM


So, which one of you guys shot him?
Posted by: Spoofer at June 12, 2006 01:06 PM


I live near the courthouse,if they have not
caught him yet then they wont.
I am very sleepy as I work grave yard, tell them to put the helicopters away
Posted by: nottheshooter at June 12, 2006 01:25 PM


WHy all these things happen?
Please visit my website for more information:
link here.
Posted by: Mister at June 12, 2006 01:38 PM


He got shot! What more do you want? He'll be roasting in hell now.

Posted by: Booby at June 12, 2006 02:11 PM


When judges go beyond the law they set an example for the rest of us. Weller was shot because someone decided "he needed a little killin'." Just like Weller always decides a case before he hears the evidence. Its called "Dark Justice."

Perhaps society has finally reached the point of being upset with what we now call "the gouge".

Let me define "the gouge". The gouge is the divide between those that have and those that do not have ... enough that is. Those that have enough want more. They have to get it from someone that does not have enough. Thats because the have-enoughs hang together.

In order to accomplish the gouge, the haves (banded together) "juice" politicians and judges like you breathe air. This way, the haves can take from the have-not-enoughs.

Those that have "juiced" will not get "screwed".

Weller owes big favors to all of those lawyers and their firms that paid tons of money into his campaign against Sferrazza. Those that made Weller "king" want to be repaid in the form of patronage from their royal highness. In order for him to do that, he has to "gouge" everyone else. Take from the less than haves and give to the haves more than enough crowd.

Just imagine, after a tough campaign against Sferrazza, if Weller had lost Sferrazza would have pummeled him every time he walked into court. Winning judges have no love for losers that fought a tough campaign.

The gouge of course extends to politicians that abuse the tax system just to dole out incredible pork to their buddies and subsidies multi-billionaires at the expense of the working stiff.

The gouge extends to your local Walgreens where, depending on which area you live in, the price of a toothbrush will either be $2.99 or $1.99 based on "structured pricing" (translation: how much they think you will pay in your locale. If you life in a rich area, expect to pay the extra buck).

The gouge extends to your local gas station. There you might pay an extra 5 cents per tank of gas because the pump only has to be accurate within 10 cc's or so of a gallon. So they set their pumps accordingly.

The gouge is your bank saving up all of your checks so they can overdraft them after FIRST hitting you with your monthly fee and run you over by $1 (even though they are holding your recent cash deposit for 4 days).

The gouge is your credit card company changing the terms of your agreement and hiking your interest rate to 30 percent.

Why do the "have more than enoughs" gouge? SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY CAN FOORKING DO IT! THAT'S WHY!

And because Judge Weller can screw innocent Nevadans and particularly Reno-ites coming before his high and mighty bench, HE DOES IT WITH IMPUNITY!

So wake up folks! No one should kill another human being, even if it is this barely-resembles-human Weller. The guy who did it broke the law. The shooter likely should be punished. But under these circumstances: heck its water under the bridge so don't shed a tear for Weller. It isn't right. It isn't legal. It maybe isn't fair either. But maybe he got what he deserved anyway.

Or should I say, you live by the sword ... you die by it. Weller broke the law countless times and its rather obvious at this point. If he's a criminal why are we surprised that another criminal shot him?

Dark Justice.
Posted by: Dark Justice at June 12, 2006 02:17 PM


There is no excuse for shooting a judicial officer. If you don't like what he is doing, follow the rules regarding getting him removed. If that doesn't work, find others that he has affected and have them try legally to get him removed. Continue until he is gone. After a while, it will become pretty clear that he is a problem child.

The problem with judges is that one side loves them and the other side hates them. It is a thousand times worse with a family court judge. You could not get me to do that job with all of the money in the world, plus thick bullet proof glass in my office windows. Life is too short to put up with a bunch of whiners and moaners, even if they are right at the end of the day, and that is a big "if."

Finally, to whoever thought that the shooter will get away, I bet you that he (yes, it will likely be a "he") will be in jail before a full week has past. He may even be dead by then, either on his own or, ironically, from a police sniper. My prayers are with the Judge, who is only doing what he thinks is correct, and with the shooter, who needs all the help that he can get. Mr. Sniper, if you are reading this, be a man, admit that you made a big mistake, and turn yourself in before things get any worse for you. And while you are at it, pray like you have never prayed before that the Judge survives. Otherwise, you could end up with a needle in your arm while the State of Nevada "drips" you. It is better than a bullet, and better than the gas chamber, but you are still
Posted by: demesq at June 12, 2006 03:25 PM


I enjoyed listening to Chuck Weller when he had his talk show on radio station K K O H, Reno Nevada, 780 am. He seemed like a nice and reasonable person on the air, quite pragmatic.

