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February 19, 2016

Review: Tube8 and Tube8 Live


Tube8 is a porn site with much to offer. It's actually two sites packed into one. Tube8 Live also a part of this web site. The company logo of the 8 ball is perfect since you want to shoot your ball into a corner pocket. No matter your kink or fetish, you'll find what you need on this web site. When you first go to the site you'll find the day's featured porn videos. When I visited, I saw videos of a fantasy glory hole, a Hawaiian woman masturbating with a dildo, a f/m/f three way, a f/f/f three way โ€“ several three ways, in fact โ€“ interracial, and lots of straight fucking. You won't be disappointed since the variety is very broad.

The newest videos are below the featured videos. It's best to level up and buy a membership so you don't have to deal with the videos buffering and you may take advantage of all the goodies Tube8 has to offer.

Video quality is high. Many of the videos are in HD and are labeled that way. They also include a time on the lower right corner to let you know how long the video lasts. There are no shadows to see through or out-of-focus shots. The men and women are well-lit and good-looking. The women wear sexy, pretty lingerie that doesn't stay on long. Makeup isn't overdone. Everyone looks real and natural. Sets are clean and sparse so you focus on the actors. The music is soft and perfect for the background. It's not the laughable bow-chicka-bow-bow music so common in porn movies of the past.

I watched Moms Teach Sex and it was sexy, cute, and naturally acted. I loved the storyline with the guy hiding in the closet to stay out of his woman's way but he was spying on the woman in the bed. He was sexy, cute, and very funny. A winning combination. The women were very attractive and thrilled to be there. Another winning combination. The acting wasn't at all stilted and they looked like they were enjoying themselves.

The categories are so varied you won't know where to begin. Pick any category and you'll be pleased at what you find. Categories run the range from Amateur to Tranny. I looked at my favorites: Big Tits, Brunette, Couple, Lesbian, MILF, and Redhead. Big Tits, for example, had scads videos of nubile young and gorgeous women to watch, and they were of all body types, ages, and races. Natural and silicone love bags, all for the grabbing. A list of popular categories runs across the top of the page: amateur, anal, Asian, blowjob, ebony, erotic, fetish, hardcore, HD, Indian, Latina, lesbian, mature, strip, and teen.

When you click on a category, click on any topic on the right. This is Tube8 Live. You'll find what you need in that topic on the page. The list to the left lists the types of videos. They are divided by girls and guys so the ladies and gay men may also enjoy themselves. Popular categories under girls are Anal Sex, Blonde, Co-Eds, Feet Fetish, Housewives, Latina, Medium Tits, Petite Body, Shaved Pussy, Small Tits, Smoking, White Girls, and the number one on the site โ€“ Toys. While there aren't as many visits or selections under guys, what is there is top notch. Choose between uncut, non-nude, muscle, frat boys, gay, big cock, bears, all guys cams, athletic, and more.

You won't run out of material to watch. There are a whopping 4,400 pages of videos to go through. You'll be a shriveled up old carcass before you get through them all. There are also thousands of tags listed in alphabetic order. You can go by a woman's name or by category, country, nationality, and much more.

Let's say you enjoy the videos and they really get you off. But you want more. You want actual contact, whether physical or web-based. You can get both at Tube8. To get to Tube8 Live, click on the "category" tag on the main page. On the new page, you'll see Tube8 Live in a column to the right. Head to Tube8 Live to watch real-time videos of women strutting their stuff and undressing and sexing themselves up just for your benefit. Additional pages reveal more detailed categories. There is a search feature at the top so you may find what you want quickly and without fuss.

If you click on Meet & Fuck, you get exactly that. Of course, you need an account to do this. So what are you waiting for? Get your account now!

This site is easy to navigate and you will easily find whatever your heart desires, no matter what it is or how obscure you think your kink may be. Tube8 is part of the Pornhub Network, which promotes very high quality porn sites. It so arousing and satisfying you'll want to stay day and night.

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