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January 05, 2009

I'm Have A Good Showing At P&E!

I'm doing quite well in the tally. I'm in 12th place for Anthology for "Summer Heat". "Monster Mash" and "Ultimate Burlesque" are in 20th place for Anthology. I'm in 7th place for Authors. 2nd place in the Short Story Horror category for "Sweet Spot".

Other listings:

"Callipa The Stripper" - short story, 2nd place
"The Face In The Mirror" - short story, 10th place
"Mud Licker" - short story romance, 5th place
"Double Shift" - short story romance, 12th place
"Lost In Her Mouth" - short story romance 15th place
"Remote Controlled Fun" - short story romance, 16th place
"The Wandering Kat", short story romance, 17th place

I'd love to stay in 2nd place or higher for "Callipa The Stripper" and "Sweet Spot". I'd also love to stay in 12th place or higher for "Summer Heat". Here's the post with the links to the Preditors and Editors Polls. Keep me in the top 5. Heck I'd be happy with the top 10!

I'm Nominated At Preditors And Editors! Please Go Vote For Me!

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