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July 02, 2008

VibeReview - Decadent Indulgence

I wanted a Decadent Indulgence because my rabbit pearl vibrator is over a decade old. It has held up fine all this time, but I wanted to try the latest in rabbits.

Wow, what a change!!

First is the Decadent Indulgence's appearance. It's HUGE! The power pack is also rather bulky with the four batteries. It's a bit heavy to life. More on that later. There are many speed, vibration, and pulsation patterns to choose from - so many that they can be hard to remember. I found my favorites, though. You hit the "F" key for the different pulsations. I like numbers one and three; three to start out and one when I'm feeling lazy and want my orgasm fast. The on/off button works the elephant and its trunk (in place of the rabbit and its ears). The elephant is a dead ringer for Dumbo, which is a little surreal to remember while you're playing with the toy in bed. Dumbo has the most insipid smile on his face, which is probably how I look while I'm playing with the toy. I think it's adorable. The elephant's trunk moves very fast, and it tickles my clit in just the right way.

The beads in the Decadent Indulgence work much better than the old beads in the old rabbit vibrator. They are much more intense. Plus, the shaft rotates from side to side, taking up as much space as possible inside of me. Another good thing about the Decadent Indulgence is that when I clamp down on the shaft, it doesn't stop moving. When I clamp down on my old rabbit pearl, the shaft and beads would slow down and almost stop. Not the Decadent Indulgence!

The Decadent Indulgence is made of jelly, which is my new favorite material. It's soft and supple, bending and giving in just the right places. I have plastic and latex toys, and I definitely prefer jelly. The next favorite for me is silicone. I haven't tried Loveskin yet, but I hear that's fantastic.

Until then, jelly is my friend. Photobucket

The only drawbacks to the Decadent Indulgence are its size, its weight, and the complex controls. It's rather heavy, and my hand cramped a bit trying to keep it in place. The power pack and the batteries add quite a bit of heft to the vibrator. I also have to memorize the controls, otherwise I have to pull the Decadent Indulgence out and look at it. My memory ain't what it used to be, so this is a bit distracting. It didn't take me long to get used to the Decadent Indulgence, though, so none of these points were really that much of a problem. I love the Decadent Indulgence and I will continue to use it every night (yes, every night!) until I wear it out, which I suspect will never happen since this vibrator is made to last.

I have to give rave reviews to the Decadent Indulgence. It's a great vibrator and it makes me very happy.

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Great review, Trish! I was wondering how everything was going, since I hadn't heard from you in a while.

Wanted to tell you: The new Decadent Indulgence should be available on VibeReview in a few weeks. It's called - Are you ready for this - The Ultimate Decadent Indulgence. Hard to believe, I know!

Anyway, I'll be sure to send you one of those, too - because the new model is made of elastomer material, which is easier to clean (less porous) and maintain than jelly sex toys.

Hope all is well,

Heather K.

Posted by: Heather at Jul 3, 2008 4:01:00 PM

Hey, Heather, I just e-mailed you. I loved the Decadent Indulgence. I bet the turbo-powered version is going to be a blast! I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Posted by: The Countess at Jul 3, 2008 4:14:14 PM