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April 08, 2009

Sex Toy Review: Passion Wave Stimulator

I wanted to try the Passion Wave Stimulator because I had never before used a vibrator with waves. I had heard of them, but I had never used one. The wave feature sounded wonderful. So when I had a chance to try one, I jumped at it.

The Passion Wave Stimulator has many wonderful features, not only the waves up and down the shaft. It's built like a rabbit vibrator, with the vibrating shaft (waves, that is) along with the rabbit attachment with the ears that tickle your clit. I love rabbit vibrators, as many women do, and I knew I'd love how this waving rabbit vibrator would feel inside me. The silicone material feels very soft and it even smells good. I like the colour - red.

Here is one major positive for this vibrator: this baby is thick!!! If you like to be filled up completely by a thick shaft, this is the vibrator for you. It's about five inches long and about as big around as a bratwurst. I put some lube on it - something I don't often have to do - just to make sure it slid in easily. That's how thick it is. It feels very good going in, and the waves make it feel even better.

Now for some drawbacks. This is a vibrator that you keep in the privacy of your home. It's not one that would travel well. Far too big, obvious, and imposing. One drawback is that it is very loud. With its three speeds of rolling motion and the three speeds of the rabbit attachment, it makes a lot of noise.

Get ready for some very powerful vibrations. The waves felt wonderful inside me, and since the Passion Wave Stimulator filled me up so well, I pressed the controls to the highest power. Thick vibrators feel great!! I also set the rabbit attachments controls to the highest speed so that the ears vibrate against my clit very fast. Trust me, all of this feels incredible. I came very quickly with all that stimulation.

The Passion Wave Stimulator takes four AA batteries, and they last a very long time. The batteries are easy to put in, and you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out where they go. In some vibrators, you practically need instructions to figure out how to put the batteries in the right place.

The Passion Wave Stimulator gave me a sexy ride, especially with all that thickness. I like the waving sensation, and coupled with the vibrating rabbit ears, I had powerful orgasms. The only downsides were the vibrator's cumbersome size and the noise. If you want a powerful vibrator that fills you right up, and you don't mind rather loud buzzing you'll love the Passion Wave Stimulator.

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