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August 21, 2008

VibeReview - Fizz Flavored Lube

When I got my sample package of Fizz Flavored Lube, I couldn't wait to try it. I'm not a big soda drinker, mainly because I can't stand the sticky-sweet high-fructose corn syrup in most sodas. However, a local soda company (Mercury Bottling Company) makes old fashioned sodas using cane sugar instead of corn syrup. If you have never had a cane sugar soda, you have no idea what joyous taste you're missing. I buy those sodas every once in awhile from a small grocer downtown. They're hard to find, and they aren't usually sold in supermarkets. I guess that makes me a purist as far as sodas go.

So, knowing how much I like that kind of taste, I had to try Fizz Flavored Lube. The flavors available made my mouth water, and I loved the playful names: Poppin' Cherry Cola, Kissin' Cola, Gropin' Grape, Lickin' Lemon Lime, Screamin' Orange, and Rockin' Root Beer. My three favorite soda flavors are cola, root beer, and orange. I also like sarsaparilla, birch beer, and (when I can find a good one) ginger ale, but those flavors aren't available. Note to the makers of Fizz Flavored Lube - if you need more flavors, those are good ones.

Kissin' Cola tastes like the cola Slurpees I get at 7-Eleven. I love cola Slurpees! I like to drink them so fast that I get brain freeze. Tasting cola while giving my husband a blow job was great fun. I'm used to lubes with flavors like chocolate, passion fruit, and strawberry. Cola is a new and fun one that I liked very much.

Rockin' Root Beer didn't really taste like root beer to me, but it was close enough. It was pleasant enough to spread all over my husband while he just lay back and enjoy the fun. The taste was a little too cloying sweet for me. Syrupy, and I don't like syrup. So far, I like Kissin' Cola best, with Rockin' Root Beer a distant second.

I didn't like Screamin' Orange at all. I'm not sure what it was supposed to taste like, but it wasn't orange. I didn't like the after-taste very much. I think that's one I probably won't use.

Curious now as to how the others tasted, I tried Gropin' Grape, Poppin' Cherry Cola, and Lickin' Lemon Lime. (I'm still giggling at these names. Love them!) I liked the taste of Gropin' Grape, which is rather amusing since I don't like grape soda. Ick! I liked the grape-flavored lube, though, so at this point Gropin' Grape is my favorite, with Kissin' Cola a close second. Lickin' Lemon Lime is also very good, and I love lemon lime sugar cane colas, although I'm more likely to buy a cola or birch beer when I am in the mood for one. Seven Up was my favorite soft drink when I was a kid, and this one is a bit on the sweet side but enjoyable. When I want a Seven Up type soft drink these days, I drink Schweppes tonic water. I can never get enough tonic water. I love the quinine. It's great with a twist of lime. Poppin' Cherry Cola was a little too sour for me. I didn't think it tasted like cherry cola at all. It actually tasted a bit medicinal, so I don't think I'll be using that one, either.

So, here are my favorites:

Gropin' Grape
Lickin' Lemon Lime
Kissin' Cola
Rockin' Root Beer
Screamin' Orange
Poppin' Cherry Cola

I've tried many flavored lubes, and to be honest I prefer some of the other ones to the Fizz Flavored Lube. My favorite so far is the Kama Sutra Lover's Paintbox. I have a weakness for chocolate flavored anything, and the chocolate flavors in the Lover's Paintbox are thick and delicious. Still, Fizz Flavored Lube would be a great, fun gift to give to someone you love because the flavors are fun. Just don't expect a Coke, Pepsi, or A&W Root Beer. These lubes are thick and full of flavor, so you'll enjoy oral sex or sensation play with them.

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