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August 02, 2012

Sex Toy Review: Smackers Triple Kisser Paddle

Everyone and her sister are reading "50 Shades Of Grey". I'm reading the book in preparation for another article I'm writing. The media is acting as if "50 Shades Of Grey" is something new when erotic fiction has been popular with women for many years. There are frankly many better examples of erotic fiction than "50 Shades", but at least the book has opened up erotic literature for readers who otherwise might have never been exposed to it. I write erotic literature. You may find the graphic link to my web site on my sidebar.

This book is about BDSM and because of it sex toys sales have skyrocketed across the U. S. and Europe. Bondage gear has become especially popular, including items like blindfolds, ball gags, ben wa balls, and paddles. Are you into "50 Shades Of Grey" and want to act out some of what you've read in those pages? Have you reader better erotic books that make you want to get your kink on? Then how about trying out this Smackers Triple Kisser Paddle This foot long paddle from California Exotics is sturdy and designed for serious and light fetish play. It's black with three lip kisses on it, giving it a naughty air.

I love the way this paddle feels in my hand. It's sturdy and well-balanced. It whips through the air with ease and gives a nasty sting when it strikes your bum. The pain level increases with the strength of your hitting, and this paddle elicits some intense pain. It's also small and not unwieldy. It's the perfect size to toss in your luggage when you go on holiday or for a quickie at lunch or on the weekend. If you're looking for a sexy paddle with a little something extra, try out this Smackers Triple Kisser paddle.

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