Family Court Judge is not an easy job. Ultimately, the judge is judged by many who, in their own minds, are more qualified to apply judgment than he is.

If the shooter is arrested and makes it to court, I'm sure he'll have no difficulty in finding a nice slimy Liberal lawyer to defend his grievance and justify his circumstances and demonize, further, Judge Weller.

as Paul Harvey says, maybe, before long, we will know the rest of the story.
Posted by: Louie at June 12, 2006 04:46 PM


What amazes me about this, is that it doesn't happen more often!

Judges who disregard the law and just do what they want are worse than dirty cops. From what I have read about this guy he got what he deserved.
Posted by: Richard Warren at June 12, 2006 07:02 PM


Jeez Mr. Warren. Two things: 1. Who gave you the right to judge anything on this issue at all when you clearly have no idea what you are talking about, unless you are a Judge or other judicial officer and a lawyer?(BTW-I am both, though not in Reno, NV. Plus, and a added bonus, I am a former police officer and your comments are getting close to illegal in my humble opinion, especially when you start to advocate murder or attempted murder of a judicial officer) 2. What are we supposed to do with you when you don't do your job right? Are you to be subject to execution also? Perhaps just a ass kicking? Huge fine maybe? What is your punishment and who am I to judge you. That's right, I am not qualified to judge you either. Let's try to keep the anti-social and somewhat less than cerebral comments safe for the likes of Jerry Springer and Howard Stern. They really have no place here. That is not to say that you are not welcome. Everyone is. I am just suggesting a bit more responsible behavior, or maybe you are just trying to stir the pot to see what rises? It happens all of the time. Did I bite?

Posted by: demesq at June 12, 2006 07:12 PM


The suspect in Wellers shooting is also suspect in a murder on the same day.

A judge may be corrupt and/or lame, but going out and trying to kill him/her is beyond comprehension.

This is why we have the Courts and the Law.
Posted by: interested at June 12, 2006 07:30 PM

While no one should attempt to remove the judge in such a way, the response from "demesq" was also enlightening.

"I am a former police officer and your comments are getting close to illegal in my humble opinion"

So...law is based on opinion at the moment? And being a former officer makes you qualified? Someone makes a comment about it, not a threat, and you respond in a threatening way? No wonder people ARE fed up.
Posted by: Nope at June 12, 2006 08:02 PM


A web search of Mr. Mack (the suspect in the Judge's shooting) reveals priors - Domestic Violence, custody disputes, and child support arrearages. I bet the other victim is his ex wife. That protective order she requested sure did her a lot of good, eh? Normal, rational people do NOT shoot other people. Irrational people resort to such means. No small wonder this guy was losing his custody battle. No small wonder this guy took a shot at a judge.

No matter how much we do not agree with a judge's decisions, there are better ways to handle things than trying to assassinate the guy.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Posted by: shocked at June 12, 2006 08:15 PM


Always comforting to hear about a judge being shot. The people are fed up. Family Courts do not serve families, they serve to oppress fathers.
Posted by: Eddie at June 12, 2006 08:37 PM


A personal attack Desmeqye, I hope you can do better. If you are who you say you are I was hoping for much more. Please let’s just address the issues suggested in the comment.

Are you truly surprised by the events? It is a well established fact that oppression of any group in society will increase social deviance. America’s probate courts have operated with the general presumption that they are above the law. While the Supreme Courts decision in Marshall v Marshall attempted to send a message to the Probate Court Systems. Some judges still have not seen the writing on the wall that their days of autonomy are numbered.

The second part is simply a comment made in what is considered our cultural norm. Do you not believe we as Americans have a certain vigilante mentality? It is always a matter of what is considered social relevance.

An example would be a mother who shoots an individual for molesting her eight year old daughter. While some individuals may not openly condone her actions, in some circles it is certainly would be understood.

Lastly, it always amazes me how we as Americans conveniently forget our own history both negatively and positively.

