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March 08, 2010

Read My Posts At The New Ms. Magazine Blog

I am on the team of the new Ms. Magazine blog, where I write about sexuality and anything else that strikes my fancy. I haven't written anything outright feminist in a very long time, so it's good to be on board. I will certainly be an unusual voice, considering my history as a motherhood/family law activist and my current work as a sex writer and erotica/erotic romance author. My first blog post is a repost about my Alternet article about how we need to get over the G-spot. Here's the link:

Getting Over The G-spot

My second post, which is not up yet, is about the book "Ultimate Curves", erotic fiction about big, beautiful women. My short story "The Beautiful Move In Curves" appears in that book.

Coming soon: a satirical article about "Steak And B.J. Day", the men's answer to Valentine's Day. It also happens to be on my birthday. I'm going to have fun with that one.

Here's the press release for the new Ms. Magazine blog.

Ms. Magazine Launches the New Ms. Blog

On this International Women's Day, March 8th, Ms. magazine - the flagship feminist publication - launches the Ms. Blog, showcasing the sharp writing and informed opinions of a community of feminist bloggers from around the nation and the globe.

The Ms. Blog will be a hub for exchange, collaboration and discussion, introducing fresh perspectives on national and global politics, culture, media, health, law and life.

The range, diversity and quality of bloggers is already exceptional: In the months leading up to this historic launch, Ms. was inundated with blogging offers from academics, activists and journalists. There are contributors from seven countries and counting, and the overall contributors' roster ranges from well-known names to up-and-coming writers and thinkers. We at Ms. are thrilled about the prospects of intercultural and intergenerational exchange.

Among the bloggers who have signed on to this exciting new project are novelist Diana Abu-Jaber, sexuality author Hanne Blank, L.A. journalist and scholar Lynell George, health activist/author Paula Kamen, masculinity critic/scholar Michael Kimmel, environmental journalist Sonia Shah, feminist writer Deborah Siegel, sociologist Shira Tarrant, media scholar Ebony Utley, memoirist Aimee Liu, Chicana activist and "mommyblogger" Veronica Arreola, Moroccan feminist scholar Fatima Sadiqi, gender and global development expert Lina Abirafeh (reporting from Haiti), Iraqi activist Yanar Mohammed, Muslim feminist Melody Moezzi, Chicana author Michele Serros and law professor Pamela Bridgewater.

Recognizing that no aspect of life is immune from gender politics, the Ms. Blog will address the intersectionality of gender with race, class, nationality and sexuality. And although there will be personal talk on the Ms. Blog, it will always be with the recognition that the personal is political.

Ms. executive editor Katherine Spillar is available for interviews about the new Ms. blog.

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