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May 31, 2009

VibeReview - The Pocket Rocket Booster

[I wrote this post a year ago, but it appeared only on my old blog. So, I'm reproducing it here.]

I had a nice, long day of writing sexy articles and short stories, so I decided at the end of my work day to kick back with a glass of port, an episode of "Doctor Who", and my new Pocket Rocket Booster . This Pocket Rocket Booster is part of the Club Jenna line. I had heard rave reviews of Pocket Rocket Boosters for years, and I was dying to have one of my own.

I sat back on the couch, wearing only a pajama top. I was fresh out of the shower, so I was nice and clean. I turned on the episode "Blink", which is my favorite "Doctor Who" episode. It's a scary one about those creepy Weeping Angels. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. I know that, according to Dr. Helen Fisher, there is a link between fear and sexual arousal, so I decided that being scared and being horny was a great combination.

I've already had an egg vibrator to play with, but I knew that the Pocket Rocket Booster was much better. First, I tried the Pocket Rocket Booster alone, without the attachment. I loved the nubs on the end, and they rubbed me just the right way as I pressed the Pocket Rocket Booster in circles against my clit and along my lips. It felt great as it vibrated against my legs. I could barely stand it on my nipples, they were so sensitive. It was great fun to drink my port, watch "Doctor Who", and play with my new Pocket Rocket Booster.

David Tennant plays the tenth Doctor, and I think he's very sexy in a lanky, manic sort of way. So I played with my Pocket Rocket Booster while watching The Doctor get slightly crazy, as he does in every episode. Every time one of those Weeping Angels statues moved a little closer to its target, I pushed that Pocket Rocket Booster even harder against my clit. I was so hot that I even gusted a bit of fluid. Thankfully, I keep blankets on the couch, otherwise I would have left a bit of a mess.

I loved the 5 function 10 speed controller!! My favorite function/speed was the slow and then long pulses. It drove my pussy wild while I played with it. The other functions and speeds were perfect for my face. If I ever get a bad head cold, the Pocket Rocket Booster will be perfect for clearing up my clogged sinuses.

Another advantage of having a Pocket Rocket Booster is that is has a small area of vibration that is perfect for using along my jawline. If you have TMJ (which is jaw pain from grinding your teeth), the Pocket Rocket Booster is perfect to use on your face by your ear where your upper and lower jaws meet. If you have TMJ, that's a very sore spot that feels relief when you rub the Pocket Rocket Booster on it. The Pocket Rocket Booster helps loosen tight muscles in your face to reduce the pain from TMJ and I bet it could even help cure a headache. My husband has arthritis in his right hand by his thumb, and the Pocket Rocket Booster helped relieve his aches. He took the sleeve off the Pocket Rocket Booster and rubbed it on the fleshy mound at the base of his thumb, and within a minute or two his hand felt better. That little Pocket Rocket Booster is a miracle device!

The Pocket Rocket Booster is so good that even the cats like it. My cat Oreo loves it. It was perfect for massaging her between her shoulder blades and on her back, but she didn't like it on her ears. My other cat Lucky wasn't sure what to make of it. He thought it was a chew toy and tried to bite it, but it rattled his teeth. He did like it on his back, though. So, the Pocket Rocket Booster is a bit hit with the kitties, as a massage tool. So, I liked the Pocket Rocket Booster very much. It's versatile, and everyone – even the cats – loves it!

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Definitely the best teddy pattern and shape i have seen in ages! Thank you so much for sharing your progress.

Posted by: soft toys at Apr 29, 2012 12:38:17 PM