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August 25, 2010

Sex Toys Sales Still Going Strong In This Recession

It's come as no surprise to me that sex toys sales are booming in this bad economy. People aren't going out to dinner. Instead of plunking down a hundred bucks on a meal, they're staying home and buying vibrators and having a grand old time in the privacy of their bedroom... or kitchen... or garage... or backyard... or hot tub. You get what I mean.

Most of my work is with sex toys companies. I work for several. I'm an affiliate and I make money from sales of sex toys I review on my blog. I write for several magazines published by sex toys companies, namely Sexis and Good Vibrations and Sexy Mama Magazines. It's fun writing about sex and getting paid for it. Not many people have jobs they enjoy - when they have jobs with this high unemployment. I've been reviewing sex toys for so long that I can now get premium sex toys for review. My favorites are Lelo toys and I have an electrosex kit to review soon.

If you're looking for a good sex toy and you're new to this, or if you aren't new but you want something different, check out my review category. I review cheap and expensive toys but all of them are good. Here's the link: Elizabeth Black - Sex Toys Reviews. And enjoy your shopping experience!

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