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security”

These guys would have been detained and held at GITMO indefinitely!

Posted by: Richard Warren at June 12, 2006 08:57 PM


Judge Weller inherited alot of nasty results from his prior successor Judge Jordan. Jordan ruined many lives in his old Nevada boy bias.

Weller seemed resonable but he carried on the old boys bias or was that his assistant court clerk-attorney? He could have been more caring with the case I saw put before him. He could have been more fair to the children.

No he doesn't deserve to die.

But HOW DO WE GET JUSTICE when bad Judges are beyond the law?

Retired Judge Jordan was one of those, many lives suffered for years from his bias.

Other Washoe court "stalking-overseer" judges also do what is easy verses just.

I hope America wakes up and stops the violent reactions. We must pray for our own sins.

The town feels creepy tonight. And I don't know why this Mack guy is the sole suspect? Uninformed maybe I am.

I have seen NV. and ID. courts allow people to hurt each other legally. And this is NOT in the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN.

The law of physic's, cause and effect. What will we do now? OVER REACT? Reno tends to have a council that does not listen to its people. I hope the National news will offer sanity options verses just a radical-paranoia.

Please will someone look into the long term corruption of Nevada courts? I heard one person say the mafia ran the state better. Well I don't know about that. But since Katrina, crime has spread where ever "her" victims have arrived. The attitude of people has lowered since 9/11 and we need to shift to save our society lest BOOM BOX STERIO CARS and negative attitudes become even more fashionable than they are. Without compassion we will all suffer. Pray by what ever Name you call your God, just Pray for ALL OUR PEOPLE. Including all those involved in this situation. Thanks.

Posted by: Hopeful at June 12, 2006 09:18 PM


Certain posters in this forum disgust me. Never have I seen such myopic piss-brainery as demonstrated by Richard Warren. Mr. Warren--while you clearly have no sense of justice or righteousness, perhaps a review of reality would benefit you.

When someone is unfit to be a parent, their children are at risk of being taken away. THERE ARE REASONS FOR THIS. Browse through this page. Any where, does one of the venemous posters make light of their own mistakes? Nope. It's the system's fault, The judge was unfair. Personal accountability is the foundation of law, and many of the people in this forum are attempting to subvert this. If anyone believes that the self-proclaimed victims of Judge Weller are without fault, perhaps a little un-biased research would prove otherwise to them.

And now, a man has very nearly been killed for some sniveling pissant who refused to answer to his personal accountability. Any who would say that Judge Weller deserved an attempt on his life need to take a serious look at their morality, and decide if they want to stand for unjustified, murderous rage and its effects.

If you stand on the side of murder, you disgust me, and are an unfit citizen.
Posted by: Disgusted at June 12, 2006 09:49 PM


Ok, I don't understand half of the things that you guys are saying, but I do know one thing. If it hadn't been for that man, my mom would still be beating up me and my brothers, getting drunk, having affairs, stealing all of our money, and beating my dad, while my dad couldn't do a thing to her or she would go to court against him. You guys say that this man is a loser and a fake, but he saw the case and helped bring out the good that's still left in my family. And if he had been a fake like you say I don't think that my father would have gotten custody. So I say thankyou Judge weller and I am praying for you
Posted by: A thankful kid at June 12, 2006 10:34 PM


Let me put it you this way,,,,,,

National statistics’ indicate that in contested custody disputes less than three percent of fathers win custody of the children. Joint custody is also only ordered less than five percent of the time. This means that ninety two percent of the time sole custody is awarded to the mother. Now I didn’t know about you, but I find it very hard to believe that ninety two percent of fathers are unfit as you say. This leads me to believe that fathers are being treated unfairly.

Now let address the personal responsibility issue.

In a twelve month period this Judge had twenty eight appeals filed against decisions made in his courtroom. The appeals filed against the other two Judges in this court house were three and zero respectfully. You may not be aware, but appealing a Judge’s decision is a very costly proposition. Further, you can’t just file an appeal simply because you don’t like the Judge’s decision. There has to be an error of law in the Judges decision as the basis for the appeal. So this indicates to me that either the Judge just ignored the law, or as suggested was crooked.

