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May 08, 2009

Sex Toy Review: Crazy Girl Diva Dust (Silver)

I used gold dusting powder on my shoulders and chest back in the 1980s, so Crazy Girl Diva Dust (Silver) brought back some fine memories. I like to use it after every shower because it smells wonderful and it makes me feel so very sexy. When it comes to bath products, I stock up, and Crazy Girl Diva Dust (Silver) is the latest decadent addition to my daily toilette regime.

Crazy Girl Diva Dust (Silver) has pheromones in it that supposedly attract sexual attention from men (and presumably women). My husband has been quite a bit more amorous than usual since I started dusting on the stuff, so maybe there really is something to pheromones. The scent is delicious - a creamy vanilla honey, and I love to bask in the delightful smell when my body is still glistening from the body lotion I rub all over myself before dusting on the Crazy Girl Diva Dust (Silver). I also licked it from my upper arm, and the taste is very pleasant. Vanilla honey, and not too sweet or overpowering. Crazy Girl Diva Dust (Silver) is flavoured, after all.

I highly recommend women wear Crazy Girl Diva Dust (Silver) as a regular part of their daily toilette. It doesn't have to just be for seduction. I make my own scented shampoo, and right now the scent is ambrosia (a tropical citrus blend), and it goes well with Crazy Girl Diva Dust (Silver). My bath gel is scented Morning Rain, and so is my body lotion. Crazy Girl Diva Dust (Silver) is a wonderful match for all that. Every time I shower I rub my body down with body lotion, which I understand is not a normal habit for most people. Crazy Girl Diva Dust (Silver) on my shoulders, neck, breasts, and chest is icing on the cake. Not only will you shimmer, you will taste good.

The container is very similar to cosmetic powder containers. You sift the Crazy Girl Diva Dust (Silver) into the cap, and use the powder puff to dab it on your skin. The dust shimmers, which makes it perfect to wear with a little black dress when you go out on the town or out on date. The shimmery quality reminds me very much of similar products from the 1980s, but none of the older stuff was scented or had pheromones in it.

Crazy Girl Diva Dust (Silver) is a fun product to use, and I highly recommend it. It comes in gold and silver. Wear it in the privacy of your home as a normal part of your daily toilette, as I do, or wear it with your sexiest dresses when you are going out for an evening of fun. A little Crazy Girl Diva Dust (Silver) goes a long way, too, so you don't have to worry about running out any time soon.

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