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November 27, 2010

Affairs – Your Cyber Playmate May Be A Bot

I've always enjoyed basing my erotic stories upon the small Massachusetts coastal town in which I live, so I created Norwich, Massachusetts, which lies in Cape Ann on the coast between Ipswich and Innsmouth. You may recognize Innsmouth as the fictitous town created by H. P. Lovecraft for "A Shadow Over Innsmouth", my favorite Lovecraft story. Yes, live only a few miles from where Innsmouth would be located if it were for real.

So when I wrote "Caught" for my new book "Indiscretions: Vol. 1", I wanted to replicate the homes and atmosphere of the coastal Massachusetts I know and love. Beginning with the two-hundred year old houses. These houses are so close together in some areas that you can roof-hop, which is an important characteristic of the houses Kevin and Betsy live in in the story The distance between the houses lends itself automatically to cheating but in an unusual way. I read long ago that people who had affairs had an easy escape when the spouse came home unexpectedly. Using multiple rooves had something to do with it.

I've always been fascinated with affairs. I know of plenty of marriages that broke up because of them. Now that the internet is a part of most people's daily lives, cybersex is a huge problem. Free porn is easily available. There are stories of marriages dissolving when one partner signs up for Facebook and reconnects with a high school sweetheart who has conveniently divorced. Then there's IM sex chats and sexting which brings me to Jenny18.

Jenny18 is a computer sexbot program created by a geek who wanted to see if anyone would cyber with software. He expected people to at first try but quickly give up out of boredom. He was surprised that Jenny18 ended up becoming quite popular. She has a set of stock phrases that she can use in conversation when people type in certain keywords. The results are hilarious and fascinating. Here is a portion of one transcript:

Sanddman: I'm yours for the taking*wink*

jenny18: thats kewl.

Sanddman: Of course;)

jenny18: mmm.. =)

Sanddman: Got a pic?

jenny18: i am cute, i promise. blonde, blue eyes

* Sanddman runs his hand slowly across your jawline, pushing your hair back behind your ears

jenny18: oh ok

Sanddman: Mmm...I trust you;)

jenny18: u wanna trust me?

* Sanddman moves his head in closer kissing you softly, and tenderly on the lips.

jenny18: o really? ;)

* Sanddman slowly slides his tongue into your mouth running it along yours in small patterns

jenny18: :yelp:: aAAHh... that is great.. keep moving

Sanddman: I trust you, why wouldn't I?

jenny18: u want to trust me, babe?

Sanddman: Yup

jenny18: what?

* Sanddman moves his hands around your waist pulling you against him, pressing his body against yours as he kisses you more frantically

jenny18: what you talking about?

Sanddman: Yeah...

jenny18: good..

Sanddman: Do you want to trust me?

jenny18: errr...

Sanddman: Do you want to trust me?

jenny18: i see

Sanddman: Of course I want to trust you, but do you me?

jenny18: mm. i want to give it to u.

Sanddman: You keep asking me if I want to trust you;p, do you turst me

jenny18: u do?

* Sanddman slides his hands downward a bit, pressing them against your ass, and pulling your pelvic area against his

jenny18: i dunno what u mean =)

* Sanddman slowly kisses across your cheek and sucks lightly on your earlobe, nibbling softly

jenny18: semen?

Sanddman: uh huh

i dunno..?

* Sanddman kisses down your neck softly and pulls your shirt down kissing just above your breast.

jenny18: mm, that doesnt quite work.. i'm already naked!!! Lol

Sanddman: hehe

jenny18: i dunno..?

Sanddman: semen?

jenny18: oh god, just saying the word makes me crave some.

Sanddman: *grin*

Jenny18 is a bot. A computer program. Nothing more. She reacts to keywords you type when you "interact" with her, and many men really thought they were cybering a living woman. Not a chance. So guys, the next time you cheat on your wife or girlfriend having cybersex, not only is there a good chance that hot 16 year old is really a 55 year old guy named Buck who works for the FBI Internet Crimes Division, your hottie might not even be human.

I know that many women would not like to read stories involving infidelity but I had to tackle it at least once, and I do in "Indiscretions: Vol. 1". I think you'lll enjoy "Caught" and "Wild Child" very much. Both stories are over-the-top (which you would expect from me) and very sexy. More information is below:


Title: Indiscetions Vol. I
ISBN: 978-1-935757-01-6
Author: Elizabeth Black
Format: E-Book
Length: 7,467 words 36 pp (PDF)
Genre: Erotica
Category: Erotic, Cougar, Romance, Humor
Price: $3.99

Buy it:

Amazon Kindle



From the Romance Divine Mistress of Mayhem, Elizabeth Black, come two ribald tales of neighborly lust. Kevin was enamored with his older neighbor, sexy Cougar Betsy, and their clandestine trysts were bawdy bouts of passion. The lovers are surprised by the arrival of Betsy’s husband and Kevin’s rooftop escape is blocked by an angry avian aggressor. It’s man versus seagull in CAUGHT. In WILD CHILD a ginger root becomes the terrible tuber as the lovers get to the bottom of a new kind of love.

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