So I will say it again, he got what he deserved and I certainly do not have any sympathy for him. I feel the same about his situation as I do for the drug dealer that gets shot in a drug deal gone badly. Nor do I have any sympathy for the priest who is molested in jail after being convicted of sexual molesting the alter boy.

Now why you may point out that he is a justice of the court. That just makes it worse, a degree of trust was placed in him just like the priest, and it was violated.

Now a reality check for you! Do you really believe that the United States Government gave African Americans equal rights simply because of Martin Luther King preaching’s. No, it was the riots and violence that ensued after his death. Oppression and unfair treatment usually lead to violence.

Another example was the quote that I previously gave. That quote led to a war that founded this country. I believe that example of social disobedience was a positive outcome.

Oh, and by the way their were no Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Posted by Richard Warren at June 12, 2006 11:12 PM


After reading an article about corrupt 'senior' judges in the Sunday LA Times June 11, 2006 I've become very interested and disgusted about these judges. After hearing about the shooting I decided to read up on the judge and found this website. I am not implying anything about Weller, but I never realized how badly crippled and scary our judicial system can be. But I hope with experiences (good and bad) we can learn to create a better system. Maybe there should be forums discussing potential judges and such so we can make better decision in the future.
Posted by Me at June 13, 2006 12:31 AM


Cant people do anything right next time try a crowd pleaser=500 pound GBU--As far as you uninformed morons as to they deserve some sort of human rights "take legal action or appeals" you dont have a clue they remain unaccountable and protected from any kind of action! Therefore they are worst then terrorist using the rights we die for, a fucking joke. FYI the family court is not a court of law it is an evil parallel Administrative court where YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS. DONT SHOW UP its based on agreements and they wont let you talk "thats how they get you" silence is considered an acceptance of thier agreement! GET IT. INFORMED CONSENT Not given
Posted by tripwire at June 13, 2006 05:34 AM


After reading about this Mack character, I have to say that this asshole should grow up, after having THREE children with his wife.
Posted by Gina at June 13, 2006 06:06 AM


Richard Warren wrote: "n a twelve month period this Judge had twenty eight appeals filed against decisions made in his courtroom. The appeals filed against the other two Judges in this court house were three and zero respectfully."

Could you please site where you got this information... weblinks, etc. I would like to view this information for myself. Thanks in advance.
Posted by Curious at June 13, 2006 07:21 AM


I've been reading these posts since yesterday afternoon and I am very disappointed in our community. I work in family law and see the pain that occurs during these cases. Judges, lawyers, etc. do not create this pain, the parties involved do. Judge Weller did not marry Mr. Mack nor did he tell him how to live his life until the case came to his court. The judge's roll is to make things better for the kids, not for the parents. The parents are suppose to be grown adults to make their own decisions. The kids can't do that and must rely on their parents. When the parents aren't mature enough someone has to step in and be their voice. If the body they found is in fact Mr. Mack's "ex"-wife, then these children just lost their mother and their father. What a shame and what a selfish father to take that away from them. I truely hope that these children find a loving and caring home and sane people to care for them.
Posted by George at June 13, 2006 07:25 AM


Is it common for monthly child support to be approx. $900/month for 3 children while the spousal support is $10,000/month? That was the case here and it struck me as odd. Perhaps I don't understand how the financial decisions are made by the court.
Posted by curious at June 13, 2006 07:28 AM


I too stumbled onto this site after finding it on www.crimelibrary.com.

I have to admit, after reading all the complaints about this particular judge, my first reaction, is this guy must be a problem.

I'm a former police officer and never dealt with family law and family courts, but I dealt enough with domestic disturbances, the fact is, the father was by far the problem issue in most of the domestic cases I was involved in.

Now mind you, I was a police officer in the Air Force, not in civilian life, but hey, society's issues are the same in the military as they are in the civilian world.

I am now a pastor, and still see the majority of "spiritual" issues and problems in the family's stem from the father. I am a father of two young children, and I live my life with purpose, morals, and love with the intent of never seeing the inside of a family court.

If others lived their lives this way, putting their children first, instead of depending on the courts and law, things would be much better. But hey, I'm a realist, and it's not gonna happen until Jesus Christ comes back, and sets up his own "court system". Enough ranting by me!

Psalm 142:6-7
Posted by Richard C at June 13, 2006 07:54 AM


With all due respect, Richard, "spiritual" issues are between the individual and his/her god. I'm sure there are other boards for that type of discussion. Love and compassion are not solely a Christian trait.

