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October 10, 2010

Babeland Review: Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager

Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager is a delightful elite massager ideal for couples. It's described as follows: "Get closer than ever before with the couple-friendly, splash-proof Chippendales Diva vibrator. The curve, broad reach, and thin profile of the Chippendales Diva make it ideal for nestling between two bodies during sex — give it a try, and you'll soon realize why so many couples have been happily adding vibrators to their bedroom fun. Of course, the Chippendales Diva is perfect for solo use, as well: the contour allows you to cup the clit and vulva for a fully satisfying sensation. A locking mechanism makes for easy travel (no accidental switching-on in the security line!), and the elegant appearance makes it an ideal gift."

I chose this massager because my husband has erectile dysfunction and I wanted to use a massager we would both enjoy that didn't rely on an erect penis to give us both satisfaction. We like to lie in bed at night and massage each other's feet so sitting this massager between our legs right at groin level gave us both intense and pleasant vibrations while we went about the joy of playing with each other's toes. I like the way this massager caresses my vulva and clit simultaneously, giving me endless hours of erotic pleasure. Plus it just feels so damned good! I also like elegant and elite massagers that don't look like sex toys so this one by Chippendales was just the type of massager that appeals to me very much. I can also use this massager solo, which I like to do. I like clit stimulators very much and this one vibrates around my clit and vulva to give me the thrill of stimulation and pleasant vibrations from a gentle purr to a ramping like an earthquake. Best of all is using it with my husband when we relax in bed for the night. While he doesn't come the vibrations feel very good especially when I'm rubbing massage oil all over his feet like he does to me. I usually come by grinding my hips into the massager and getting off on the foot massage.

This massager cleans up easily with soap and water. It's splashproof so getting it a little wet won't hurt it although I don't drown it in water. The black case is very classy and I can leave it on my nightstand without embarrassment. It's not like it's a two foot long purple rubber dick-shaped double dildo, you know. LOL! This is a massager I'm proud to show off.

If you're looking for a very nice couples massager, especially if you need to think outside the box when it comes to sex, the Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager is a great one to own. You'll enjoy closeness with your partner and intense orgasms.

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I confirm the Chippendales Diva Sensual Massager is a sex toy that he absolutely must have in his bedside table to spice up your evening, word of French libertine woman

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