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September 29, 2008

VibeReview: A Weekend Of Bliss

I've had a stressful couple of months, and I needed some innovative ways to relax. I've tried Jenna's Bubble Bath, various vibrators, and music and movies. Thanks to VibeReview, I have had many different ways to wind down with all the stress on me and my husband. This past weekend was the first time we have been able to fully relax in a long time.

I love vibrators, and I've found that the Odyssey Tickler does more than just tickle my clit. It also vibrates against my entire vagina lip area and my taint. I like that spread-out sensation very much. Another sex toy that has a similar focus is the Sweet G, which spreads its vibrating joy across my vaginal lips and my clit while tickling my G-spot. The Sweet G is one of my favorite vibrators.

The silicone shaft and base are soft and flexible, especially the base. I can press the base between my fingers. It moves with me, which is important since I make sure the Odyssey Tickler is completely inserted so that I feel that wonderful base against my sensitive vulva and taint. The base moves as I move, and I move a lot when I use vibrators.

This is a small, lavender vibrator that easily fits in a suitcase to take on a trip. I sometimes travel to science fiction/fantasy conventions, and I like to take a vibrator and lube/massage oil along with me to relax after a long day discussing things like who is better; E. A. Poe or H. P. Lovecraft? I can even take the Odyssey Tickler into the bathtub or hot tub (if the hotel has one), since it's waterproof. I do like to play around in warm, sudsy water with vibrators like the Odyssey Tickler and sudsy things like Jenna's Bubble Bath.

So, this weekend, I had the Odyssey Tickler to play with. My husband had the Bliss Love Ring.

While I'm sure the Bliss Love Ring works well for most men, it didn't work well for my husband. He has erectile difficulties, and he couldn't get hard enough to get much use out of the Bliss Love Ring, even though I initially thought we would. I figured the ring would still fit around him, even if he wasn't erect. It was too big. That said, he did pull his balls and dick through the ring, and the vibrations felt good on his balls, but that particular sex toy wasn't the right one for him. I can see how it works, though. With the vibrating bullet on the bottom, the Bliss Love Ring vibrates against his balls, providing hours of sexual pleasure. He did say that the vibrations against his balls felt good. With the vibrating bullet on top, it would vibrate against my clit as we had intercourse. Intercourse isn't much of an option for us, so we try other avenues of having sex. So, while I know the Bliss Love Ring is a great sex toy, I am not in much of a position to talk about it.

The Tantric Lovers Game was much more up our alley, since it was about enjoying sex, closeness, and tenderness, and it didn't focus so much on erections and orgasms. My husband and I enjoy sensation play because it feels so good, so this game and its instructions worked well for us. My husband used to work in the game industry, with name companies such as Hasbro and Atari, so he was thrilled when I wanted to play a game with him. It turns out that Tantric Lovers Game isn't really a game. It's a toy. The people playing with a toy determine the play, as opposed to a game where the rules and game play are decided in advance, and you have less control. But, for intents and purposes, I will call this a game because that's how it's described. I am not a gamer nor do toys thrill me - not like him, anyway. So we played Tantric Lovers Game and got to enjoy each other's bodies and minds at the same time. Not a bad deal.

Playing the Tantric Lovers Game was an adventure in and of itself. This isn't a game with a "prize" at the end for the "winner", which was what we were used to. The journey itself while playing the game is its own reward.

I was already familiar with most of the Kama Sutra terms, such as the Yap Yub position, the Yoni, and the Lingam. After a brief introduction, I told my husband what they meant. Those terms as well as many others are included in a handy glossary for the game.

The gist of the game is that you role the die, and do whatever the board asks you to do. You are given a two-minute egg timer to do what you are supposed to do. While it seems that two minutes isn't very long, trust me. It's a long time, and a sexy long time at that! If there is a goal to the game, it is helping you and your partner become closer physically, mentally, and emotionally. It works, too! You start off in the Yab Yum position, a classic Tantra position which is (according to the glossary) "Yang (man) sits with his legs out and slightly apart while Yin (woman) sits on top facing him (with a firm pillow under her rear to support her if necessary)." That's a very comfortable position, and one that is amenable to sexual intercourse.

Half the fun is anticipating which space you land on, and the rest of the fun is acting out what you are instructed to do. The instructions start off mild, almost as if the game wants you to warm up. As the game progresses, the instructions become more personal and intense. Once you finish the first side of the board, you are supposed to go to the second side, and you finish when you read the last space, which is "Tantric Bliss". As far as I'm concerned, the entire game is full of Tantric Bliss.

I have some person favorite spaces, and they are as follows:

  • Kiss all around your lover's face with baby kisses & use your hands to caress them simultaneously.
  • Stand up and press as many of your Chakras into each other as you can, close your eyes & hug for 2 minutes.
  • Enjoy mutual oral honoring in the 69 position for two minutes.
  • You will hold your lover's Lingam (penis) at the base with one hand while the other hand twists slowly up the shaft for 2 minutes. Use lubricant.
  • Yang will run his tongue slowly & gently up & down both side of the Yoni lips like trickling water for 2 minutes.

By the time we stopped, we felt much closer to each other, not that we needed to be closer. Incredible online MB5-858 training programs & ccie voice help you in pass pass4sure 70-630 exam regarding 70-450. We offer best quality testking 70-642 training tools for your success. This game is a great way to spend a weekend. Take it with you on a second honeymoon - or first honeymoon!. Make a date with your partner to play this game, and you won't be sorry at all.

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