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September 30, 2010

New Erotic Story: Lust And Red Velvet

I wrote 1,325 words in LUST AND RED VELVET today. The red velvet refers to red velvet cake. This is a magical baking story with a twist of love.

Here's a sample of my work in progress:

Maeve reached into her Ziploc bag and grabbed a handful of Coccinella Erosrosa, or the "Red Love Beetle" that she had collected from her garden late the night before, when they rested after a long day of mating. According to folklore local to Norwich, on the northeast coast of Massachusetts next to the Atlantic, this beetle, which emerged from the ground after a long sleep only every twenty years, could inflame the heat of passion in any man or woman. This year, they awakened with a vengeance. Their mating cry was so deafening that they drowned out any other sounds in the vicinity. They did what they emerged from the ground to do – sing their mating call, pair up with other beetles, create their young, and then drop to the ground, dead from the over-exertion of their passions. The young would spend the summer maturing, and then burrow into the earth, not to emerge for another twenty years.

A mere sprinkling of dried and toasted Coccinella Erosrosa could arouse even the most impotent of men, but Maeve did not want to take any chances. She measured out a heaping tablespoon of the beetles, which she had dried and toasted in her oven early this morning, and dropped them into the mortar her mother had given her on her wedding day.

This is going to be a very sensuous story. I'll keep providing updates as I write it.

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