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April 24, 2013

Sex Toy Review: First Time Fetish Riding Crop

This month's review is for the First Time Fetish Riding Crop, and this one is loads of fun. I decided to test-run it on my husband to see how much of a wallop it packs.

It packs it!

See, he relentlessly teases me, especially when he's cooking (he does most of the cooking in the house, since I can burn water), so now I am armed against his barbs. He swipes the Benedictine before I can get any of it - SMACK!! He lets in on me because I left the kitchen looking like the set of a disaster movie again (fair enough - I'm no neatnik) - SMACK! He wrestles me and tickles me until I scream - SMACK! I just feel like letting him have it on the bum - SMACK!

Christ, I married my older brother. LOL

This little riding crop is so light I'd might as well not be holding it at all. The lack of weight is a good thing since it soars through the air when I bring it down on his sweet ass. It barely weights an ounce. It's not too big, either. It's 16 1/2 inches - just enough length to give me some distance in case he wants to grab me. I wield that riding crop with expertise now, since he gives me many excuses to whack him. Or no excuses. I just like to whack him.

The business end fits comfortably in the palm of my hand, and it leaves a nice little wedge-shaped red mark wherever it hits. And it stings like the dickens! It's made of a variety of materials - PVC/Poly for the tip, a resin shaft, and a wooden handle. It looks rather delicate, but it's well-made. This baby isn't going to come apart after a few well-placed swats.

Now that I have a weapon to protect myself from his good-natured barbs, he's taken to teasing me even more relentlessly. Methinks he likes this spanking stuff. :)


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