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March 24, 2016

Virtual Reality (VR) Porn - An Introduction To VR At PornHub


Virtual Reality (VR) is the dream of the future from far in our past. You've seen it nearly 30 years ago in Star Trek: The Next Generation when the Enterprise crew enjoyed their hours off in the holodeck. Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in the hit movie Total Recall, which was about a man who longed for a VR vacation on Mars only to be drawn into an unfortunate series of events that took him to the red planet for real – or did it?

VR has long been popular in games. Characters in the hit game The Sims can blow a lot of bucks buying a VR system where they can imagine riding a horse and petting the same as if that animal stood right in front of them. Second Life may be viewed to some extent as Virtual Reality in that it creates a make-believe community. Entering a make-believe world is very appealing to many people, and games have explored avenues to make those worlds as real as possible for decades. So, because of games and movies, VR is nothing new.

It's also not new in fiction. Ray Bradbury explored VR in his short story The Veldt, which appears in his anthology The Illustrated Man. In 2015, I wrote a short erotic romance story called Longing. This story appears in the charity anthology Coming Together: Among The Stars. It's takes place in the future. My main character's husband suffers from dementia, and she has uploaded his personality onto a "cloud" similar to the database by the same name that exists today. She did this so she could remember him as she loved him in light of his steadily increasing debilitation. He barely remembers her now due to his disease. When she wants to reminisce about their past, she puts on the headpiece and takes an i. v. of drugs that enhances her experience. There is no need for earphones since the device taps directly into the brain. The problem is a problem common to some forms of artificial intelligence – what if she soon prefers her fantasy husband to her real one? Although she uploaded from his memory, her own memories, fantasies and wishes are also part of the A. I. Is her fantasy husband a better man than her real husband has ever been? Her fantasy calls her by nicknames and does things for her her real husband never did but she wished he did. Where does the fantasy VR end and reality begin?

Porn has now discovered VR. Porn has long been known to be a technological trend-setter. Rumors abound that it was porn that paved the way for the use of VHS over Betamax. The same applies to BluRay over DVD HD. Porn chose the format and those formats became popular in the general population. Since porn has developed a love for VR, could it become more popular in the mainstream in addition to its existing popularity in games and movies? Robert Weiss, senior vice president of Clinical Development at Elements Behavioural Health said, "Do you remember the 1980s, when people got off on old-fashioned phone sex? In the 1990s we got BBS systems, email, AOL, and text chat rooms. In the 2000s we got webcams and texting/sexting, etc. Future robotic tech advances to the point where people are sexual with and even fall in love with robots is not so far off, so at some point we may not even need real people."

Intrigued? Get your head gear now and head over to the Virtual Reality page at PornHub. You have about two dozen VR porn videos to choose from, including m/f strap on, cock sucking, f/m/f blow job, f/f strap on, and female masturbation while you watch. Each video is approximately six minutes long – plenty of time to get off. Visual cues are a fun and effective way to enjoy your porn. The women are slim and attractive. Blonde, brunette, you enjoy the woman you want. And there are a number to choose from. They are there to please you, oh futuristic man (or woman) wearing that headpiece.

You'll need the proper equipment if you want to play with VR porn. First, you need a high quality headpiece and headphones. You'd might as well go top-of-the-line and buy Oculus Rift headgear, even though it costs several hundred dollars. The cost is worth it for the full and enjoyable VR experience. Other headsets that cost considerably less money are Samsung Gear VT and Google Cardboard. Cardboard costs a minimum of $15.00 so if you are unsure, it's not a bad start. But once you give VR a try, you'll want to get that Oculus Rift.

VR in porn is so realistic you may want to get up out of your seat and wander about the room that exists in your headset. In most of the movies, you are seated in a chair and the action happens around you. You see your arms, torso and legs as if you're looking at them in the first person point of view. Swing your head 180 degrees in either direction and you will see what is around you in the VR room. You may even look overhead to see a ceiling. Don't look too far in any direction, though, because you'll see black. The vision goes only as far as 180 degrees. 360 degree VR porn does exist. You just have to look for it.

As you relax with curiosity in your chair, a woman or man approaches you in various stages of undress and when that person straddles your legs, you may reach out to brush your hands against their bodies only to feel air. In one article I read, a woman looking around the VR room wanted to get up, go to the bar she saw, and pour herself a drink. That's how real it looks. It's so real some people even experience motion sickness. If you don't like those hand-held camera movies like The Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield because they give you a scorching case of vertigo, take some Dramamine before you play with VR porn. Leonor LaPlaza, relations manager of Virtual Real Porn said, "Watching an adult film in VR makes you to feel like you are inside the film. You can move your head to look whatever you want, and with our stereoscopic 3D technology, you can feel how the actors come close to your face, whispering in your ears like they were really there."

