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August 22, 2008

VibeReview - Naughty Secrets Flavored and Scented Lube

The first thing that struck me about Naughty Secrets Personal Lubricant was that the bottle looked like old fashioned tonic. I like that bygone era appeal. The coy little devil on the front of the bottle was also a nice and playful touch. She reminded me of the devils on the cover of one of my Lords of Acid CDs. So, off the bat, the first thing that attracted me to Naughty Secrets Personal Lubricant was the delightful packaging.

Scent is as important to me as taste when it comes to lubricants, and Naughty Secrets Personal Lubricant has a very pleasant scent reminiscent of strawberry jam, but it's not too obvious. It just smells sweet and good. I don't like very sticky lubes, so I was happy to see that this one not only is not very sticky, it also doesn't stain my sheets. The lube itself is a bright strawberry red, and it would be embarrassing to see bright red stains on my sheets and pillow cases that won't wash out. While I don't spend a fortune on sheets, waterbed sheets aren't cheap, so I don't want to ruin them with a lube that stains them bright red. This lube doesn't stain. Good!

Now, the flavor. Very nice. Like strawberry jam, but not overpowering. It's subtle and pleasant. I don't particularly like extremely sweet lubes (or extremely sweet anything), but I do like flavor. This strawberry flavor is very pleasant, and it makes oral sex more enjoyable for me. As I have said in a previous post, I don't care much for the taste of dick and jizz. I also have a very strong taste and smell myself, so my husband benefits from using a good, flavored and scented lube.

I probably could use this lube on my sex toys, but I'd rather use it only for oral sex. I have other lubes that work well with sex toys, and I want to save this one for more intimate acts. I like Naughty Secrets Personal Lubricant very much. You can choose between strawberry flavor or cherry vanilla. I'm sure cherry vanilla is a tasty and aromatic lube, judging from how good strawberry is. The packaging is cute and sexy, and the bottle has that bygone era image going. It's best to keep the cap on it when not using it because the lube could drip out, but that really isn't much of a problem. Keep this lube on the dresser next to your bed, and use it every night. It's perfect for hot, sexy fun!

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