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January 23, 2009

Cupping Is More Than Quack Medicine - It's A Sex Toy!

PZ Myers at Pharyngula is ranting yet again about another form of alternative "medicine" - cupping. The gist of cupping is that, according to PZ's post, "[t]his is a procedure related to bleeding, in which suction is used to draw blood to the surface. It's absolutely useless, an artifact of old, discarded theories about humors, and it's not something I ever thought I'd see practiced." The article he links to cites acupuncturist Michael Yang, describing cupping as working "on the same principles as a deep massage or physical therapy. The placement of heated glass cups on a person's bare back serves to separate connective tissue, muscle and fascia, which subsequently increases circulation and decreases inflammation."

Of course, the Pharyngulites are having a ball blasting this idiocy. However, it seems they don't know something else about cupping, and I'm here to educate them.

Cupping is a sexual practice often undertaken by those who are into bondage and discipline (BDSM). Yee hah!!! It's time to talk about smut!

Here more from Wipipedia (yup, that's a Wiki for bondage fans):

Suction Cups

Suction cups and vacuum cupping sets are based on the oriental method of using suction to pull impurities of the body through the surface of the skin. In BDSM scenes they can be used on a vatiety of parts of the body; breast, nipples, penis, even the buttocks to induce a range of sensations in someone from the pleasurable right through to extremely painful!

Suction Cups

Suction cups are usually supplied with a small hand pump to remove the air from the glass and attach it to the skin. The more air removed, the tighter the cups will attach itself and the more intense the sensation. Depending where it is placed on the body and the amount of suction applied the resuling sensations can range from mild discomfort to extreme pain. On removal the suction cup leaves a temporary "hickie" mark on the spot where it it was attached,

Fire Cups

The fire cup is based on the same concept as the vacuum pump cupping set, whereby air is removed, but here, the heavy, thick heat-tolerant glass globes are used. By using the flame from a candle or lighter held under the opening of the globe or by heating the cup itself, the air is heated and expands inside the cup. Then it is immediately set on the skin area. As the air inside the cup cools, the skin is pulled into the glass globe! With practice the fire cup provides a highly visual experience and is sometimes used as part of public BDSM performances.

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