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April 21, 2010

Mother Nature Gets Naughty: Eco-Friendly Sex Toys For Earth Day

So you use bio-degradable cleaning materials, recycle your trash, drive a hybrid, eat organic food and cook everything from scratch. I'm fairly green. We don't recycle but I make my own soaps, body lotions, shampoos, and even cleaning solutions from generic bases meant for people suffering from chemical sensitivity. I like them because they're cheap and I get to make any scent I like. Plus the shea butter base is much better for my skin than lye-based soap. My husband cooks our food from scratch and I grow my own herbs and vegetables. My indoor space for planting now includes basil, thyme, sage, a leek and some scallions. I cut the ends off of the leek and scallions and planted them. I used to do that when I lived in a house with a garden and it's wonderful. The greens just take off and even bloom! I don't even own a car. We use the local public transportation system. Now that's green! There are many ways to go green.

Since you live a green life, why not buy eco-friendly sex toys, especially on Earth Day? Consumers have led the drive towards urging manufacturers to make sex toys from healthier materials. Many sex toys are made from a "jelly" material from a family of compounds called phthalates. It's a type of plastic and everyone knows plastic does not decompose. Once it's in a landfill it's there for thousands of years. Scientists are uncertain regarding the effects of exposure to phthalates by humans but consumers aren't taking any chances. Recycling has led them to be more aware of materials in many things they take for granted every day, including their sex toys.

So some sex toys manufacturers have taken to using materials that are safer for human consumption, such as silicone, glass, elastomer rubber, and even wood. While some sex toys companies are going completely phthalate-free, others offer sex toys made of those other materials in addition to the jelly ones because those jelly sex toys remain popular. A benefit of the other materials is that they are better for the environment and they are skin-safe. A disadvantage is that they tend to make the sex toys more expensive, but over the past few years with women and couples monopolizing sex toys sales, consumers are more willing to pay more money for a higher-quality, better made sex toy. Sales of sex toys from manufacturers such as Lelo and Jimmy Jane show how true that really is.

So now your curiosity is piqued and you want to try an eco-friendly sex toy? Well, guess what? You're in luck! Adult Sex Toys is hosting an Earth Day contest and you stand a chance to win some wonderful prizes. All you have to do is any of the five following things:

* Fan Adult Sex Toys on Facebook
* Share Adult Sex Toys on Facebook
* Follow Adult Sex Toys on Facebook
* Blog about Adult Sex Toys
* Post one of their banners on your web site

Easy as pie! And look at what you get a chance to win:

* Lelo Lily Pink
* Silicone Rabbit Pearl
* Treeze Wooden Vibrator
* Don Wands Helix Dildo (glass)
* The We-Vibe
* Micro Kitty Hands Free Clit Vibe
* Intimate Package (package of different sex toys)

These are high quality sex toys that you will love. Go to Adult Sex Toys and look over their entire selection of eco-friendly sex toys. Run searches for glass and silicone to find some of them. And don't forget to enter the contest! And don't forget to enjoy Earth Day.

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Go green is a good slogan that you will also have to follow in your sexual life and always prefer to use Eco friendly sex products that are easily degradable

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