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January 29, 2008

More On Dean Tong - Let The Backpedaling Begin

And now let the screaming start... the Tong supporters are already coming up with the expected excuses. In fact, I saw these kinds of excuses made by fathers' rights and men's rights activists when Darren Mack was arrested for murdering his wife (while his child was only yards away in her home!) and shooting the judge that heard his divorce case

Here is the latest, from a mailing list that will go unnamed. Note the excuses. Tong WAS NOT "pushed" "over the edge". He is accused of beating his wife, and my main source tells me that this is not the first time.

By the way, this Tong supporter is a woman, so don't think that only men accused of beating their wives and children or molesting their kids are his only supporters.


What a "downer" that this man would allow himself to become so angered as to lose control of himself to the point of attacking his wife. ALL of his credibility and books and good works, now tainted. So VERY SAD~!!!

It really makes me wonder just how many people are literally "pushed" over the edge as a result of all the bull-sh*t they go thru from the various sources stemming from CPS and the corrupt family courts. They literally DRIVE perfectly healthy and normal people to insanity and to the point of just "losing it". CPS and the corrupt family court players SHOULD BE CHARGED with criminal activity against mankind when they "cause" such to happen. Mr. Tong has long been a great fighter and ally for parents. It's just beyond words~!!! You really wonder just what did happen to push him over the edge.........


I am forwarding this link to the news story from FL for everyone, given that someone else has posted a message about it to a few regarding the incident. I just found it so very hard to believe, so searched for the legitimate story about it to validate it's truth, and this is what I found.

Soooo VERY SAD~!!!

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please tell cindy to mind her own business

Posted by: Crossnot at Jan 30, 2008 1:45:41 PM