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November 27, 2008

Happy Spanks-Giving!!!

It's that time of year in the States again. On Friday, the holiday shopping rush starts. We're having turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, gravy, corn, biscuits, and cranberry sauce. I doubt either of us will be in the mood for a little hanky panky as the day wears on, but I have my dreams. I'd like to use the massage oil on my husband's hands, since he said they hurt again. Maybe I'll get lucky! I massaged his hands with Tiger Balm last night, but the power of that stuff has worn off since the bottle is very old. I must admit that Tiger Balm on my pussy lips sure felt burning good. Heh heh. So, we will spend our day watching "MI-5", a Brit crime show. We saw some of it on BBC about a year ago, and we liked it so much I rented the first season. Next in line: "Wire In The Blood", another Brit series. So, aside of eating and loafing, our day isn't going to be much different than it usually is. I just work less today. Listening to Peter Gabriel right now, which always puts me in a good mood.

Everyone out there in the Blogosphere, have a happy holiday! Here's a fitting photo for the season:


happy spanksgiving Pictures, Images and Photos

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Well. You kind of beat me (or, I should say, "spanked me") to it!!

And, not only that,...butt I'm late besides!:)

Happy Spanksgiving, Elizabeth.

(I now know where to go for my Winter Hibernation reading)


Posted by: SinfullyAnon at Nov 29, 2008 7:26:26 PM