That being said, I'll leave you with this from my spiritual leader:

"choose to be optimistic, it feels better." - Dali Lama
Posted by curious at June 13, 2006 08:16 AM


That guy Garrett said his wife took him for everything and played like he's the victim. The last things he mentioned was how he was left with no cash for a cab and that he had beaten his wife, and molested his children. What a damned fool. Hey idiot ... You're lucky you're not shot somewhere for molesting the kids you perverted pedophile piece of shit. No one feels sorry for you, go to hell pedo !
Posted by Reality at June 13, 2006 09:04 AM

My name is also Warren and I am a reporter covering this and have links to this site in my report. Whoever is the former police officer please do not refer to "Richard Warren" as "Mr. Warren" but rather Richard. It is confusing my friends and readers and they think I am this same "Mr. Warren" you are threatening. They were concerned you might be another jewish sniper about to snap. Oops did I slip and say he was a jewish pawn shop broker from Reno ? My bad, that was supposed to be kept from the public.

Posted by Warren at June 13, 2006 09:18 AM


Mack has an active ebay site selling diamonds. Prices range from $3000ish to $1,200,000. His feedback score is 98.2. The name of the ebay store is ucdealshere.
Posted by Carol at June 13, 2006 09:36 AM

I must admit that when the news first came out about the shooting, I got on line and read about Judge Weller. From what I read.... What a Jerk!!! You have to admit that.

Darren Mack is a murdering Jerk!!! Also he is very dumb. He took his complaints about the Judge to New's 4 a couple weeks ago. The media can't fight his battles for him. He should have appealed the order in court.

In my opinion Judge Weller did not have the 3 Mack children's best interest in mind when he made his order. He was just flexing his power.

Darren Mack proved yesterday that he is a crap father. Yes Darren had a raw deal, but nothing compared to the raw deal he left his kids. He left his 3 children a horrible legacy that will follow them for generations.

SHAME ON JUDGE CHUCK WELLER, BUT EVEN MORE SHAME ON DARREN MACK. I would sentence Chuck Weller 10 years and for Darren Mack the death penalty.
Posted by Cindy G. at June 13, 2006 09:40 AM

It is my understanding that Mack only had one child with Charla, he was step-father to the others, therefore the low child support. He was married before, had a child with that woman, and fought the system back then over supporting that child. What a guy.
Posted by Carol at June 13, 2006 09:58 AM

Ok...so lets get this right...Darren Mack a third generation business owner at Reno kills his wife? and the judge. Chuck Weller has been shot and is in the hospital. The second shooting is possiby the wife.

Judge Weller supposedly awarded the wife $900 a month for child support and $10,000.00 a month spousal support. So I guess the money is the motive.

Judge Weller supposedly has taken the same actions against many other citizens coming before him.

So Darren Mack will be charged with one count of capitol murder and one count of attempted murder plus numerous counts of other crimes related to the events. Death Penalty case for sure.

Darren Mack will pursue a defense that the judge was a corrupt and was stealing his third generation business . He will also charge that his former wife was stealing his third generation business. He will say " I had no recourse... I was being robbed ...legally.

This case has all the right stuff. A man against the powers that be... the right defend your home and business... the Right to Bear Arms...

Looks like this case is going to be front and center...
Posted by querry at June 13, 2006 10:26 AM


As the ACFC has done we condemn this shooting.
NEP has always advocated a peaceful approach to reforming our family courts. Darren Mack was not a member of NEP, he did attend a couple of our support group meetings. His case involved a great deal of money and custody issues. We believe that the current system of having a "winner" and a loser" in family court is the problem. A parent should not have to "win" the custody of their child. Both parents have an inherent right to custody of their children. This is what is best for children. For this reason we advocate for a presumption of joint custody upon divorce. If one parent is unfit then the other side must prove it beyond a reasonable doubt before that parents rights" can be taken away. This will go a long way to reducing the tension and animosity that is generated in the family courts, and hopefully prevent a tragedy such as this from ocurring again. Ask yourself, who benefits from ongoing litigation and animosity in family court? Follow the money.

