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May 03, 2010

Sex Toy Review: Ophoria Bliss 1 - Cerise

I adore luxurious vibrators that don't look like gigantic Monster Dicks, so the Ophoria Bliss 1 - Cerise is ideal for me. It's a pretty rose color and it's small enough to toss in my backpack. The material is velvety soft so it feels good going in and out. I like solid and sturdy vibrators, and Ophoria Bliss 1 - Cerise is designed to please me.

There are a total of nine different pulsation patterns to choose from. I like the moderate steady vibration and the intermediate pulse best. This vibrator inserts easily with a little lube - or if I'm already overheated it slips in fine on its own. It also makes an ideal clit vibe. I like vibrators that are versatile and the Ophoria Bliss 1 - Cerise is about as versatile as they come.

The pointed tip of Ophoria Bliss 1 - Cerise makes an ideal end for using as a pressure point device. That tip homes right in on my clit and makes me come really hard. It also feels good on my feet and between my toes, since I know many vibrators could do a double shift as massagers. The vibrations are very powerful and silent so I don't disturb anyone as I'm getting my rocks off.

Packaging is very sleek, too. It comes in its own designer box colored cerise like the vibrator. While Ophoria Bliss 1 - Cerise didn't come with a silk bag like other sex toys I've seen the box more than suffices to hold it and protect it from damage. I have cats and I'm always afraid they're going to mistake my vibrators for toys. The last thing I want is little kitty teeth marks on my favorite vibrators.

I can't recommend the Ophoria Bliss 1 - Cerise enough. It's a fine, classy vibrator for the woman who wants a little luxury in her life. It also makes a great gift.

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