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January 09, 2011

Sex Toy Review: Leather Bull Whip

I admit it. I've always wanted a bull whip. I wanted one ever since I saw Indiana Jones wield one in "Raiders Of The Lost Ark". Plus I like to go to science fiction and fantasy conventions sometimes dressed up in black jeans and a black tank top. A leather bull whip would make a great accessory to carry around my waist along with my peace-bound dagger.

My husband already knows how to crack a whip so when this delightful bull whip arrived in the mail we had our fun playing with it. It made such a loud crack in the air that the cats scattered around the house to hide behind the bed. This is a very strong bull whip. It can take rough use and it's very intimidating. This whip is about six feet long, tightly braided, and colored black, which is as it should be. The handle is thick and braided, ready for my grip. The more I cracked that whip the more excited I got over it. Pretty soon I was an old hand at wielding it and whipping it around the hallway. Now if only I could aim it tear books from the bookselves...

The next time I go to a science fiction and fantasy convention I'm taking this whip with me and wearing it in a coil on my hip. Not only will no one mess with me, I will probably get propositioned all day and night. By men and women. Sounds good to me. Just the mere presence of that whip is enough to make me wet. I've seen other whips that were just as nice as this one for a much higher price. That's what's best about this whip - it's cheap and well-made. I'm in charge when I brandish that whip, and I know how much attention I'll get by the mere sight of it when I wear it to my next convention. How exciting!

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Ooh! Nice! It almost makes me want to get a whip...hm...

Posted by: Lizzy at Feb 22, 2011 9:50:56 AM

mite try that out

Posted by: dildo sex toys all kinds at Jul 30, 2012 7:00:07 PM