Posted by NEP at June 13, 2006 10:37 AM


after reading some of the views on the events yesterday with Chuck Weller and this Darren Mac, this does not surprise me in the least. Yes Darren has committed a crime Weller was shot but ultimately once again they are not the ones that will suffer the most, it will be those children. Those children have had there mother and father both now taken from them. I have been listening to the radio for the last day and it brings feelings and anxietyies of my incounters with this particular judge within the past months.
Yes becuase of my actions in the past as well as my ex husbands that is why we were there, I take resposability for that however when two people cannot agree to any exstent we are to turn to the court system for guidance within the laws.

In my case which has been on ghoing for years now, my case was then assigned to Wellers court. I have to say that when a judge is assigned new cases he out to look over what is being set in front of him...he had not...he was unaware of the fact of numerous TPO's against my ex, the jail time for beeting an ex-girlfried the attempted suicides, the drug use, police reports many many diffrent things...I have full legal and physical custody of my children and have had from day one!

When my ex decided that he wanted to try and be the "Good Father" again with new girlfriend the issue was pushed and I was to start letting them see there father...after all the evidence that I put in front of him, the interviews that CASA did with freinds family WCSO, none of this seemed to matter to Weller, not even the interviews with the childrens schools showing that the children starting failing in school.... none of this mattered, why not?

I am there becasue of my children, no other reason....but yet me wanting to protect my children from this man that has repeatedly shown he is not stable, over time given visitation and when I asked when my children are with there father and something happens to them becasue of his affiliation with certain groups his comment to me was well, its my ex's constitutional right to have his children around whom ever he wants and if there is an issue involving there well being we will deal with it then....what is a mother suppose to do?

I dont know Weller personally and I dont ever want to.....I dont ever want to stand in his court room ever again either....he is not for/about the kids. I dont want to ever hear him tell me that it is not up to my children if they do not want to go to there fathers, they are children and they will do what they are told!
Its not about the children folks its not, think about it. Do your research before you elect someone you may have to stand in front of one day....
Posted by Angela at June 13, 2006 11:04 AM


While what Darren Mack did(alledged if we wish to remain PC)is unforgivable, please think of his family and the family of Charla Mack when you are posting ignorant comments. The Mack family, while being one of the "haves" mentioned above, has suffered through more tragedy than anyone deserves. The loss of a father in a plane crash, a grandparent to a drunk driver, Darren's mother and brother must now deal with the storm this has wrought and Charla's family will now have to suffer her loss. The children have lost both a mother and father.
Posted by Big_Daddy at June 13, 2006 11:12 AM


Thanks for the reality check Big_Daddy. My condolensces go out to all family and friends effected by this tragedy. They will have many difficult days ahead due to the actions of others. Hopefully, they will one day again find peace and happiness.
Posted by Curious at June 13, 2006 11:22 AM


Picture a fire breathing dragon getting fat gobbling up children, yours included. You kneel before the dragon and plead with him to eat no more children while also promising that you will do nothing but peacefully protest. Who among you believes that dragon will starve itself just because you ask it to?
Posted by John Rink at June 13, 2006 11:42 AM


I cannot believe you people. The vast majority of you are keyboard warriors who don't have a clue as to what is going on, the facts, or what you are talking about. No wonder mobs are so dangerous. Let's get some facts on the table as clearly as possible on a number of points, then I have to get back to work.

1. Richard Warren: You don't know what you are talking about at all when it comes to appeals, the reason for filing same, etc. It matters very little how many appeals were filed. What matters is how many times the Supreme Court said that the Judge made the correct decision, or not.
Furthermore, you don't have to have squat to file an appeal other than the money to pay an attorney and the ability to make a BS argument as to why the judge did something wrong, etc. All this garbage that you are throwing out is simply not sticking to the wall at all. Again, you don't know what you are talking about.

2. As to Nope at June 12: Yes, thank you, as a matter of fact, my being a former police officer DOES qualify me to give my OPINION that I thought that Warren was GETTING CLOSE to illegal activity with his rantings. Do you see the distinction now? But if you had bothered to read the rest of my comments, the fact that I am a LAWYER and a Judicial Officer aka JUDGE also adds a little bit of weight to my qualifications to leave my OPINION. Right, wrong or whatever, if you think that the First Amendment allows you carte blanche authority to run your mouth and to say whatever you want, then you better think some more. Nothing could be further from the truth. Look back to 9/11 as a HUGE reason for that and I am not just talking about the Patriot Act. Various state laws have changed on that issue also. Frankly, I don't like that at all. Still, I can't do much about it if I am locked up and being questioned by the Feds about why it is that I think that it is okay for some Family Court judge THAT I READ ABOUT on some website to get shot in the chest, especially when I don't have ANY first hand knowledge about the underlying case supposedly leading to it at all.

