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April 23, 2010

Caught In The Act

I never had sex at home when I lived with my parents. My most memorable time of nearly getting caught was when I was in college. I was with a professor (not from my college) in his car while we were parked at a secluded place in the woods. We had just finished doing the nasty. You could smell sex in the car. It was hot, and he had taken off his shirt and draped it over the steering wheel. I had put my clothes back on. We sat there, in the setting sun, talking about this and that. I turned to look out my window, and saw a man leaning in, staring at me. I screamed.

It was a cop.

David hurriedly put his shirt back on. The cop told us that it wasn't safe for us to be alone in the woods close to dark the way were were. After all, he was able to quietly walk up to the car and peer in at me from the passenger side window, which was rolled down because it was hot. We took the hint - David drove away a few minutes later. I just knew that cop knew what we had been doing. We thought the cop had been watching us fuck from a distance, and waited for us to finish what we were doing before sneaking over to scare me out of my wits. I was completely weirded out.

It was actually fun to fuck this guy and then head for dinner with the rest of the crew. We worked together for a summer job. David was in charge of the crew. I chose the alpha male, as usual. Everyone wondered if David and I were getting it on. Both of us denied it, but the attraction and the heat between us was very obvious. We couldn't hide it no matter how hard we tried. That was exciting for me - having all those people wonder about my sex life.

But wait, there's more!

David and I did it everywhere. In his car. Under bridges. In his room in our temporary housing. In out-of-the-way wooded areas, when cops weren't watching (or were but wouldn't tell us). At drive-in movie theatres, and he was pissed about having to spend the entry fee. After all, we weren't watching the movie.

The most fun I had with my little tryst with David was when he held a party for his co-workers at his house by a river. I was already dating a married man at the time, and I invited Pete to come to the party. The other co-workers gave me stares because they suspected that David and I were getting it on. Plus, he was married. His wife was at the party, hosting it. Pete was also married. The co-workers didn't know what to make of me by this point. David and Pete were both considerably older than me, and both were professors, but at different colleges. I caught both of them grinning and standing in a corner, talking, and looking at me. I had to wander over to find out what all that was about. They were both talking about how interesting and wonderful I was. Neither knew that I had regularly fucked the other. I got off on that like you wouldn't believe.

What made it even more fun was that both of David's teenaged sons had HUGE crushes on me. Part of my summer job included working with kids. David had told me earlier that every boy at that camp had a crush on me. So, I had attention from his two kids, him, and my other professorial lover. I went home happy and hyper that night.

I was so despicable when I was younger.

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