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November 07, 2010

Sex Toy Review: Beginner's E-Stim Kit

I have heard about the glories of electrosex for a long time so I had to try it for myself. The Beginner's E-Stim Kit made my virgin electrosex experience very enjoyable. I felt a bit overwhelmed at first, not sure exactly what to do with the kit since electrosex was a brand new concept for me. The instructions that came with the kit only made things more confusing for me. So, like any responsible, sexually-aware adult would do, I researched the topic on the World Wide Web. After all, if it's on the Internet, it must be true, right?

I'm a member of a kink community and there was an electrosex section that I found very helpful. I wasn't chastised or teased for being the vanilla newbie that I am. There were electrosex demonstrations in my state but sadly, not owning a car, I couldn't get to them. So, I had to rely on instructions from this section of the kink community and those instructions were very helpful.

I was told to try the kit and the pads first and to use them on my wrist so I can get used to the sensation and so that I had more control over what I was doing. So, off I went! I attached one adhesive pad to one side of my wrist and the other pad to the other side, facing the first one, so the charge would go through my wrist.

First, about the kit. It's actually very easy to use. It comes with four adhesive pads, clamps, instructions, a power box (two channel tens unit), and two sets of lead wires. The tens unit has two knobs that you can use to set two separate intensities. I liked setting the knobs so that the shocks were of a quick beat and rather intense taps. It was a strange sensation unlike anything I had ever felt before. It was like I had a second heart beating inside my wrist. I liked it!

So I wanted to try the pads on my pussy. I attached one to one labia and the other to the other labia. I preferred the pads to the clamps since I was already used to them and I wasn't in the mood for clamps. I could choose between a fast beat or a slow one, and I chose somewhere in the middle. The super fast beat made me feel too numb and I found the slow beat a bit dull. Middle beat? Just right! The knob controlling the width of the beats was easy to adjust while I played, and I preferred a broad width giving me a more intense and longer pulse.

Being new to electrosex I found the controls a bit confusing to use but I did enjoy the experience. It took me longer than usual to come because the experience was so new to me and I was busy getting used to the feeling of electric shocks running through my labia. The sensation felt as if it were inside me instead of on the surface like you get with a clit stimulator. Even a vibrator feels like it's not inside your skin but you are surrounding the sex toy. Electrosex is an entirely different experience.

I like this kit and I will definitely use it more in the future to get a more varied experience. Once I feel completely comfortable with the Beginner's E-Stim Kit, I will graduate to more advanced electrosex units and toys.

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