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November 11, 2008

Homophobia Is Alive And Well In The U. S.


This story is infuriating. I know Terry Pray. She's one of the Midnight Seductions authors, and I'm part of that networking group. This really sucks.

What happened to her and her husband reminds me of an incident I encountered with a feminist when I was working on family law issues a couple of years ago. This woman contacted me wanting to benefit from my expertise, but (1) she couldn't pay me, and (2) she told me that since I now write erotica, she can't let her colleagues know that the valuable information I gave her for free came from me. Since I'm a smut peddlar. Not only am I a smut peddlar who writes straight erotica and erotic romance, I also write f/f and I've tried my hand at m/m. The kind of treatment I received from that woman - and similar treatment in that particular field over a decade - is one reason I gave up that line of work. No appreciation and no money equals No Help From The Countess.

I really hope Terry and her husband get through this mess soon. It's a good thing they didn't move into that backwards town because she'd have to put up with ugly, bigoted neighbors.

Town Needs To Get A Clue
I'm seeing red, with good reason. Why?

One of the best selling subgenres of erotic romance is M/M. At least three erotic romance publishers have reiterated to me in the last few days that M/M is their #1 bestselling subgenre, bar none. People are buying. A large portion of the erotic romance market is accepting of M/M.

In addition, we've had laws against hate crimes for a couple of decades. We've had (supposedly) tolerance taught in the schools. You'd think the majority of thinking adults would be properly taught to simply walk away from what they don't "approve of" or "want to try."

So, what did I wake up and find this morning?

Terri Pray and her husband Sam are part owners of Under The Moon/Final Sword Productions Terri and Sam were set to buy a house in Greene, Iowa. They had their loan approved, the bid on the house accepted, but Greene has a requirement that they have to have the final sale approved by the town. They weren't approved.

Now, why were they turned down? Terri and Sam, as I noted, are part owners of UTM/FSP. A portion of the business is run out of their home and a part out of the office, as it is with many indie presses. Between the two sides of the company, they have dozens of books out and contracted, everything from straight genre military fiction, horror, and fantasy to erotic romance of all sorts. To be honest, the lion's share of their books aren't even erotic. They have several major gaming franchises, including Honor Harrington gaming. They sell t-shirts and even audio CDs.

What does this have to do with the price of beer? It's simple.

ONE book, out of their entire stock, is a M/M erotic romance anthology, titled SACRED BANDS. While the townspeople of Greene, Iowa found the M/F erotic romance perfectly acceptable, they called the M/M erotic romance "gay porn." Some of them further stated (now, mind you...these aren't older people...these are 30-45-year-old people, which makes it all the more deplorable, in my mind) that publishing SACRED BANDS was "morally corrupt" and that choosing to publish the anthology demonstrated "questionable business practices."

In short, Terri and Sam lost their house, because the people who live in Greene, Iowa are a bunch of backward, homophobic dinosaurs. They lost their house, because (out of hundreds of items available from their business) one book is M/M erotic romance. The deliberations ended with the comment that Greene, Iowa didn't want to be "known for harboring a publisher of gay porn." KUDOS to Greene! You're now exposed for being a bigoted backwoods bunch of rednecks.

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You have got to be kidding me. They need to get the approval of the flippin town? Just because one book is m/m, they wont allow them to buy a home and move to their town? I think they are lucky that they didn't get the house. Who the hell would want to live in a closed minded town like that?


Posted by: Katie Bug at Nov 11, 2008 10:34:33 PM

I've never heard of a town having to approve of people who move in, either. I know that there are often zoning restrictions regarding businesses, but this was a personal thing. The town had no problem with straight erotica. Only m/m.

Posted by: The Countess at Nov 12, 2008 12:31:48 PM

Sigh. Humans. *roll eyes*

To the people of Greene: Grow the fuck up!

Posted by: Rob Graham at Nov 13, 2008 4:51:06 PM

just checking in to say HEY! I saw one of your comments on pzm's blog and thought, omg it's been way too long. how the heck are you? omg a SEX BLOGGER what is the world coming to. ;)

Posted by: juliette at Nov 15, 2008 11:21:25 AM

Wow, Juliette, it's been awhile! Glad to hear from you. I'll e-mail you in a bit. Yup, I'm now a sex writer. I stopped the heavy duty political writing a couple of years ago. Much more fun now! Pays pretty well, too. LOL!

Posted by: The Countess at Nov 16, 2008 1:26:19 PM