You may even gender bend. If you're a woman, choose a movie with a man as the central focus so you may "experience" what it's like for a man when a woman goes down on him. Or when she shoves her breasts in his face for him to suck. The same applies to men. He may vicariously discover what it feels like to have breasts pinched and squeezed. Or to be entered by an erect cock. Sascha Segan wrote about VR porn, "I have abs. There's also a naked woman writhing on me, but honestly, I'm equally surprised I have abs." It's a crazy experience to switch genders when playing with VR porn. Try it. You'll probably like it. You might even become aroused at the mere idea of pretending to be the opposite sex and getting some of that sexy action.

VR is not out to replace human physical contact. It only provides an additional experience to enjoy, especially if you like video porn. Sascha Segan wrote, "A few days ago, Las Vegas brothel Sheri's Ranch sent out a sort of anti-VR porn press release, reminding folks that sex is better when it's interactive and involves real human connection. They're right, of course. But I don't think VR porn is competing with actual sex; it's competing with "ordinary" video porn, and the difference is huge." While VR porn is hot and different, it has disadvantages. First, you need to spend money on the proper equipment. Second, it's a bit more trouble to set up than watching plain old video or online porn. It's harder to hide your porn habit using VR equipment than it would be to just press a button on a computer keyboard when the kids come into your office unannounced while you're enjoying The Best Of Three Way Gang Bang. Then there is the motion sickness some people experience. It may also be viewed as a novel experience that you take on just to say you did it. On the other hand, VR is a fun and not-so-new way to engage your own fantasies, whether or not they are porn. Porn is only the latest genre to discover the joys and excitement of VR.

Head over to the Virtual Reality page at PornHub and enjoy VR whether it's your first time or your hundredth time. Check out the video below for more information about VR at PornHub. It's a fun way to get your rocks off. Immerse yourself in your surroundings and lose yourself in the wave of the future.

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March 18, 2016

My Luv Box: Doc Johnson Rump Shakers Butt Plug (Medium)


Butt plugs are a wonderful toy to play with, but vibrating butt plugs are the bomb. The Doc Johnson Rump Shakers Butt Plug (medium) delivers the goods with fervor. You may buy this toy at My Luv Box. This butt plug is thick enough to please the experienced and narrow enough and comfortable enough to please the novice. It's a great introductory butt plug.

I've used a wide variety of butt plugs, running a range from very slender newbie plugs to monster Oh My God How Will That Thing Fit Up My Ass plugs. I've found I prefer the medium-sized ones. They're big enough so that I get that full feeling I enjoy that I don't get from the more slender plugs, and at the other end of the spectrum I don't feel as if there's a wedge shoved up my bum that's going to cleave me in two like an oak tree. Rump Shakers Butt Plug (medium) is right in that mid-range that I like so much. It measures 4.6 x 0.9 x 5 inches. Lightweight and streamlined, this butt plug will slide right in with no problem. It's made of PVC. Doc Johnson anti-bacterial Sil-A-Gel material. This company also uses body safe, non-toxic and phthalate-free material. Use a water-based lube with this product.


This butt plug takes 2 AA batteries. With a twist of one knob, you're buzzing in seconds. These controls are incredibly easy to use. You twist one way, you get buzz. You twist the other way you make the buzz go away. Most importantly, this toy is quiet. There's nothing more mortifying than the sound of loud buzzing of a vibrator in a very quiet room. When you hear that kind of wasp's nest you swear everyone within a five mile radius can hear it. Not this butt plug. This baby is quiet.

I used my favorite water-based lube, and it didn't take much to help this plug slide inside me. The base is flared to keep it from sliding in so far I can't get it out. This plug is hands-off. It stays in on its own without my needing to hold it in place or prevent it from sliding in too far. That freed up my hands for more fun things. The length is very comfortable. I didn't feel as if it was tapping on my spleen. It was the right width and length to both feel comfortable and arousing.

Then I turned the wheel on the controls.

Bam! Those vibes gave me an itch I was dying to scratch. I squirmed with delight on my bed as those vibrations worked their magic. I used my Lelo Soraya to stimulate my vagina and clitoris, since I like Triple Pleasure (vagina, clit, anus) which always gives me a monumental orgasm.

It didn't take long. Combining the vibrations of the butt plug with the vibrations from Soraya and I came in about ten minutes. I writhed on the bed clenching my teeth in abject pleasure like a cat jumping on an electrified floor. Spent, I collapsed on the bed, savoring my afterglow. The plug and Soraya slid right now without a problem. I cleaned both and put them back in their respective boxes. That was a very enjoyable self-fucking session.

If you're looking for a butt plug that is of a moderate size – neither too big nor too small since we're Goldilocks here – Doc Johnson's Rump Shakers butt plug in medium is the toy for you. Get your lube out and get your kit on. You'll enjoy this toy so much you will use it every day and night.

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