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March 13, 2009

Blogger Guest: Cricket Sawyer - Beautician Or Detective

Beautician or Detective?

Thinking of a protagonist for your new novel? How about a hair dresser/beautician, why not? I thought about this. What an opportunity for a character for a protagonist. She hears (and perhaps even internalizes) other’s woes, joys, triumphs, pit falls and addictions or successes. How easy it would be for her, as an amateur sleuth, to be privy to more than an ordinary detective.

As a tool for character development would she, at the end of the day, would she have trouble sorting out who she is? Would her conversations with her customers affect who she thinks she is to the point of mental confusion? Probably not severely, if you made her strong as most heroines (or he as strong most heroes should be) should be.

Would she be prone to absorbing other people’s bias, trouble, mind set? Could she become an alcoholic by trying to unwind with a few drinks in a local bar after work everyday? Or, would she deem this as a form of investigation. This may be part of her personality as say a character as in a Harry Bosch or Stephanie Plum description – or perhaps Marino in Scarpetta’s life.

Could she become a target for hate, revenge, all sorts of stalkers and problems because of her position of knowing, knowing more than a priest in a confessional, perhaps? She deals with male and female clients can you see the possibilities if a couple both use her for their hair stylist? There is a certain intimacy allowing someone to mess with your crowning glory, your hair. Think Sampson and Delilah.

How did you feel after your last bad perm, color job, a cut that refused to “grow out” and correct itself.

I recall the old commercial; I think it was for hair color—“Only your hair dresser knows for sure.” Truth or fiction?

By Cricket Sawyer
Author of Dark Thunder and other Romantic Suspense novels

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