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May 26, 2010

Period Sex

I'm one of those women who likes slow, easy sex when I'm having my period. Lots of women just want to be left alone That Time Of The Month. Not me, but I don't like to get overly energetic about it. For about a week I'm tired, cranky, and tender. My energy level is down to zero and I can't even write well. All I want to do is watch movies, eat ice cream, and play with my sex toys.

Many women are tender like me when they're having their period. I highly recommend using copious amount of lube whether you're using a vibrator, dildo, or a penis. Take things slowly and be very gently. Period sex when done right can be tender and exciting, stroking slowly and langorously so that she feels massaged in and out. If she wants to use a dildo or vibrator, choose a thinner one so that it doesn't hurt going in. And don't forget the lube!

I learned a long time ago that one of the best ways to alleviate cramps is to have an orgasm. When I'm not in the mood for vaginal sex a clit stimulator does the trick very nicely. I have my favorites and I use them twice daily when I'm having my period. An orgasm works wonders to knock those cramps right out so I can get some sleep.

If you are partnered with a woman on her monthly, have you considered getting your red wings? Some people are very turned on by going down on a woman who is having her period. That's called "earning your red wings". Not everyone is into this because they don't like the taste and smell but if you are, bringing her to orgasm with your tongue and lips will help her relax and feel better. And she'll adore you forever for doing what lots of partners don't like to do, namely muff diving when she's on the rag.

I usually don't feel well enough for boisterous sex when I'm having my period but I do like to use my favorite vibrators, with the help of my husband. Period sex doesn't have to be a chore or painful. It can be very enjoyable if you handle it right.

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