3. Unless Mr. Warren was one of the litigants to any of the cases that he is wailing and pontificating about, then he does not, again everyone, and a one, and a two, and a three, KNOW WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT. If you don't know the facts, then you aren't qualified to even give any sort of decent opinion. It is just so much hot air coming from the south end of a northbound horse.

As this has now deteriorated into a bunch of people complaining about the judge, when they have never had a case with this judge, and when it is quite common for the losing party to blame everyone but themselves (as a couple of writers aptly mentioned, everyone is at fault, except for themselves) I am going back to work and you keyboard warriors can go back to saving the galaxy and jousting at your windmills. Enjoy.

PS: Ironically, I found this site after doing a search on the Judge after I found out that he had been shot. While a bunch of you now have opinions about what a jerk he is, based on the musings and rantings of others, I drew no such conclusions at all, but then I have education, training and experience in this area. See what happens when you take the time to learn about things before making up your mind? Mind you, after doing a lot more investigation and research into the Judge I could eventually come to the same conclusion as have those of you currently shooting from the lip. The benefit, however, in such a situation is that I would have something tangible and factual to back up my opinion. Have a nice day. demesq
Posted by demesq at June 13, 2006 11:54 AM

NEP people, You will never admit that a father can be "unfit". Carla Mack knew her ex was unfit, but the courts didn't help her, did they? She is now dead. The daughter is left alone to be raised by relatives. Darren Mack was an unfit father! No "good dad" would ever consider taking the life of a child's mommy! No matter how much he hated her, he was NOT thinking about his daughter...he was thinking only of himself, as many father's do.
Yes, moms do to, but we are not talking about a mom here - Yet another strike against "your side" NEP. If Darren Mack attended some of your meetings, I am sure his rage against Char was clear- did any of you help him to seek counseling? No, you probaly egged him on! FIGHT,FIGHT,FIGHT for your rights... isn't that your motto? This mans life was spiraling out of control. He was in backruptcy, long before his marriage ended. Charla recently asked the courts for a psycological(sp) exam of Mr. Mack and it was denied - BY Judge Weller! It is all public record. In this case NEP, "Joint Custody" was not in the best interest of the child involved, as ANY person who has it in them to "kill" is NOT a good canidate for "Joint Custody" and apparently Char knew this. Some of us don't just "fight in court for custody" just for the sake of fighting or because we hate our former spouse, some of us have REAL concerns about the other parent. The courts never listen to that parent and encourage a custody dispute. Maybe the law should be: We all get serious counseling before a custody award will be addressed! Maybe every kid involved in divorce should go live in foster care while the folks have there heads examined! I am sure this little girl, who just lost both her mommy and daddy would agree on this one! Now, she has lost both of them. NEP people, you say you want equality, yet your group is made up of mostly angry fathers, some of who might be considered "unfit" fathers! Get a clue!Read your posts! Some of these members sound "unfit" to be be anyones parent let alone a human being!
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VERY WELL PUT. I couldn't agree more.
Posted by Carol at June 13, 2006 12:13 PM

Sounds like you just made your point. You're just 'itchin' to fight. Get some help.
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Yesss..... 1 down...
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I think it is interesting to see how someone's opinion can be the complete opposite of someone else's. You have people saying that Judge Weller is biased against women, and more people saying that he is biased against men. I think that no matter what happens in a courtroom, one side is bound to lose. They will search for someone else to blame because they feel that they have been treated unfairly. That's just the way it is.
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To George: You're 100% correct about the parents causing the strife at home where their children live. It's not the judges or lawyers who should be blamed for these selfish parents who won't work out their problems and issues for their children's sake. If you can't share the burden and make sacrifices for your own flesh and blood, then don't have children, or better select a mate that will be a good provider and parent to begin with. Being a lawyer and judge is not easy, they're only human and do their job the best they can.
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These are only some of the comments. There are far too many for me to post here. I'll post a few more in my next post.

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