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July 09, 2010

Lick It. Suck It. Eat It.

I see you there, your mind in the gutter.

I don't think it's an accident that gluttony is a Deadly Sin. So it lust, which I think is closely related to gluttony. My two favorite vices! I have a thing for unusual food, although a Double Down will never cross my lips. I mean, there's food and there's sludge. I do have my limits. Ha! Did you know that you can get a Twinkie Log at the Iowa State Fair? That sounds good. It's a frozen Twinkie on a stick, dipped in white chocolate and rolled in cashews. Yum! There's also an artery-buster called the Bacon Explosion (also known as "The Fatty") that my husband made for us once. It's sausage wrapped in bacon arranged like a basket weave, and all of it slathered in BBQ sauce. Then you smoke it. I think you can bake it but ideally it must be smoked. It tastes to me like breakfast food.

My point in describing all this food in nauseating detail is that in reading about them I realized that food plays a very important part in my fiction. Although I have never used cucumbers as dildos I do see the eroticism in food. Eating is a very erotic act and it can be very sexy to write about enjoying a savory meal in an erotic story. Here is an excerpt from my short lesbian story "Lost In Her Mouth" from my anthology "Tales Of Lust And Longing".

What would it be like to get lost in Amelia’s mouth? The cherry popsicle she sucked turned her swollen lips bright red as if they’d become flush with blood. The way she wrapped her long pink tongue around the melting ice made me cream my panties. In this sweltering July heat, I was melting for Amelia.

Wearing her long, dark brown hair in a pile on top of her head because of the heat, she slid her tongue against that cherry popsicle the way I wanted her to suck on me. With a look of desire, she gazed at my face with her deep-set hazel eyes, no doubt feeling me out to see just how far she could go with her little game. Little did she know that I intended on making sure she followed through with every unspoken lusty promise.

I also have another culinary delight in another lesbian short story, "Neighbors" published in the "Vamps" anthology by Torquere Press.

Dinner was at a locally-owned seafood and steak joint. Annie ordered a sensible Caesar salad and a lean rib-eye steak. Baked potato on the side. Sour cream and chives. Hold the butter. Diet cola. Predictable and steadfast Annie always ate the same thing whenever she ate out.

Charlotte and Lina, however, turned the meal into a bacchanal. Both of them gorged on hors d'oevres. Steamed mussels soaked in their juices. Raw oysters glistened, slick and swollen. The mollusks looked like bowls full of aroused women flashing their tiny pussies at Annie, whispering promises from their puckered lips.

The women asked Annie if she wanted to order some shrimp or some calimari or a slice of pie. Apparently the lemon meringue pie was, to use Charlotte's description, "lethal." She declined. However, that didn't stop them from plying her with a clam here, a mussel there, several slices of lobster, including one claw.

Charlotte picked up a sliver of lobster, and slid it slowly into Annie's mouth. She inserted her index and middle fingers with the meat, careful not to stab Annie with her long nails. Is this how Charlotte would treat her pussy? Soft and gentle, probing every inch of tender flesh. Fingers moving slowly. In and out. Annie wrapped her tongue around Charlotte's finger, and sucked the butter from her skin. Salt tickled her tongue and coated the walls of her mouth. Lina brushed a finger against Annie's cheek, catching a drop of butter before it dribbled down her chin. She lapped the prize from her finger like a kitten nuzzling its mother's milk.

My work in progress "Don't Call Me 'Baby'" has a few sexy eating scenes. I find the act of eating and enjoying food with every one of your senses a very sensuous act that affects all around me when I really get into eating. What do you think? Have you ever read fiction that turned the mere act of chowing down into a baccanal?

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